The Career Resolutions You Should Be Making This New Year

iStock_000004655588MediumThe New Year is almost upon us and many job seekers will soon be making resolutions and plans regarding their careers for the year to come. Whether you are currently unemployed and looking for work or seeking a new position, there is a myriad of resolutions you can make to launch your career or take it to the next level in 2015.

Today we will look at 5 resolutions. Depending on where you are with your job search or career, some of those resolutions may seem like big moves, or if not, they are at least good reminders of a few things you can do to advance your search.
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Tips for Earning a Promotion or Raise in 2015

CalendarAs 2014 winds down, many individuals will begin to approach their careers with a fresh perspective. Goal-setting for the New Year is one way to set a game plan and create a manageable timeline for your “career resolutions.” Below are a few tips that will help you work towards your resolution – whether that’s a new, exciting role or a financial promotion – in 2015.
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​7 Tips For Staying Positive During The Holiday Rush

iStock_000023912871LargeIn recent weeks, we’ve offered plenty of advice for finding work during the holidays…but a lot of our candidates want to know what to do once they’ve landed that gig. The question, “What can I do to stay sane during a high-tension, busy holiday season?” is a common one this time of year.

No matter your place of business — whether you’re working in retail, warehousing and logistics, customer service, food and bev or even in a regular office — the final weeks of the year can present a challenge for your happiness and stress levels.

Here’s a look at seven strategies that may help you take the edge off and stay positive throughout your busiest work days this season:
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Top Accounting & Finance Conferences


The world of accounting and finance is transitory: the value of the dollar is constantly shifting and global finance is constantly subject to the whims of international relations.

So why rest on the laurels of your previous education? Learn to change with the times by attending a conference or two in the coming new year. 2015 is already packed with continuing-education opportunities around the globe. Which will you take advantage of for furthering your accounting and finance knowledge?

Here’s some of our best bets for the year ahead.
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November Metro/Regional Report: Employment Increasing Across the Nation

BLS-regional-metro-data-on-BLS-employment-reportThe national BLS “The Employment Situation report – November 2014” showed an impressive surge in employment, adding 321,000 new jobs to the economy – 100,000+ more jobs than the previous month. This upswing has economists hopeful that growth will continue as we round out the year.

Looking to the BLS’s latest “Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment report – October 2014”, we see that unemployment rates have been steadily declining throughout 2014. Compared to this time last year, US unemployment rates are lower in 354 of the 372 metropolitan areas. The national unemployment rate is also 1.2 percentage points lower than it was October 2013, coming in at 5.8 points. Overall, unemployment changes have been positive, with forty-two states and the District of Columbia showing unemployment rate decreases over the past 12 months. 
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Information Technology: The Top 6 Conferences of 2015

IT-workerWith 2015 just around the corner, IT pros need to be looking forward to the newest technology and trends.

Of course, one of the best ways to get a crash course on what’s new, while also expanding your network, knowledge and skills, is to immerse yourself in one of the many reputable conferences held each year. Here’s a list of the hot conferences that can take your IT skills and thinking to the next level in 2015.
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