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10 Tips to Create an Effective Resume and Get Noticed

Working on the executive recruitment team, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked was, “Can you look at my resume?” Unless a resume was truly in need of help, I could reformat it fairly quickly. Since I’ve been in this industry the resume always seems to have a cloud of confusion and mystery […] Read Article “10 Tips to Create an Effective Resume and Get Noticed”

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The Top 3 Retention Strategies from Best-in-Class Companies

In today’s job market, where unemployment is low and good talent is scarce, Best-in-Class companies are doing everything they can to retain their top employees as long as possible. To measure the success of their retention efforts, we partnered with The Aberdeen Group for the second year in a row and spoke with over 575 […] Read Article “The Top 3 Retention Strategies from Best-in-Class Companies”

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Hottest Nutraceutical Trends

We tend to be a bit picky when it comes to new food trends. We want our food to be convenient, healthy and tasty. Luckily, nutraceuticals are able to accomplish all three while providing a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and junk foods. Bone Broth Drinking Bone Broth is a new trend that has taken […] Read Article “Hottest Nutraceutical Trends”

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Is the skills gap shrinking?

Employers have been talking about the skills gap—a lack of essential work skills and abilities in the workforce—for a few years now. As younger generations entered the workforce in droves, many analysts placed the blame for the gap on deficiencies in our educational systems. Some employers said that their current workforces were having trouble keeping […] Read Article “Is the skills gap shrinking?”

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Will “Buy American, Hire American” Increase U.S. Manufacturing Jobs?

This week marks the beginning of Trump’s “Made in America” campaign, which aims to promote goods made in America by Americans. Following an executive order back in April, the week refocuses Americans on the Administration’s agenda and reinforces the importance of adding jobs to the labor market. Putting ‘America First’ in this manner is a bid to […] Read Article “Will “Buy American, Hire American” Increase U.S. Manufacturing Jobs?”

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What’s Driving Growth in Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals have recently become a hot trend in the United States due to the sweeping preventive health concern. Increased consumption of dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages is driving new businesses to explore the robust opportunities nutraceuticals have to offer. In 2015, the U.S. nutraceutical market opportunity was $64.8 billion, making Americans one of […] Read Article “What’s Driving Growth in Nutraceuticals”

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Relocation Packages: When To Consider Offering Them To Potential Hires

It’s hard to overstate the importance of finding the right hires to fit your team dynamic and help meet the growing needs of your business. In some industries and geographical regions, however, locating highly qualified candidates who possess the right combination of skills and experience to fill specialized positions can be a real challenge at […] Read Article “Relocation Packages: When To Consider Offering Them To Potential Hires”

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From friend to boss, what now?

Work friendships are important – they’re a reason to be excited about coming into work, and that close collaboration can even help you to do a better job. In fact, two-thirds of women in a Gallup poll said, “the social aspect of a job is a ‘major reason’ why they work.”  However, the environment changes dramatically […] Read Article “From friend to boss, what now?”

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Family, Country and Career

In the early 1940s, two sets of my grandparents headed toward Europe as part of World War II’s famed Battle of the Atlantic. More than 75 years later, their descendants will make a return trip when my Navy family finishes a Summer move to Europe. While this link to our family past and service of […] Read Article “Family, Country and Career”

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New tech trends for interviewing job candidates

For most of us, even with the aid of the digital era, the idea of a job search conjures up thoughts of stress, tedious (and often fruitless) gestures of interest, and an aggravating amount of time spent waiting to receive a response that may never come. In many ways, the traditional hiring process is an […] Read Article “New tech trends for interviewing job candidates”