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Businessman-using-iPad-miniIt’s no secret that we live in a mobile-driven, on-the-go world. With Gen Z entering the workforce and gradually building their professional networks, it’s more necessary than ever to stay plugged-in if you want to evolve professionally. If you’re looking to prove that you’re the consummate professional, here are a few professional development tools for your digital arsenal.

Staying Ahead of Your Industry’s Curve

If you’re looking for a juicy tidbit or a high-level update, Twitter is great. But if you’re looking for industry specific content that could influence your decision-making and planning, turn to the resources that your boss is leveraging. Current events don’t have to be a snooze fest; many of these apps have interactive components and the ability to cater search results to your changing needs.

NPR (Free)

First, this app is FREE, which is hard to find when it comes to quality journalism. Second, you’ll be able to listen to local, National and archived news and search by topic. With hourly updates, you’ll get in-depth award-winning coverage on topics that influence everything from medicine, energy, finance, tech, education, culture & foreign policy.

NYTimes (Free download with ongoing monthly service fees)

Read about what’s going on in America’s largest and most trend-inducing city and beyond. If you’re in a creative, government or finance field, the NYTimes is a must and digital access is significantly less expensive than print.

Wall Street Journal (Free download with ongoing monthly service fees)

If you’re in finance or working directly with anyone in a tenured leadership position they’re probably reading “The Journal”. This publication has gained tremendous esteem amongst banker types and is known for predictive economic forecasting.

Flipboard (Free)

Are you interested in a ton of topics that impact your career? If so, Flipboard can help you suss out recent, trending articles that pertain to your interests. With what appears to every topic imaginable, you simply click on all your interests and voilà, they appear in an easy to navigate, magazine-like layout.

Maintaining Your Portfolio & Professional Appearance

There are a few apps that almost every professional I know has. Consider these apps to be the tools of the professional trade, allowing you to showcase your accomplishments, maintain a project portfolio and organize your ideas and notes.

LinkedIn (Free)

This one is pretty obvious, but we felt like we should mention it. While you’re downloading the app, our recruiters ask that you enable your “push” notifications so when you have an incredible, next-step opportunity you’ll be notified immediately!

Dropbox (Free Download)

Personal development requires room for growth and easy document sharing. Thus: Dropbox. Put all of your key documents, notes and presentations safely in the cloud then share your PowerPoint with the ones that truly matter (Bonus-deciding bosses and your mentors) at a moment’s notice.

Evernote (Free Download with Basic Account)

Imagine a place where all notes, important sites and creative ideas can be stored across multiple devices. Oh wait, you don’t have to: Evernote did it! And even the stodgiest executives are using it. Hoard knowledge and impress the supremely organized by having this app.

Working & Expanding Your Network

Staying connected is a MUST! To find great opportunities you must first be accessible. These apps are your first line of communication with friends and colleagues.   Maintain and expand your digital footprint by joining Facebook, Twitter and Google+, then use these resources to manage the career enhancing connections you find on your social networks.

LinkedIn Connected (Free)

Sync your contacts to their LinkedIn account and immediately learn info about your existing network while streamlining your contact conversion process at networking events. Bonus points for checking out the professional backgrounds of potential clients before making a cold call!

Inbox by Gmail (Free)

Chances are you have a personal Gmail account for all of your job-seeking and personal chit-chats. And if you don’t, and your email address ends in @aol.com, then it’s beyond time for an upgrade! With this app, Gmail becomes a seamless, magical experience where unwanted solicitations go unnoticed but personal, legitimate communications rise to the top.

Hootsuite (Free)

Maintaining your vast digital existence is tough but necessary. Hootsuite helps you monitor Your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts via one streamlined dashboard. Know what your personal and professional network is up to, and share content that showcases your professional aptitude and desire to learn.
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