2015 CEO1Month Finalists: Where Are They Now?

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A little over a month ago, Adecco Group North America hosted a boot camp, in Jacksonville, FL on July 13th through the 17th, with the hopes of finding a new intern to be the CEO for one month. Out of a pool ofover 2,000 applicants, seven young men and women were chosen to compete in the boot camp.

After a week full of surprises, challenges and life-changing experiences one winner was chosen, and that was Savannah Graybill from Denver, PA. Throughout July and August, she shadowed Adecco Group North America CEO, Bob Crouch, and completed business assignments, traveled nationally and learned the ropes of how to run a Fortune 500 company. She also described her weekly happenings in her own blog series featured on Business Insider. Even though Savannah was the winner, the other six finalists had their very own personal successes following the boot camp.

Our home state finalist was Kelly Crissy. She is now back at the University of Florida and working as the Chief Marketing Officer for her sorority. Also, the CEO for One Month experience opened a new door for her. She is extremely excited to become the Campus Ambassador for Adecco Group North America at the University of Florida. Post boot camp, Kelly contacted Joyce Russell and they began brainstorming to promote Adecco on college campuses. Kelly is now working with both Adecco and the University of Florida Career Resource Center to form a long-term partnership that will create brand awareness at UF.

The finalist who represented the West was Stephen Eddie. He was eager to apply his new level of understanding and appreciation for Adecco as he returned to his summer job as an Adecco Associate in Portland, Oregon. The CEO1Month program really solidified Stephen’s determination to pursue a business career, by giving him an encouraging first glimpse into corporate America. The program also connected Stephen with many professionals, whom he has now set as examples for his future career aspirations.

Joslin Markowski was the finalist who represented the Mid-Atlantic. Joslin has decided to pursue a global experience through a yearlong study abroad program in Valencia, Spain. She explained that her newfound confidence and leadership skills, from the boot camp, would allow her to excel and acclimate to this new environment with ease and tenacity. After returning from her adventure abroad, Joslin plans to pursue an internship within the staffing industry for the upcoming summer.

Terry Zhang represented Canada. After the CEO1Month boot camp, Terry found that Adecco’s motto, “Better work, better life” was something he felt strongly aligned with. A few weeks after boot camp, Terry interviewed with Adecco and received a summer internship with his local Canadian branch in Richmond. His internship is providing him with a better sense of how the recruitment process works. He is striving toward becoming a recruiter himself one day, in the technical industry, due to his adoration for Adecco.

The South was represented by Bailey Harper. During the CEO1Month program, Bailey made some very important contacts that have helped her throughouther job search. She had the opportunity to interview at Soliant and Adecco, in Atlanta, Georgia, the week after boot camp. She has hopes to work for Adecco in the future, where she can truly love what she does. The boot camp in Jacksonville, Florida helped Bailey break out of her comfort zone and, by doing so, she made connections she would have not made before.

DaQuawn Bruce was the finalist representing the Midwest. A short time after the boot camp, DaQuawn attended the Young America’s Foundation Conference at George Washington University, where he found some inspirational takeaways regarding politics. He is also a student at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI, double majoring in Political Science and French, with a minor in Chinese.

A common theme, throughout all of the finalists’ post-boot camp takeaways, was the life-long friendships that were built among the seven. They have become a support system for each other, and they continue to talk and stay connected through social media. Here at Adecco Group North America, we miss all of our finalists and that incredible week of boot camp, but we know they are off to conquer great things in their professional careers.

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