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Year in Review imageWith the anticipation of a brand new year looming over us, we thought we’d take a look back at 2015 through a marketing lens. Adecco’s marketing team published A LOT of content this year, and we have to ask – what did you love the most?

In the dynamic world of marketing, consumer behavior and social platforms are evolving, so we must constantly adapt to make sure we’re providing you – our audience – the most valuable content on a vast array of topics.

Keep reading for a recap of the most popular pieces of content year-to-date. If there was an article or infographic that was your personal favorite, but not mentioned here, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section!

Most Shared by Employers

1. Salary Guides

In 2015, our three salary guides got the most love on social media based on the number of shares. It’s no surprise – these guides are packed with comprehensive salary data, salary ranges unique to your locale and the latest job descriptions. Just a few weeks ago, we released the new 2016 guides with updated data, so if you haven’t already, be sure to download your copy today!

2. 10 Awesome Apps for Professional Development [Blog] 

Although written with job seekers in mind, many employers found this blog post relevant enough to share with their own networks. With Gen Z entering the workforce and gradually building their professional networks, it’s more necessary than ever to stay plugged-in if you want to evolve professionally. If you’re looking to prove that you’re the consummate professional, here are a few professional development tools for your digital arsenal.

3. Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool [Webinar] 

Using social media for recruiting is a proven way for companies to find qualified job candidates, but it must be approached with a thoughtful strategy. Over 1,300 employers registered to attend this webinar back in January of 2015, but if you weren’t one of them, you can watch the full recording by clicking the link above or download the PowerPoint slides here.

4. The Difference Between Gen Z and Millennials in the Workplace [Infographic] 

Earlier this year we conducted a survey of 1,001 U.S. students that are currently in college or recently graduated and within the ages 18-24. The survey indicates key differences between Gen Z and Millennials that are beginning to take shape and will soon play into the job market. Our infographic highlights the key differences. Want more info on Millennials and Generation Z? Check out our comprehensive Gen Z resource center here.

5. The Mind-Blowing Impact of Holiday Hiring [Infographic]

The holidays are here! Check out this festive infographic to gain a better understanding of how the winter holidays impact the economy, and why now is the time to start planning your recruitment efforts.

Most Visited by Employers

1. Vocational Skills – skilled trades are in demand as boomers retire [Infographic]

The baby boomer generation is known for their hard work and industriousness. The problem is, as they grow older, younger generations aren’t following in their career footsteps. As baby boomers begin to cash in their retirement, who will be there to fill in the gaps? Our new infographic provides insight on which skilled trade jobs will feel the most impact from baby boomer retirement and how to ensure these gaps are filled.

2. 2015 Q4 Quarterly Employment Forecast [Article]

Recovering from a recession is like running a marathon. It requires a steady jog with no breaks and very little sprinting, at least until the end. So far, since the 2008 recession, that’s the general pace at which the U.S. economy has recovered. And here we are, seven years later, still jogging. But that’s OK; we’ve seen significant progress and there are plenty of positive signs.

3. How to Motivate Employees and Boost Productivity [Article]  

Studies show that a motivated workforce significantly out-produces an unmotivated one. They also reinforce the notion that employee creativity is the key to innovation and customer satisfaction. And if the employees in your workforce aren’t motivated, creativity probably isn’t in your workplace.

4. Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency [Article] 

If your searches for the elusive purple squirrel have been more frustrating than successful, it makes sense to bring in an experienced partner to aid in your endeavors.  That’s where professional staffing services come in.

5. Watch the Skills Gap [Infographic]

With the unemployment rate still persistently high and the number of people looking for jobs picking up, you might think that finding your next quality hire will be easy. However, according to our recent poll of more than 500 senior executives, you might want to think again. That’s because there is a severe skills gap in the American workforce. To learn more, view our infographic.

Most Shared by Job Seekers 

1. Common Interview Questions & Answers [Article]

Be prepared to respond to typical job interview questions.

2. Adecco Way to Work [Program]

The Way to Work career program was created to help students and recent graduates find desirable job opportunities and internships and prepare them to get hired. And since its inception in 2013, it’s been a hit across the globe.

3. How to Approach Your First 90 Days at a New Job [Blog]

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you approach the difficult but opportunistic first three months at your new job.

4. 4 Steps to an Optimized LinkedIn Profile [Blog] 

If you’re currently looking for a job, you might be interested in getting people to actually visit your LinkedIn profile. From there, hiring managers and recruiters can learn more about you and send you inquiries. So how exactly do you get more visibility on LinkedIn?

5. What Millennials Can Learn from Baby Boomers [Blog]

With deep experience, a renowned work ethic and capabilities and skills honed over decades, boomers can teach millennials many things

Our 2016 Salary Guides are here. Visit our resource center for more information on salary and compensation.




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