5 Hiring Tips for Warp-Speed Recruitment

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Recruiting techniques and best practices are always changing, and with each new generation the workforce evolves and so should hiring techniques. Recent graduates and job seekers now expect more from their future employers than ever before.

Gone are the days of plain old job boards littered with simple and often deceptive job descriptions. Finding highly skilled candidates isn’t more difficult, if you know how.

Our latest infographic highlights 5 of the most technologically advanced hiring techniques to boost your recruitment strategy. Click here to view the infographic on our website.

Here are 5 hiring techniques that will upgrade your recruiting strategy.

1. Engage in Social Media

More and more young graduates are entering the workforce on a daily basis. It’s no secret that many of them are very much aware of new technologies – they are an internet-raised generation, and they embrace those technologies. With the advent of social media, recruiters need to adapt or fear being left behind.

According to the Academic and Business Research Institute, over 60% of millennials ask about a company’s social media policy during a job interview. Also, 94% of recruiters use (or plan to use) social media to help in their efforts.

LinkedIn holds 40% of the U.S. market of online job seekers. By comparison, Facebook only has a 10% share. Nevertheless, engaging in social media is a sure-fire way to attract qualified talent, especially candidates that are fresh out of school and actively looking to start their career.

2. Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

With over 1 billion job searches per month performed on a mobile device, investing in a mobile-friendly or responsive design can go a long way in capturing the attention of job seekers visiting your website.

Still many organizations are not investing adequately in mobile-friendly recruitment. In order to gain points with a younger workforce, recruiters and companies need to optimize their website’s mobile user experience. Mobile is no longer a buzzword or a trend, it is the reality and you need to adapt to win at the recruiting game.

3. Emphasize Company Culture

Company culture is and has always been of utmost importance. Many applicants will ask about the company culture during an interview and take it into consideration before accepting a job offer.

A simple way to ease new prospective employees into understanding your company culture and mission is to invite them to spend time in the office – allowing them to engage with actual employees and ask questions. Promoting a strong community, a transparent work/life balance and clear goals can all maximize company culture and help attract and retain talent.

Millennials are often keen to know why they should take a position – how it will help them achieve their career goals. It goes beyond the pay-check.

4. Analyze Big Data

Companies can cut attrition rates by a big margin by introducing big data tools like proprietary algorithms, data mining and aggregation software. While big data may still be in its infancy, it could (and most likely will) revolutionize how talent is recruited.

According to the Social Recruiting Survey, less than 1 out of 4 recruiters worldwide believe their organization utilizes big data sufficiently even though 4.4 million big data jobs will be created by 2015.

5. Open More Lines of Communication and More Easily Screen Applicants

Did you know that 63% of HR managers are using video interviews on a regular basis? In fact, recent graduates in the 18-34 segment make up for over half of YouTube’s users.

Today’s video technologies can help you easily screen applicants by conducting remote interviews and present your company and brand to potential hires. Video communication can also help your recruiting efforts since it has a much wider reach than traditional methods used to advertise positions.

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