5 internship tips from a CEO’s apprentice

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Savannah Graybill was selected to intern directly for our CEO. We asked her to offer advice to the next CEO for One Month intern. She gave us internship tips that anyone can use to set themselves apart. 


It’s almost here! Your big shot at scoring the internship of a lifetime is approaching…are you ready? I’ve been tasked with giving the next CEO for 1 Month victor quick internship tips. So, here’s my advice to you, future intern, using a few fitting concepts I learned during a leadership conference with Adecco:

1. Keep the spirit of caring for others.

This one is important, as you’re about to enter the staffing industry, which is ALL about the “who.” It also pertains to the amazing finalists you’re about to meet at the boot camp, with whom you’ll bond faster than you could have ever imagined.

2. Be curious

Keep asking questions! I wanted to learn as much about the industry and Adecco’s leadership principles as possible, and the mentors along the way were willing to challenge me.  This curiosity gave me a chance to shadow a recruiter while on-site with Adecco’s IT staffing business, so I could better understand how their business really works, and how they make exceptional connections.

3. Never stop the yearn to learn

During a road trip to Asheville, North Carolina with Adecco President Joyce Russell, I was looking over the schedule of the divisional meeting we were on our way to attend.  I expressed to Joyce that I was curious to understand the financials points of the meeting, as I had just finished an Accounting course toward my MBA. Joyce literally had me grab the operating statements out of her bag and went over them with me, quizzing me as we made our way to the meeting!

4. Be flexible

Though there is a well-thought out schedule for the internship, not everything is going to go to plan.  With all of the travel, you’re bound to miss a flight, or you’ll attend a conference and be pulled up on stage at a moments notice to speak in front of 200+ people.  You’re going to be thrown into a lot of situations in which you don’t feel entirely comfortable, and that’s all right. Which brings me to my next point…

5. When opportunity knocks, go for it!

You’re in for a wild ride, CEO. Take whatever opportunity comes your way—even if it scares you—and go with it. Step outside of your comfort zone and get comfortable being uncomfortable. I’ve learned that the best experiences come from opportunities in which one isn’t afraid to say YES!

The most important of these internship tips is to be yourself, throughout this entire experience.  There’s no “right” answer that’s going to win you this internship.  What will get you noticed is your ability to keep an open mind, a clear heart and an embodiment of the Adecco core values. They’re what makes the company great, and why they have such amazing employees who work for them! Good luck!

CEO for One Month is the internship of a lifetime. Take Savannah’s advice. Go for it and apply today!

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