5 LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

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LinkedIn can be a valuable tool in your job search – if you use it correctly.

Below are some tips to help you use LinkedIn effectively:

1. Complete your profile. Too often, people are in a rush to create their LinkedIn profile and fail to include adequate details in the job description section.

  • The more technical details you use, the more likely you are to come up in a recruiter’s candidate search, which is based on key words.
  • A well-written summary will make it easy for a recruiter to identify your area of expertise.
  • Make sure to update your profile when moving to a new position or company.

2. Include a picture. If you don’t have a picture, a recruiter may assume that you don’t use your LinkedIn often. Make sure the picture is professional and represents you well.

3. Respond to InMails. Have your LinkedIn messages forwarded to your e-mail account or check your messages frequently. The recruiting world moves quickly. Even if you are not interested, it doesn’t hurt to take a quick second to respond to the recruiter to let them know that. You never know when you may find yourself looking again – you can never have too many connections.

4. Network strategically. If you are requesting a connection to someone who is not indicated as an open networker, explain the reason behind your request. Rather than using the standard form, identify who you are and how a relationship between you and the new connection could benefit both of you. If you don’t know the person, don’t choose “friend” – this drives many people crazy and can get you reported to LinkedIn as a “spammer”.

5. Remember that LinkedIn is not a dating service! Remember that the purpose of LinkedIn is professional networking. Never send flirtatious messages to connections – this is the fastest way to be labeled a “creeper”.  Always remember that anything you put in writing can easily be forwarded to others. Keep your communications and updates PG – while LinkedIn is becoming more casual, it is still a professional networking site.

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