7 Tips to Successfully Navigating the Workplace

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Finding a candidate with the correct credentials is easy (relatively speaking) but trying to find one that also shares the philosophy and cultural fit of an organization can be trickier. There are many things that can lead to one’s success or downfall within an organization. Here are a few that, if mastered, can make a world of a difference:

1) Listen, listen, listen: Don’t just nod your head like you’re paying attention; my teenage daughter does this all the time but I know she has not heard a word that I have said.

2) Manners: What ever you do, DO NOT talk over someone. Even if you are right and have valid points, you need to respect the other person.

3) Think before you speak: Just like “measure twice, cut once”, “think twice, say it once”. Be careful of what you say, especially during an interview. You never have another chance at making a first impression (when in doubt be conservative).

4) Learn to get along with everyone: Friends, co-workers, allies, people that do not like you, people that will mentor you; whether or not you get along with someone on a personal level does not mean you should discount them as an important co-worker. Everyone has something different to bring to the table.

5)  “Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail”

6)  Work/Life Balance: Money isn’t everything! Don’t take a job based solely on the salary if you think you’ll be unhappy with the company culture. Sure money helps but your quality of life outside of work and future career path are far more important.

7)  Making mistakes: Admit when you are wrong, learn from it, and move on.


A Sr. Technical Recruiter with 12+ years as an IT/Engineering recruiting hiring consultants for some of Adecco’s top customers, Todd has a passion for social media strategy and sharing his insights with colleagues. In his spare time he coaches one of the top AAU Girls basketball programs within the state of Massachusetts. Todd's three children keep him young and his lovely wife keeps him grounded.

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  1. Todd – really good adviice, simple and straightforward but so true!! Thanks for sharing.

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