A Tempting World: Day 2 at SecurityPoint Media

There is nothing like going to work when fresh ideas and inspiring game plans are at the top of each employee’s “to-do” list.  A motivated team is crucial to success and I can tell that each person who works at SecurityPoint Media is ready and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

I began my day with a meeting with Michele Brooks, Sales Director of SecurityPoint Media, to discuss how she handles her role in driving sales at the company. Sales are obviously a vital part of the business and the approach to sales at SecurityPoint is a fascinating blend of entrepreneurial ideas to penetrate the advertising world.  Michele adapts to daily challenges and determines ways to overcome common obstacles, such as modifying previously-determined advertising budgets to achieve a sales goal.  Luckily, Michele’s job is somewhat easier since the SecureTray product is such an innovative medium to advertise to an affluent, yet diverse and distinguished business traveler.   In the advertising industry, success is measured in a variety of ways, namely impressions (how many people see a particular ad and how frequently they see it).  SecurityPoint Media’s goal is to engage a high-value audience on behalf of clients via airport security trays.

I had a fantastic time learning about how leads turn into sales with Michele. The company is growing very quickly so she’s really showed me how exciting it is to be part of something she feels so closely a part of everyday.