A Tempting World: Day 3 at Laser Spine Institute

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On day 3 of “A Tempting World” with the Laser Spine Institute, I spent the morning with Brie Pusateri, Director of Scheduling, to learn about how she manages the department and the kinds of metrics they use to ensure that all the appointments for surgery are properly timed. I found it interesting how thorough they are in making sure they get all the patients’ information correct, from their medical history to their recent MRI results.

Just before lunch, I met up with the patient I’m following this week and sat with him as the Orthopedic Surgeon came in to review his findings. It was fascinating to see how he determined the prognosis, by reviewing step by step the MRI, which involved a few compressed discs that were pinching the nerves causing pain and numbness. The patient was very confident with the overview of the surgery scheduled for the next day and couldn’t wait for it all to be over.

After my lunch, I met up with Audry Richardson, Patient Consultation Coordinator, for some time to learn about her position in the consultations center.  This gives the patient a one-on-one with a doctor at the clinic, to review their MRIs and surgery options, and to then meet Audry for more specifics about the logistics of surgery, including where to stay, and how much it will all cost. I was definitely impressed on how she handled the potential patient in her office, with solid facts and a brochure with much more information in it.  After the potential patient left, we got to speaking about her role with Laser Spine Institute and like many other employees, said it’s the most satisfying feeling to see her patients’ lives changed. I have to agree, living with a purpose that helps make a difference in the world must be a great feeling and I continually see this in each of the people that I meet at LSI.


Benjamin “Ben” Barger is a world-class sailor, professional athlete, a 2008 US Olympian and medal hopeful for the 2012 Olympics in London. Using his sailing skills, Ben also is chairman of the ISAF Athletes Commission representing athlete’s views to the board of directors and the executive of the World Sailing Federation. He also manages At Home Technologies a Tampa Bay Area business that deploys audio, visual, security, lighting and wiring to residential and commercial applications. Ben will be blogging for Adecco as part of a special blog series, "A Tempting World", highlighting different roles within the workplace.

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