A Tempting World: Day 3 at SecurityPoint Media

The Operations department is known as the “gearbox” of the company and calls for flawless execution and timing to deliver outstanding process improvements with the 3 part-tray and cart system. I met Michelle Fuchs, Senior Manager, Airport Properties and Elena Nizhnik, Airport Properties Associate at Tampa International Airport first thing in the morning to see the process firsthand.

After a short debriefing around operations and learning about all the moving parts, we chatted a bit about the company’s relationship with Adecco.  SecurityPoint Media relies on Adecco for their staffing needs, especially when they are deploying the SecureTray System to a new airport or exchanging SecureTrays. It’s integral to their operating plan to manage the fluctuation of the number of employees they need to have on deck.

We met with a Transportation Security Manager at the TSA for a tour of the airport and, most importantly, the terminal. I’ve been to the airport many times, but this was the first time I was actually watching the security process without actually being part of it!  It was easy to see how the SecureTray System SecurityPoint invented helps the TSA effectively deliver trays in an efficient and organized manner. Part of their support is improving the look and feel of the environment at the security checkpoint, as you can know it’s usually the part of the airport journey that you first have any human interaction with the TSA and also where you have to wait in line to go through the security machines.

At the end of the day, I gave a small presentation to the staff of SecurityPoint Media on some of the things I’ve learned while competing, having to run an Olympic Campaign and how I built a team along the way.

As an athlete, I can relate to their plan for success.  A true desire to be the best in combination with undeterred motivation to give it my all in each practice and competition reminds me of the spirit of the employees at SecurityPoint Media.  Similarly to my athletic career, winning does not always mean finishing with a medal or at the best time.  As SecurityPoint Media continues to grow as a company, their success will be measured in the ups and the downs and the sum of their journey.  It is all about building a winning team and I can see Security Point Media doing just that.