A Tempting World: Day 4 at SecurityPoint Media

On the last day, I finished my marketing project that compiled new data for the airports around the USA. They want to use these sales sheets in future presentations to clients.  I added another 30 airports to the list and provided a few new data fields so the team could better sell their products. I also merged it all to a master Excel spreadsheet so that in the future the data can be modified without having to do each one individually! I learned a lot about annual passenger numbers and the size and scope of every airport.  It became all too apparent that no two airports are identical.

To finish up the week, I went out for a late lunch with President & CEO Joseph Ambrefe to do a final debriefing. When I met him on the first day he really wanted to hear my view of my experience with his company. It says volumes about the CEO when they take time out of their busy schedule to meet with their employees. I talked about risks I saw in the organization, points of excitement and other areas of development, and how he is managing his fast growing team. We went back and forth with much discussion on what is the best way to sell the media for future growth. I not only learned a lot but I also felt like I contributed to the conversation by bringing a different perspective to the table.

Many people can relate to thinking about an idea and then as time progresses giving up on it.  However, as we know with the founders of SecurityPoint Media, giving up was just not an option.  This organization is determined to define their growth potential and work towards sustainability.  Increasing inventory with new airports is part of the business plan for growth.  In addition, the company has determined that it is necessary to gain more clients as well as manage their current client base in order to meet their goals. I see a very bright future for SecurityPoint Media in the next few years; greatly expanding its advertising network and also the advertisers they carry. It just shows you how so many ideas, initially met with resistance at the end are applauded for brilliance when paired with hard work.  This has been a phenomenal experience on my journey with “A Tempting World.”