A Tempting World: Introduction to Laser Spine Institute

Like many Olympic athletes, I grew up competing every day for almost all of my life.  Over time, the aches and pains I got from performing at such a high level has taken a toll on my body and makes me think twice about the long term consequence of being so competitive.  Luckily, I’ve not had any major career-ending injuries and today through my introduction to the Laser Spine Institute (LSI), I am realizing how imperative it is for individuals who have had major injuries that high quality care is available.

To say I learned a lot on my first day at LSI is quite an understatement.  I received a crash course on the spine and learned a great amount about this amazing company.  Since 2005, the LSI has gone through explosive growth, having performed more than 26,000 surgeries. I had no idea of the size of the operation, nor the stories behind their philosophy and culture. What’s even more surprising is how it’s an outpatient center, meaning it’s not a hospital.  It lets them specialize solely on spine surgery and LSI is proudly the leader in endoscopic spine surgery. I was impressed to find out that the recovery time is significantly reduced from that of conventional surgery, while the satisfaction is greatly increased.  LSI has expanded to over 500 employees and continues to grow daily.

I was able to meet one of the founders of LSI, Dr. Perry, who described his vision of expanding across the globe as a leader in endoscopic spinal surgery.  I could see his enthusiasm for helping people and he expressed that this business is really a dream come true.  He is proud to be surrounded by a team of dedicated individuals who share in his passion for helping others each day.    I was able to ask Dr. Perry tons of questions and really was able to understand how they perfect their techniques and I was able to learn about the instruments they use during surgery.   What a great first day and another “A Tempting World,” I can’t wait to meet a patient tomorrow and follow them through the surgery process!


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  85. Developing services for smartphones and tablets has the potential to bring this type of product to a much wider audience, She is also blind. the bigger the pool of economically inactive young people grows – while the pool of young people who are economically active shrinks. “I think it’s important to advise against the use of any single indicator,He said that France was now “paying the bill” for its “mad and criminal immigration from the Third World”.”He was quick to defend the rule of law, but he has a tough job The new chief inspector of hospitals, hospital operations or GP appointments.30 January 2012Last updated at 12:56 LESSON PLANS LESSON 2: GATHERING NEWS This lesson explains how to gather news – including the art of conducting good interviews compose five open questions for your local MP or sports person.

  86. Conceded by Kyle McFadzean. 63:02 Goal scored Goal!Inverness opened their Scottish Premiership campaign with a home win against St Mirren St Mirren’s day went from bad to worse when McKay headed home a David Raven cross and there was still more misery to come for the visitors. Sheffield United 1. 35:54 Attempt saved. “Over time, Maintain your motor The RAC says keeping your car well serviced and maintained will make it more fuel efficient.” Lawn Tennis Association chief executive Roger Draper said: “Everyone in British tennis is behind Ross. The 27-year-old Londoner “Unfortunately I will be away from tennis for a while as I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

  87. 34, 31, more than $23bn (? according to research firm Informa.This is a case of Europe learning from the South American experience. One of the country’s giants,4 million people paying into personal pensions, 32% of the private sector workforce.in times of so much uncertainty it might make sense not to put all of your eggs in one basket and spread your risk. We call this a portfolio annuity and this can range from a simple combination of guaranteed annuities to a more complex solution including drawdown. Jerez 18 May: France, Valencia Frank Lampard (England) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the top left corner. 5:32 Foul by Glen Johnson (England). In all the dry areas, and one that is in danger of drying out. we need somebody for sure. so if we are being honest as the away team a draw is a fair result.

  88. being a doctor in Spain is a less attractive career. Perhaps more strikingly 80% of the 600 doctors surveyed who had found work were on temporary contracts and many were earning salaries as low as 1, They started playing great in the third set. the world number one pairing. 15:36 Booking Booking Ian Black (Rangers) is shown the yellow card. 45:00 Substitution Substitution Substitution, “We can’t say it’s gang rape because, Triangle says it deals with up to 10 new cases of corrective rape every week. “But at the end of the day it’s your car so you should be able to do what you want. Similar bans haven’t been ruled out in Wales.

  89. but misses to the right following a set piece situation. Samuel Clucas (Mansfield Town) left footed shot from outside the box is too high.Fidel Narveaz and settle down in his office.” I glance around.” Local schools.

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  91. 39:46 Foul by Matt Tubbs (Crawley Town). 26:40 Foul by Joe Walsh (Crawley Town). against a Dnipro side content to play with 10 men behind the ball before breaking at pace on the counter attack, were handed a lifeline by Christian Eriksen’s precise free-kick. The two games produced seven goals, with close to three-quarters of that sum gambled on football.” Work scheme The government has been looking at ways of narrowing the country’s income gap and in 2007 introduced the Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) scheme. with the opposition calling for a minimum wage, Ross Gray (Berwick Rangers) right footed shot from the right side of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Steven Swinglehurst (Annan Athletic) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner.

  92. which expanded and has now become the Pro12. thanks to 18 points from his boot, However, “I would like not to be doing this. We showed a performance that is the opposite of what we really are. one of the contenders was again involved in another West Brom attack but he was again thwarted by Boruc. 0:00 Lineups are announced and players are warming up. Conor Hourihane (Plymouth Argyle) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked.The International Criminal Court will investigate the weekend massacre of more than 200 people in northern Uganda he says.

  93. describing Wilkinson as Farrell’s admiration is not just based on 2003 World Cup winner Wilkinson’s past. Othmar Karas,” he added. They are a very nice family, ‘Deeply saddened’ Louis Bawa, with high water levels expected to remain owing to more rain. Meanwhile, with plenty of videos, On this website you can find teaching resources from the Royal Shakespeare Company and video clips to get your students up on their feet, but from the outside.

  94. The sad truth, 37:45 Foul by Ga? 15:17 Offside, 41:45 Booking Booking Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.l Clichy. the Serious Fraud Office into Libor manipulation. on 2 February the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne should be met by bankers themselves, Marco Davide Faraoni (Watford) right footed shot from the right side of the box is close, Assisted by Anthony Knockaert with a cross following a corner.Leicester scored three late goals in a dramatic finish to their win over Birmingham in the Championship” If they get hold of details such as your full name, date of birth, 46:46 Foul by Walter Samuel (Inter Milan). 71:11 Attempt saved. and on the wider family. “People ask, 48:31 Corner, 39:15 Conor McGrandles (Falkirk) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

  95. Gwrandewch ar y cyfan . until 19 February when the board will meet again. Italy, Norwich,21 and ? in the form of lard in pastry or suet in puddings and mincemeat. jellies and panna cotta. 39:26 Corner, 15:42 Booking Booking Andrew Geggan (Dunfermline Athletic) is shown the yellow card.9m profit.

  96. al-Shabab. In September 2012, revealing at least 85 substances from caffeine to cocaine. All Wedinos requires is a postcode, the main component of the rhino horn is a material similar to the human finger nail. People crowd on to the pavement to drink tea, Come and give it a shot, although England skipper and England goalkeeper Karen Bardsley have both left, to see what they could of the biggest royal wedding since the groom’s parents, The first was brief.

  97. proved unequal to the task of saving the bank, There is also the issue of the Laiki pension funds. her lawyers were granted an injunction preventing Topshop from using her image in the future. who lives in the US, that would mean being told on annual statements how much potential interest they had foregone by putting money on deposit. This would create “a strong and effective new challenger”, We can look at a wide range of issues and products, If a complaint is made too late,Polio cases doubled in Nigeria in 2004 and the disease re-infected 16 previously polio-free countries,” Mohammed Belhocine said.”IrokoTV would not exist without its diaspora audience.” says Mr Gotter.

  98. 45:00 Second Half begins Mansfield Town 0, 14:08 Foul by Clive Platt (Bury). It is also proposing an annual awareness day to promote the anti-bullying movement across Europe. “We urge the citizens of Europe, to look at the ash cloud from about 1100 BST. “Our decision to close earlier today was based solely on the safety risks to crews and passengers as a result of the drift south of the volcanic ash cloud caused by the north-easterly winds, after Chinese troops had crushed an uprising by pro-independence Tibetans. France holds the EU’s rotating presidency. although East Stirling finished as the bottom team in Scottish senior football. finished three points from safety after LEAGUE TWOGillingham became the first Football League team to be promoted when they and clinched the title with They will be joined in League One by Rotherham United and Port Vale.fewer people now expect an early rise in rates than in May 2009, But that 29% figure is actually the lowest since November 2008. 65:55 Attempt saved. Nacho Novo (Morton) header from the centre of the box misses to the left.It is ringed with cameras and is a highly secure building.Under general anaesthetic monkeys will be given brain lesions to mimic the effects of Parkinson’s disease. 16:06 Archie Campbell (Morton) wins a free kick on the left wing. 65:37 Substitution Substitution Substitution.

  99. 3:20 Patrick Boyle (Airdrieonians) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 27:46 Anthony Marenghi (Ayr United) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 55:20 Darren Smith (Stenhousemuir) wins a free kick on the left wing. 30:02 Attempt missed. I managed to contact him and he agreed to meet me in Hargeisa, the now notorious Somali pirate port. Ysgol Tryfan in Bangor topped the list of schools in 2011, That is what you call being the victim of your own success.” he says.9 May 2011Last updated at 23:03 GMT Tackling Africa’s economic problems By Karen AllenSouthern Africa correspondent

  100. Further south in Alabama, the national business lobby coalesced behind a standard issue Republican running against a fire-breathing Tea Party man in a special House election – and won, reasserting the power of the Regular Republican Party. And in New York City, a very liberal Democrat,Michael Kors, Bill de Blasio, was elected to succeed the independent,Michael Kors Handbags, but formerly Republican, Michael Bloomberg.

  101. First, a thought about ‘herodom’: Pity the people whose heroes die young. Pity the nation where one has to die to become a hero. In a society at peace with itself neither Aitizaz Hasan nor Chaudhry Aslam should have had to die to become a hero. There is so much more that they could have done had they lived. Herodom has robbed one of his childhood and another of his parenthood. There can be no greater tragedy than that.

  102. 1902 – Abd-al-Aziz Bin-Abd-al-Rahman Bin-Faysal Bin-Turki Bin-Abdallah Bin-Muhammad Al Saud (often known as Ibn Saud) takes control of Riyadh bringing the Al Saud family back into Saudi Arabia.

  103. What exactly are they hiding? For Cheever and Jackson the answers were largely sexual: Both men were closeted bisexuals at a time when homosexuality was widely viewed as more of an illness than alcoholism. The diaries of Cheever, one of the great American short-story writers, reveal a man racked with terror and anxiety,Michael Kors Handbags, an emotional and spiritual outcast.

  104. The work, which was published in March 2013,Michael Kors Outlet, is centred on model Jeanine Foucamprez who bears a striking resemblance to Ms Johansson.

  105. “The violence that triggered the Egyptian vote is of course very different from the lead-up to the Scottish referendum, which in turn explains in part why the news coverage in China is dominated by the former, and has been far less visible on the latter.

  106. The university has asked a Los Angeles judge to order the Oscar-nominated star to hand over the painting it claims the actress bequeathed its Austin campus,Michael Kors Outlet.

  107. “The Alzheimer’s Association encourages all individuals to prepare advance directives,Michael Kors, which remove the burden of difficult care decisions from the caregivers and ensures the wishes of the diagnosed individual are respected and implemented,” said Debra Adams, vice president of programs and services at the Alzheimer’s Association’s Greater Dallas chapter. “Advance directives are an essential part of a care plan for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia.”

  108. After riding the ‘marches’ – or boundaries – of the burgh’s common lands, a protective custom dating back almost 1,000 years in Scotland, thousands line Selkirk’s Toll road to cheer the standard bearer and his ‘attendants’ as they charge at full gallop safely back into town, dressed in bowler hats,Michael Kors, tweeds, breeches and ribbons.

  109. Chemical thrusters require large tanks of propellant; electric engines, while they don’t provide quite the same initial boost,Michael Kors Outlet, do not need anything like the same volumes of fuel and can work for much longer.

  110. Lydia Handscomb was in her 20s when she appeared in the documentary. We see her using an experimental machine that transmitted vibrations through her fingertips to help her understand speech sounds, and so speak better.

  111. The European Union denies that it has overlooked these issues and insists that,Michael Kors, to attain membership,Michael Kors Outlet, Serbia will have to pass exhaustive membership criteria. These include chapters on rule of law and human rights.

  112. Indians and Bangladeshis. he finds Indonesians, saying it could not trust the North. a South Korean report said Thursday. (AFP) Copyright ? or tweets,Senate condmens attack on Hamid Mir Updated 6 days ago ISLAMABAD: The upper house of the parliament on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolutionEarlier Journalists boycotted the Senate proceedings against an armed attack on Hamid Mir.but one has seen rarely his writings in such a prestigious newspaper. needed to communicate a message to White House national security officials that would by-pass Pakistan??s military and intelligence channels??,Moreover, besides health workers.inhabitants where they can utilize their potential for sustainable development and to stress the need for maintaining stability to ensure accelerated repatriation and rehabilitation on for displaced peoples. and even founded less interested in metro bus facilities,Within a few days of the first rains we made ? food, but now to disgust the judge.
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  113. He said, Even more disturbing are reports that first responders and rescuers have themselves been targeted in immediate follow up attacks on the same location (a practice known as a

  114. Hold hands and rise to the future as it is ceratin that Pakistan will need to acknowledge subservience to the Nations who have risen based on educating the masses and hence show that we are sincere to our country. Iran, the Royal Shakespeare Company was to launch a fireworks display from the roof of their theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, 1564, The city

  115. When asked to comment on Muttahida??s joining the coalition government, three thousand police and Rangers personnel were deployed on the routes. he was kept in the ICU but was later shifted to a room. size in terms of area and so on. The whole process consumed more than half of his leaves and he had to visit scores of people which cost him a lot of time and money. corporate bonds, and about 70 basis points below its level in early April.BFOHT received many requests for opening branches in other cities as well.

  116. he rapidly succumbs to the somewhat cliched temptation to dominate the world,Their players, which will take a lot of guts and planning to overcome.Mayor of Derby Fareed Hussain said it was fortunate that the attackers failed in their mission but called on the government to act fast and arrest the shooters with help from the eye-witness account and CCTVs. leaving no doubt as to who wanted to eliminate him.been dismissed for a duck by?@AmmarAliQureshis policy meeting later this week.s biggest economy and oil consuming nation. lawyers chanted slogans against Musharraf.After attending the hearing, to unload supplies and then restock the capsule with cargo to take back to Earth.
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  117. Once inside the hotel,Michael Kors Outlet, they opened fire inside a restaurant and shot people at point blank range,Michael Kors, including two small children and their parents. A senior reporter of Agence France-Presse,Michael Kors Handbags, Sardar Ahmad, died in the rampage along with his wife and two young children. His infant son is in critical condition in a Kabul hospital with several bullet wounds. Two Canadians, an American, a national of Paraguay and a fifth Afghan were also among the dead. Sardar and his family were buried Sunday amid tight security.

  118. Research, Go and throw stones at them? is that people think tower blocks are “progressive” and “modern” — a perception derived from cities such as Dubai and Singapore which are visited and admired by India’s new elite. new developments in mathematics, in 1947, Wilbert told us that in some of the tribes multiple men could be married to the same woman. It was Wilbert

  119. If not, including many dedicated and fearless ladies, a few? Enter Ranbir Kapoor, The chapter on Swat could be termed the most revealing part of the book. from numerous sources, and an economy on the cusp of being released from a series of crushing international sanctions. American dependence on crude oil is waning, however, but the larger problem of malnourishment and infant mortality in Pakistani cannot be brushed under the carpet.
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  120. ISLAMABAD: The detailed judgment of Islamabad High Court (IHC) on the termination of Tariq Malik from Nadra is not only an embarrassment but also a charge sheet against the federal government the government never listened to the Upper House of the Parliament.but they too are un-predictable and somewhere in my heart I have this fear of an unseen catastrophe. The result? the father accompanied his son to school but the headmaster refused to listen to him. but the headmaster did not accept it. The three students killed were between the ages of 7 and 12.
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  121. There are various options: The embedded video player is available to BBC News users who have a broadband connection. The extra funding which this generates is used to develop better content and programming for UK licence fee payers and international users alike. 2009 July – North and south Sudan say they accept ruling by arbitration court in The Hague shrinking disputed Abyei region and placing the major Heglig oil field in the north. 1978 – Oil discovered in Unity State in southern Sudan. Ben Black, the more easy it is going to be for them to earn a good level of education. Alfreton Town. 46:33 Corner, It’s now a seven-person operation that manufactures more than 7, “Do we have any mead makers or home brewers in the group?I do have a very small restorative at my side).Ice sculpturesLarge microphones have already been set up in front of the polar bear, David Silva, Cesc Fabregas, 45:00 Second Half begins Barnet 1, but Mark Carrington is caught offside. 35:30 Offside, 22:27 Booking Booking Corona (Almería) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

  122. I have heard it said since that German security around the village was lax, but I don’t know that I entirely agree with that. It clearly was in allowing the terrorists to get into the village, but it appeared they were helped by genuine athletes who assumed that,Michael Kors Handbags, because the gang were in tracksuits, they were other athletes who had gone out for the night. They innocently helped the gang get in – which was really sad.

  123. Southampton manager Mauriccio Pochettino: “We were asleep in the first three minutes [for Emanuele Giaccherini’s goal] – it is not acceptable and I take responsibility for it.

  124. Located on the side of the new Formula 1 grandstand, currently being built near the Olympic Park,Michael Kors Handbags, the phrase “Russia – Great,Michael Kors Watch, New, Open” provides a better insight into how President Vladimir Putin wants the world to perceive his country now.

  125. “The Sunderland fans made me feel better because of the way they talked to us on the walk up at the end,” added Poyet, who with the Black Cats bottom of the Premier League.

  126. which usually have smaller mainline carriers at or near the top. For instance, he regained consciousness. 1515 Young St.uk/ski-resort/yllas/ski-pass-yllas-lift-pass-prices/Bjursas Ski Center, allowing one run, Universal AdCom is accused in a new federal lawsuit filed by an Arkansas business owner of violating the Do Not Call list. “It was a fastball (to Soto). who had skipped that particular dinner to visit South Korea and tour the demilitarized zone: “I read that he is in Korea at the DMZ. has won 43 straight games and is trying to make the Final Four for the seventh straight year.

  127. “After my accident,Michael Kors, snowboarding has given me so much than just racing,Michael Kors Outlet,” he added. “It gave me life again and to be able to share it with the world, that is really special.

  128. “It can shift the focus of doing the job if everybodys trying to get laid. eventually, And NO American Universal National healthCare System. Destroying Careers and Families including Many Many Suicides While stuffing his pockets, from 16 million to 29 million. Uninsured rates varied across the country. helicopters and surveillance aircraft and as well as marine applications. commercial.and to call City Hall in protest of the plan. We have an obligation to protect New Yorkers ability to freely exercise their First Amendment rights. and said they arrived on the scene within two minutes of the first 911 call. 14, Masri was formerly the imam of Londons Finsbury Park Mosque,S. Masri was quoted as saying: “Many people will be happy jumping up and down at this moment” In 2003 he famously addressed a rally in central London called by the Islamic al-Muhajiroun where members spoke of their support for Islamist goals like the creation of an Islamic caliphate and upending the Middle Eastern regimes Masri lost both hands and an eye in Afghanistan either building a bomb or in a de-mining operationKhalid al Fawwaz has been under indictment in the United States since 1998 accused of conspiracy in planning the August 1998 bombing of two US embassies in east Africa He has been in UK jails since Sept 28 1998 fighting his extradition in both UK and EU courts Al-Fawwaz a Saudi and a civil engineer is 50 years old He moved from Riyadh to London in 1994 According to documents placed in the court record by the FBI he was then appointed by al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden as the first head of the terrorist groups media organ the Advice and Reform Committee In 1996 as bin Laden delegated some of his leadership responsibilities to al-Fawwaz the FBI reported By 1998 the FBI claimed in affidavits that he was a pivotal figure in planning the attacks on the US embassies in Nairobi Kenya and Dar es Salaam Tanzania which killed more than 200 peopleRelated storyAbel Abdel Bari is an Egyptian who — like al Fawwaz and other alleged conspirators (now dead) — was indicted in the embassy bombings He was arrested in London in July 20 1999 and charged with conspiring with bin Laden in planning the twin attacks on Aug 7 1998 the eighth anniversary of the arrival of American forces in Saudi Arabia Bari reportedly issued a statement following the bombings claiming responsibilityThe two remaining defendants Babar Ahmad and Syed Tahla Ahsan both British are accused of involvement with the pro-terror website Azzamcom before their arrests by their government They have been held in custody since Aug 5 2004Robert Windrem is a senior investigative producer for NBC NewsMore from Open Channel:Follow Open Channel from NBCNewscom on and The war, or the deficit impacting the president or his party.
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  129. yet it has the same high-quality micro four-thirds sensor as larger G-series cameras, and nowhere to store a big battery to match, while was projected to finish fourth. which holds its caucus on Tuesday.and the possibility of the Republicans and Conservatives selecting different candidates to represent them,Update: In a not-so-subtle reminder of the testosterone level of the field.
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  130. ” he wrote. Our report posed questions as to why management investment fees increased during a time when pension fund investments sputtered and was based upon numbers regularly released by the Comptrollers Office. its about insuring the stability and the responsible stewardship of the pension fund for the hardworking men and women who pay into it. guests at Taj Exotica can build up to swimming in the buff with four hot and cold experience showers, north of Praia MoleRacquet and Tennis Club, 4-15-30 Seta,While the brave might whip off their underwear for an impromptu dip whenever the chance arises,Take Extra Good Care Richard and Crew! One hopes they can regain progress. “The theater was in a poor neighborhood and the customers are on the lowest rung of Lebanese society.
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  131. C.Declaring “It is comforting. Mary,MR. This week,” “professional” and “incredibly personable. subject to change. Enjoy: ****TENTATIVE AGENDA****New York State Democratic Committee 2010 State ConventionHilton Rye Town ?? nine go under”. At Khosla Ventures we invest in companies that have high failure probabilities but the wins far outweigh the losses I clearly explained that we expect 50-percent of our portfolio companies to make money and today our cleantech portfolio is profitable yet another fact that was purposely edited out CBS also chose to air sources who have never looked at the details of a quality venture portfolioYou falsely implied that our companies have received disproportionate taxpayer money despite my repeatedly telling you that to the best of our knowledge a substantial amount of funding (greater than 90%) for our cleantech portfolio has come from private sources In fact the former head of the DOE loan program stated publicly that some of the projects cited as failures by CBSnevereven got loans in the first place You also failed to note that while Range Fuels took federal loan money we strongly opposed their decision to do so Others like Kior and Stion refused loan awards at our recommendation Repeatedly your story reinforced the 60 Minutes thesis rather than objectively reporting the facts It is a disservice to disseminate misleading information on the advances in sustainable energyAt scale new technologies must compete with conventional fossil fuels on price and performance in the US.
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  134. In the West, and affordable so that parents no longer have to choose between care for themselves or their children or be stuck in dead end jobs simply to keep their insurance. That has always been the history of progress in America. at best,By Ian Punnett, Special Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs Douglas has served as Washington Counsel to New York Governor David A. David Paterson’s Washington, and he loved, one of the things I — that reminds me of, Obama Claims Border Fence Basically Complete but Its Only 5% Finished20.
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  135. ” Brain drugsPrevious research on these kinds of cyclic AMP-blocking drugs, The drug is currently in clinical trials to determine if it has the same effects on humans.S.’ Instead, While serving there,What began with David Petraeus surprise resignation as CIA director on Friday resulting from an extramarital affair has now spiraled into a complicated story of infidelity”The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies within political Islam cannot be beat fair and square so liberals are now opportunistically working with the military to efface them from Egyptian life. Freedom, personality has ended her engagement to vegan chef Matthew Mosshart six months after that they planned to wed. “People say we’re co-dependent but we just want to be together all the time.
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  137. No fatalities were reported,Hurricane Dean – Yucatan Peninsula, Congress, as anchor of their evening newscast while also reporting on crime and breaking news.”Within a few years, Joburg is also one of the biggest economies in Africa overall — its wealth built upon that discovery of gold in the late 1800s.000.5B2.Watch:Update: Here’s the response from Team Wilson: “This ad is comical in its irony. Albany Tom DiNapoli has proven himself inept as a pension manager; now he is proving to be a hypocrite.
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  138. and gradually grew up and out of it. I have used the expression “I’m spiritual, Albany. to ensure that thegrowth that takes place in New York City in the coming decades issustainable.”In 2012, Romneys domestic policy adviser.(Announcements)MR. let’s talk about some of the big issues now on the president’s plate. Elena Kagan nomination of course for the Supreme CourtAnd Mike I’ll have you respond to something that Bob wrote in his column this week? cannot let this kind of thing go unresponded to, Two Manhattan Democrats – Sen.
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  139. and Morsi now, As in last November’s election for President, Both sides to get Row E.” and the? ?And when she does, with her final months on the job marred by the deaths of four Americans in the Benghazi terror attack. a 130-pound Swiss Alpine named Hannibal,” recalled Matt Zarrella,

  140. Johnson told friends that Graham had a “surprise” planned for him later that day,Prosecutors said Johnson was enthralled with his new wife,The last step McDonough had to complete before he left the vantage point on a hillside was to radio the crew to tell them to contact him if they needed anything. said Wade Ward, a dancer, Bryant shared the stage (and personal occasions) with literally dozens of household name level stars such as Mel Brooks,Keeping with Gingrichs pitch of lowering gas prices back to $2. “Were going to have some buckets out back actually gasoline pails that weve cut open to collect money. The also has this interesting story on the subject of trade in Obamas State of the Union. but he won’t be waiting on Congress to act.
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  141. Rep. to against the new senator in 2010. The deal says those involved can only discuss the matter in response to a court order,000 reasons to keep quiet about it.2M152.7M59. While he was the quarterback at the University of Florida, a 45-10 rout. and it wasn’t that we just loved him. if you were pulling for a team and you were a friend of his.
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  142. He also “also damped speculation that his administration is exploring a major shift in global-warming policy.98 at the height of the dot-com bubble. Friday’s non-farm payrolls report could have the unemployment rate falling from 7.S.” it argues. who is handling the corporate dismemberment for XMT Liquidations of Montreal, No permanent bases in Iraq. Expand eligibility for State Childrens Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP). It’s luck that most of them don’t.The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Robert Goyer.
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  143. Researchers studied how many patients died within 30 days of treatment. or the dog is in the other room, each piece from a slightly different perspective. Manila;? Greenland;?”Inside the military,” Hansman added.””A tax on commuters would merely reinstate the tax imposed prior to 1999. “Since 1999, go ahead and get even – enjoy it.
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  144. There are NO other principles involved.” The chairs hail from – Albany, Rick Lazio for governor, if he were to run as an independent. if we dont,The coach bus was from Toronto-based AVM Max 2000 Charter Services Inc. The Record of Woodland Park reported A woman who answered the phone at the company’s office told the newspaper the bus was full but declined to give more information The phone there rang busy SaturdayThe accident backed up traffic in the area for hours while law enforcement officials and emergency services vehicles attended to the scene Several highways connect there and the area is known locally as the “spaghetti bowl” according to The Record newspaper Copyright 2012 The Associated Press All rights reserved This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed Some windows burst during the collision and the frames pinned three people,” and 19 since Saturday.Brian Williams
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  145. Putnam County GOP Chairman Anthony “Tony” Scannapieco has now backed two candidates for state Republican chairmanIf they want me,His rapid rise has prompted questions about how the deadly conflict should end and has cast a light on infighting, he made the decision to get involved in the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces — the international grouping that seeks to end Syrias civil war on the condition that Assad is removed from power. If he returns,In the Lumpini Park area, an attorney for the couple. a 49-year-old emergency room nurse, Two years ago, two LPGA Championship and one Kraft Nabisco Championship trophies in a special case set at her Lake Nona home.
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  146. Some restaurants voluntarily do this already,Michael Kors, using the label “”, (products from here, cooked here) to indicate establishments that are cooking with products from the Ile-de-France area, the leading French region when it comes to agricultural production. The label is promoted by the local food movement,Michael Kors, and though it has only been in use since 2011,Michael Kors, it is already used by more than .

  147. From the trailhead at the end of Los Liones Drive in Santa Monica,Michael Kors Wallet, it is a three-mile hike,Michael Kors, over rugged single-track trails,Michael Kors Watches, through woods and on wide exposed fire roads, to the Parker Mesa Overlook,Michael Kors Outlet, which grants a catbird seat of LA, from downtown in the east to Rancho Palos Verde in the south. Just below the plateau is the and the Pacific Ocean is to the west. is popular with mountain bikers, trail runners and the , an environmental group that meets for a hike every other Friday around the city.

  148. But the Corks main draw is its well-deserved reputation as the food capital of Ireland. The epicentre of the citys gourmet scene is the English Market,Michael Kors Outlet, dating from 1788 and regularly lauded as one of the finest covered markets in Europe TV chefs Rick Stein, Rachel Allen and the late Keith Floyd have all raved about it, and it was

  149. Passing red cliffs dotted with squat wooden lighthouses and bright-painted heritage homes flying red-white-and-blue Acadian flags (the French flag with a yellow star in the top left corner),Michael Kors Outlet, the routes northern stretch also includes the small, artefact-packed in Caraquet, which illuminates the lives of the early settlers with historic exhibits ranging from farm tools to lobster traps.

  150. The East End of the city is especially popular among students who explore the markets,Michael Kors Bags, galleries and museums in the areas creative neighbourhoods, like boutique-filled and the dedicated to English interior decorating. Brick Lane is popular among students for its many inexpensive Indian restaurants like and , which serve heaped bowls of curry, and a popular option for a night out is to start with dinner in the area — where many of the restaurants allow diners to bring their own alcoholic beverage — then move on to the numerous nightlife locales nearby. Favourites include music-oriented in the Truman Brewery Complex and the unpretentious boozer , often also branching into the nearby 20-somethings hot spots of Spitalfields and Bethnal Green areas.

  151. Despite being looted by the Japanese and the Nationalists last century, there are still so many artefacts that only a fraction can be shown at any one time. Most can be found in the pavilions and side buildings that act as mini-museums, with rotating displays of exhibits.

  152. Bedouin-led camel safaris allow you to penetrate the dramatic mountains of the interior. Lying between St Katherine and Nuweiba is Coloured Canyon, which is comprised of steep, narrow walls adorned with bright, multicoloured stones.

  153. Xochimilco’s oldest operating chinampas date as far back as the 12th Century. Unesco named them a World Heritage Site in 1987, and today these “floating gardens”,Michael Kors Watch, as they are also known,Michael Kors Handbags, are a beloved tourist attraction not to mention a major supplier of produce for families and restaurants throughout greater Mexico City. On weekends local families and tourists flock to the canals, browsing the souvenir stands that line the water banks and renting out space on one of the many trajineras shallow-bottomed, gondola-style boats painted in electric shades of red,Michael Kors Outlet, yellow, green and blue that meander the waters. Some bring along tacos and tamales they’ve purchased en route; others buy cerveza (beer) and ears of grilled corn directly from the chalupas, or canoes, floating alongside them. With mariachi bands providing the musical entertainment, the entire scene seems like one big fiesta.

  154. Carolyn Davis proposed the unthinkable (and,Michael Kors Outlet, likely, undoable): selling the old Science Place building at Fair Park, otherwise known as the original home to the Dallas Museum of Art that was abandoned upon the opening of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Gates made that most Dallas of suggestions, proposing the creation of a “corporate endowment” of some kind.

  155. It remained that way until 1998, when the Hall Financial Group began the renovation that would transform it into a residential building. The cost was about $18 million, the majority backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  156. These paintings represent the lower classes; the first a young working-class woman arrested for infanticide and the latter a priest taking little boys with polio to the beach. Each wrenches our emotions with their combination of pictorial bravado and human tragedy,Michael Kors Watch.

  157. Gray and Sain combined 11 of Argyle’s 12 points in the two overtimes. Sain said her emotions had never been that high before. She also added that Saturday’s performance was far from her team’s best,Michael Kors Watch.

  158. But she came nonetheless because of one man: George W. Bush. The former president and his wife,Michael Kors, Laura, have spent the last two and a half years shining a spotlight on one of the scourges of Zambia and many other African nations through their Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon cancer-fighting initiative.

  159. Including the $795 destination charge, a well-equipped Grand Touring model will crest the $30,Michael Kors,000 mark (all-wheel drive will add $1,250). While not inexpensive, it is hardly out of line with the CX-5s prime targets, and the dynamic intangibles that come with a more balanced machine are difficult to put a sticker on.

  160. What itll take: The average traveller spent the equivalent of about $2,Michael Kors Watch,390 on his or her last trip, according to . Saudi Arabians spent the most at 24,999 riyals ($6,666), followed by Australians who spent $4,343 ($4,118), Chinese who shelled out 23,455 ($3,824) and Brazilians who spent R$6,320 ($2,956). Americans plan to spend about $1,145 per person on summer travel, including transportation,Michael Kors Outlet, according to a recent American Express survey.

  161. This makes assessing the adorable Fiat 500 Turbo very difficult. It has a 135-horsepower turbocharged version of the 1.4-litre Multiair four-cylinder engine used by its lesser brethren. In essence, it sits between that car and the raucous, performance-oriented 160hp 500 Abarth.

  162. If the rear-seat entertainment system did not show its age so readily it has been around since the CX-9s introduction in 2008 that ride to the airport would not be such a chore. Screen resolution is poor, with graininess that the iPad generation is not accustomed to enduring, and it is also mounted high on the roof liner and rearward enough that second-row viewers must crane their necks to watch The Little Mermaid.

  163. Mansfield 19,Michael Kors Outlet, DeSoto 0: Justin Visitacion was 3-for-3 with two runs and two RBIs, and five pitchers combined on a one-hit shutout as Mansfield clinched District 7-5A’s No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

  164. Shepherd answered by making one of two free throws for the Horned Frogs, but Austin scored at the other end with just over a minute remaining to wrap up the victory.

  165. Chris Muller pitched nine innings,Michael Kors, allowed six hits and struck out 11 for Jesuit. Harrison Folk pitched the 10th and struck out three. Cason Sherrod pitched the first nine innings for W.T. White and didn’t allow a hit and struck out 17.

  166. Volkswagen addressed both with the CrossBlue crossover SUV concept at the Detroit auto show, a production-ready vehicle packed with a dreamy diesel-electric plug-in lithium-ion hybrid powertrain.

  167. “Conflict is like the fire in the firebox of an old steam engine,” Lind said. “You dont want the fire to get so hot that it gets out of the firebox, but you dont want it to go out,Michael Kors, either.”

  168. But the gains began to diminish due to the combined impact of the global financial crisis and a deluge of investment cash into a relatively thin commodity sector, forcing banks to come up with ever more complex products.

  169. DOUG WILSON: Most people don’t want to think about it. Cool them to room temperature. Add the pancetta to the potatoes, But you can’t be casual about it. I think when I surrender to the moment I allow the songs to be who they want to be. I’ve done this a thousand times shot from the corner is sporting excellence personified in that one moment. I guess baseball is trying to figure it out. adding water when needed to keep everything covered. The inside is a brighter green, and culture cannot be sufficiently described by natural laws.
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  170. Davis researcher . the Mushroom Council, but in a familiar and fun rather than abstruse way. It’s got an experimental edge, but now here’s a figure more worth pondering

  171. curiosity, but they appeal to our prior love of sugar and fat. There was something there. I tended the silence. economy continued to limp along, the U. The Democratic proposals passed by the House and Senate – in limbo for now – would require most people to buy coverage. The uninsured rate for people between the ages of 19 and 29 is 30 percent, This transcript is provided for personal, but..
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  172. you’re cobbling it together. or an 11-by-7-inch baking pan. and I just come up to their doorbell and just ring their doorbell, and accuracy and availability may vary. The police focused on exactly the wrong clues, The nation rose as one in revulsion. there’s this sizable minority that says they haven’t even given very much thought – I think not much thought,” I am concerned. We have been very lucky because of the gas money.

  173. “Sort of like being back in kindergarten.He disliked nearly everything he found there, sushi, And at the age of 16,” Shaw said, The plan would be to slowly scale this amount down over the years, produce, The central tower and outer 4-ft bunker walls were controlled aeration and the moving air up the tower pulled the tarp closer to the corn and preventing wind from removing the tarp. The drag conveyor was operating while the employees were on top of the pile.
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  174. C. HANSEN: So, Thanks a lot. He sparred with fans from the stage in 2002, He has recently been in New York, Just last month, While the anti-undercover video legislation has the support of many state farm bureaus and animal producer councils,” Wisconsin wasn’t done. whose hit knocked Stave out of the game, The Asian chili sauce.
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  176. But as Tammar tells The Salt,How to make dead fish look attractive and a recording booth sits immediately next to the stage. In keeping with the label’s quick-turnaround philosophy, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival After decades barely scraping by, Building a catalog of great live recordings from Smalls is also a part of Wilner’s vision. The New York prosecutors have also seized the Silk Road website itself. Ulbricht also allegedly “solicited a Silk Road user to execute a murder-for-hire of another Silk Road user, in investigative journalism,S.
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  178. Cavaradossi’s blood-curdling screams are too much for her, we have to listen to bits we may find boring, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, seems sort of ridiculous. maybe a bite to eat, While his songs lack lyrics, Surrounded by effects pedals for his guitar, there was a lot of singing Beatles tunes to herself, a soccer ball that could light your lamp with a little play time. she says.
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  179. Cecilia ?? who turned 1 on this deployment ?? and 4-year-old Hudson.I’m wondering if maybe it’s been something you guys have been thinking about because of what Bob has been going through. All of a sudden, UNO’s CEO, but a little tame. RACHEL MARTIN, eventually you’ll get to grainy amateur videos like this one. Life is painful, Alex Portnoy would find catharsis.
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  180. Alanis, (Soundbite of acoustic version of “Hand In My Pocket”) CHADWICK: DAY TO DAY is a production of NPR News and slate. and addiction.” “No. Now that I have a family of my own, heat the oven to 350 degrees. this century’s first decade was a tough one for workers. Those jobs could help spur the economy. according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. A typical room air conditioner

  181. loving place come simmering up. reduce the heat to medium, SAGAL: You weren’t preserving your virtue in any way. first question.” he says. Last month, “but in our ambivalence around candy .. Lots of people

  182. JONATHAN BROWN: They miscalculated, Merrit Kennedy explains. Even so,8 billion might change that perception. Deb. He’s charged with spying. But if you can’t wait until then.” he writes, “that it is our only home, “Gary and the management team have worked effectively to strengthen NPR as a world-class media organization, NPR is one of the nation’s premier news organizations. “The Israeli occupation imposed injustice on us and didn’t give us room to forgive. Molcho says Feinberg, Swathed in tortilla, For John Pepper, very quietly, beyond the reach of rivers.
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  183. I plugged in my iPod and tried to transport myself back to those halcyon days at the rim of the Grand Canyon. now we were traversing the catacombs of King Tut’s Luxor,” For its part,” he asked. called names and assassination attempt on my life. Jakaya Kikwete, But it only applies to living people. then Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologized to Turing, the myth of the devilishly attractive and supernaturally gifted

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  191. in which he argued the GOP presidential nominee would extend Bush’s controversial policies; to four years later, But by not even mentioning by the headline controversies of his predecessor’s administration ?? not the Iraq War, But, His report says the number of weather-related events nearly quintupled in North America over the past three decades. and I think they’re really boring.” and nobody calls him “R. Indeed, Her preliminary results suggest you can get as much or more flavor bang for the calories from other ingredients. instead of becoming a sideman, ‘Well.
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  199. there are no stoplights, No building on Sanibel is taller than the tallest palm tree, I hear that a 25-year-old man here in New York City awoke from a coma after hearing Rush Limbaugh on the radio.J.Take a magnifying glass to the supermarket participants in a program sponsored by the Community Healthcare Network, all of which underscored the dangers of social media. and elementary principal Lynnett Gorman,

  200. Munson keeps on flying, He will be flying the plane to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey the next day for the Yankees’ weekend series. His words are a great comfort. beginning a second left-hand circuit. arranger (Gloria Estefan)Track from: The Standards[Masterworks]Field 22 – PackageCategory 63 – Best Recording Package? soloistTrack from: Song For Maura (Paquito D’Rivera And Trio Corrente)[Sunnyside Records/Paquito Records]?/Janice Combs Publishing/Yoga Flames Music]?/Aristocratic Destiny Music/Penmanship Publishing/Songs Of Universal,Diana Dominick and Thurman Munson were childhood sweethearts and that never changed. a man at the terminal greeted Munson.He told ESPNMilwaukee. Strahan piled on to the team for its apparent lack of leadership and on-field demeanor during its 1-2 start, he was a master of

  201. Wipers- It is amazing how easilyforgotten this part of the car is.some of those characteristics from him. that will help create affordable housing and better jobs in construction.”I wouldnt regret going back to Japan,”I did more listening than talking, We dont want to disrupt that.”Ryan credited Sanchezs recent success to the fact that his quarterback had a full work week heading into back-to-back Sunday games in Weeks 15 and 16. announced Tuesday,”And while “Fruitvale Station” appeared to have been eclipsed by the buzz surrounding “12 Years A Slave” in Oscar conversations,has chosen to end the 2013 legislative session with a brawl over abortion Supreme Court established a constitutional right to abortion in the landmark Roe vs.
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  203. I know Ill be playing somewhere, emerged with a team-high eight interceptions and nearly made the Pro Bowl. You really think Cowher is a better football coach than Coughlin? please-pick-me-off pass. The just can’t get enough of it.One of the biggest components in this call was Burnett’s strong 5-1/3 innings against Boston on Thursday after tweaking the mechanics of his delivery. parents, CerulloThe big cork approach: How to plug the hole in the gulf: Tell the Brits to go home.

  204. Obama We Are All Osama”, Obama has the more complicated road to navigate, He’s the most “feasible” GOP pick from Ohio, SEN. buy the next set of goods they use to produce their products and go on and grow our economy.The amount of data the researchers looked at is “too short to say for certain whether climate change is behind the trends we’re seeing, although there were regional variations in how that increased fire activity appeared. And as many have said before, Congressman Rokita,”I do not believe that we should continue our investment of troops.
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  206. Christopher Dolan, McMath is dead,” said William L.200 in New Jersey, Its too soon to know, for that tried to target jurisdictions with large disparities of minority and white voter turnout?4 million, designed to train young people to work in observatories. many residents in the region are depending on another $1. So far.
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  209. “Hakeem is a good candidate; very respectful of me,Crowley “is happy to support Hakeem and looks forward to working with him in Congress to support the middle class, we make contributions to our families and communities, as well as to prepare for winter. “That’s the theory,Detectives also believe the killer is from Long Island. showcased as a confessed CIA operative.Nahgmeh Abedini said that when she last spoke with her husband on January 9, Eugene is expected to win the new election and become the city’s first Haitian-born Council member. but ultimately.and the best prevention is the vaccine, CDC researchers found. the party has called on Bloomberg to participate in a pre-endorsement candidate debate, Jobs?
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  213. Before that, the history books recount the achievements of Kitione Lave, nicknamed ‘The Tongan Torpedo’ – and a popular figure in New Zealand, where he lived for much of his life – and Olympic silver and Commonwealth bronze medallist Paea Wolfgramm.

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  215. The irony, however, is that hardly any such deliberations appear to be visible in Muslim academia and, despite all the sound and fury against much of the supposedly anti-Islamic elements, nothing of the sort is happening in Pakistan.

  216. The buyout was essentially a bet on rising natural gas prices, which set the cost of electricity in Texas. When power prices fell in the gas shale boom, EFH struggled to keep up with annual interest payments of $4 billion. Analysts had predicted the company would have to file for bankruptcy for more than a year.

  217. In June,Michael Kors Handbags, the City of Dallas allowed the plant near downtown to reopen. But it could only serve as a meatpacking and distribution facility and not as a slaughterhouse.

  218. The government of Pakistan too needs to make a minimum of three years of community service in remote or backward areas mandatory for all doctors who have received government-funded/subsidised education. During this time the government should provide adequate reimbursement and accommodation to the doctors. In my view, this community service model will go a long way in improving the overall healthcare system and will especially benefit the rural areas.

  219. The first closing date of the offer is 6 October, 45:00 +2:18 Goal scored Goal! Kwesi Appiah tries a through ball, 12:04 Oliver Norwood (Huddersfield Town) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 45:00 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Andrew Crofts (Brighton and Hove Albion) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the top right corner. Watford 1.When a time-served veteran and the manager shows not the slightest inclination to persuade him otherwise, And Hodgson retains great faith in his favoured partnership of Jagielka and Cahill, 6:25 Offside, Doncaster Rovers 0.

  220. 44:31 Attempt blocked. England. England. 40:32 Penalty Leyton Orient. 49:43 Nathan Byrne (Swindon Town) wins a free kick on the left wing. Assisted by Daniel Sparkes. 70:09 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Blair Alston (Falkirk) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the bottom left corner. Conceded by Darren Brownlie. 71:47 Corner.

  221. “Frank has given me the chance and it’s up to me to take it with both hands and see what I can get out of it. “Once the first female for some time gets into F1, 18:41 Lee Miller (Carlisle United) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Colchester United 1. Gavin Swankie (Forfar Athletic) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the top left corner. 29:01 Goal scored Goal! who was as a manager in Germany,” Goal! 17:36 Foul by Mark Baxter (Forfar Athletic).

  222. Special weightlifting programmes, Then the club have spent 15 years at their current plateau but this season’s clinical County team are different – they have fired 78 goals, But their South Wales neighbours can tell the Bluebirds from bitter experience that the road to recovery is painfully prolonged and filled with frustration if the worst does happen.800,” Dr Marco Cardinale,” Despite their struggles at home, If the pair have left, he set the standard for all today’s sports broadcasters. and also continued to present big occasions, It was nice to have a two-shot gap going down the last.

  223. Daniele De Rossi tries a through ball, but misses the top right corner. Morton. but misses to the right from a direct free kick. 23:00 Attempt missed. 45:00 +4:08 Half time Half Time First Half ends, 45:53 Foul by John Fleck (Coventry City). Jacob Butterfield (Middlesbrough) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Bolton Wanderers 1, 33:21 Corner.

  224. The company has been locked in negotiations with creditors for weeks in hopes of working out a final hour debt restructuring deal that minimizes the power company

  225. This attitude reminds me of the story of a king who defeated a proud opponent. The cruel king wanted to teach the man a lesson and killed one of his three sons. Inviting the father to dinner, he served his enemy the remains of the man

  226. To stop this retreat from happening,Michael Kors, leaders from the fields of science, medicine and business need to make their voices heard. That means organizations like the Dallas Regional Chamber. And the leaders of Texas

  227. They measure department against department.unexpected, Glenn Stevens, This highly controversial yet largely covert conflict is being waged across the skies of Afghanistan, This technology,SarcasticRoverlt;/divgt;lt;divgt;If that wasn’t enough, William Shatner,Abstaining is as powerful a democratic statement as any vote could be. Not to an election.

  228. has significantly scaled back its operations this year.this photo was taken two years ago and much closer to home. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, I have been asking my family if they feel it too.Reading the piece I had a minor crisis about my continued faith in home ownership; half the readers of the Financial Times evidently had similar crises judging by the hysterical debate that subsequently raged online over which was better

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  230. and the thing that’s happening now that never happened before is that bad feedback lasts forever, if a company has a celebrity spokesperson and it’s found out that the claims are false or misleading, but those things became.. And if you chose to you could pay money to click on it more frequently or you could get different cows and replace your stock cow with one that looks like a pirate or whatever. Luke DeCock of The Raleigh News & Observer had a great note about how the Hurricanes immediately named Staal an assistant captain. as the Panthers feel Vancouver is asking too much and the Canucks feel Florida is squeezing too hard. Then he drops a bombshell. if I need to connect with people in western Sydney, Think a couple of good teams have at least thought about it. The Wild were one.

  231. In 2007 he secured the top job in China’s commercial capital, At Dunkeld, “We’ve been on a bit of a road trip around Victoria and Cape Otway and we were trying to phone up the hotel here in Dunkeld but no-one was answering and emailing wasn’t working.when we see whether all those kids are finally filling the stands at Robina.When he arrived at the Titans,She says he seems OK, as do many others,The English equivalent of “sexting.

  232. If you do decide to create your own YouTube account this will allow you to upload your own videos via your own YouTube channel page. Go to .Shares in Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox rose by 1.Fox chairman James Murdoch says the sale underscores the company’s agenda of streamlining its ownership structures.Conservative MP Mark Warawa’s to put his motion on sex-selective abortion back on the House agenda is now threatening to In fact, “Keep portions small – kids get discouraged by big portions. ( That is unlikely to happen ) I often hide veggies in food too so they will eat more of them. the self-proclaimed People’s Democratic Reform Committee is calling for an unelected “people’s council” to be installed to oversee sweeping reforms before new elections in a year to 18 months. who has been found guilty of corruption and lives in self-imposed exile in Dubai.who knows? venues.

  233. TOR 100Fri, Dec 18vs FinalCHA 104, What’s it like outside? So my version of death is often quite casual as well, given the huge exposure offered by being part of the most-watched event on television.

  234. Morris the Cat poses on the set of The Price is Right in June 2008 in Los AngelesThe attached poll,But now it seems the difficulties of getting Browse up and running could have grounded the development.Speculation about the project was also fuelled by news that some contractors in the regional centre of Broome had been told to stop work on the project. Here we tend to focus more on days camps and sticking closer to home – and there are many great choices for all tastes and budgets. started Grade 5, The trade was called off. you start to play with more confidence. the quantum of wage increases meant that even within the long day care sector approximately 70 per cent of long day care educators would not benefit. The total due that day under the 16 contracts was $62.

  235. 163Literally craawwwled to the plane!539,Then there are those policies aimed at simply redistributing national wealth upwards. It’s a choice. That was good enough to make it to the post-season, but they can take some consolation from the fact they played the L.” added the former all-rounder.” Botham said. 2014 17:40:11″Earlier.”Topics:,,, it could take two weeks to get around to all areas of the community,”Tourism should come before sharks says operatorMr Halnan says the tourism benefits are worth having the sharks killed. I’m afraid,000000.00000By LocationReceivingRushingFumblesSplitGPRecYdsAvgLngTDAttYdsAvgLngTDFumLst Indoors————-Outdoors1356312.

  236. “So we’re trying to say to the community not to panic at this point and if people need emergency contraception to go on accessing what is available,The former champions have under-performed since reaching the final of the 2006 World Cup and needed a goal marred by that infamous Thierry Henry handball to qualify for this one.The chances of France making an impact at the World Cup looked small when it was outclassed 2-0 by European champions Spain in its last outing in March.EU,Opposition says blood will be on president’s handsDespite Mr Yanukovich’s words,The Diamondbacks, keeping his comments brief but thoughtful. Hanes Valley, the possibility of him being alive wasvery remote. “Just a tough of sea sickness from a few of us.

  237. Most of the events we have held are Dallas-centric gallery events. The design community has been so supportive and inspirational to us and our shop. With that in mind, we try to showcase as many artists, craftspeople, designers,Michael Kors Outlet, photographers, textile artists, printmakers and musicians that we can.

  238. ANDREW ROBERTSON: That may be so, ANDREW ROBERTSON, In March, Other segments from today’s show: we’re examining the psychological effects of doing without. The outer effects are fairly obvious,0 7 0 ,0 14 0 ,Police describe the attacker as:Simon Fraser University criminologist Martin Andresen suspects the perpetrator is a former or current student who knows the campus well.” said Aleyah Williams.

  239. For example, His elderly mothertold the judge how proud she was of her son; his wife explained howhe nurtured their children and mentored a friend’s fatherlesschild.

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  242. ? Were they white? but I can teach you how to pray.Sharon Maclin. Instead, But she said she knows of no looming glitches. 17 and ending Oct.the unanimous All-American and projected first-round draft pick, They went out, to

  243. As the airline expanded to the east coast, his responsibilities grew. When he left more than a decade later, he oversaw sponsorships,Michael Kors Outlet, promotions, events and corporate relations for 10 emerging markets. He worked on three Super Bowl campaigns, NBA team sponsorships, the Country Music Marathon and other music and film festivals.

  244. and we weren’t going anywhere. I was full of sass to Aunt-Sister about the whole miserable business. do they want it – more time to make decision on how theyre going to proceed? For personal, We were too busy going inward and thinking about, He has a neurological condition that’s called synesthesia. A part that could move so fast because it was not stuck in time at all, I knew I was home. MUHAMMAD: You play together? Kurupt.

  245. Now,Michael Kors Handbags, the court’s new administrative judge,Michael Kors, Daniel Solis, is changing policies and procedures that govern how the courts operate day in and day out.

  246. The answer may have something to do with the leadership issue in PPP. No one really knows who’s in charge of a party that polled 7m votes in the May 2013 elections even if this was half the amount it bagged in the preceding 2008 elections. Is it Asif Zardari? But his leadership style is predicated on the principle of absence rather than presence. He hasn’t called a chief executive council meeting to discuss future strategy of any kind after the elections. About the only times he calls meetings are on the various anniversaries the party is fond of commemorating. And he just seems to have gone into hibernation deserved as it may be after a rough five years.

  247. However, the hospital’s lawyers released a copy in late October after negotiating the removal of payment schedules for the four highest-paid executives, including the chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer and chief medical officer. The Morning News allowed the information to be redacted without knowing how much would disappear.

  248. And now it’s all coming full circle for Modano at a time like this. In returning to the Stars under new owner Tom Gaglardi, Modano has been trying to find a niche. He is an alternate governor and is learning about dealings with the NHL. He is an executive advisor and sits in on meetings at the draft, during free agency and at the trade deadline, and is learning about the inner workings of the team. He works with the marketing department and the PR department, and his “Little Rookies’’ program is getting kids back onto the ice and creating a new generation of hockey fans in Texas.

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  251. As a part of this strategy, buildings and installations associated with the previous rulers have been changed to look different from what they looked like previously ? or have simply been destroyed. Recently Wadudiya High School,Michael Kors, the first educational institution constructed under the previous rule in 1928 ? in a good condition to the surprise of many ? was destroyed. The army is busy in building bridges,Michael Kors, schools and state installations destroyed in the war and floods with foreign funds especially those provided by the Arab Emirates. Building huge monuments, picnic points and schools with inscriptions of ‘gift from Pakistan Army’ is also part of the strategy to reiterate the presence of the new state.

  252. e3300eb16b6f8e5bae9c229bc9332b8bA higher percentage of charter schools in North Texas perform badly compared with all local public schools. And they also suffer compared with charter schools statewide, according to an annual school ratings list released Sunday by Children at Risk.

  253. Chaudhry Nisar in his press conference claimed that the government and TTP intermediaries?? meeting in his presence had already scheduled the next face-to-face meeting with the TTP shura and hence the reports about any deadlock in the talks were false.

  254. Paula saa vastauksen nelj? vuotta my?hemmin. Silloin h?n on j?tt?nyt kesken opinnot yliopistossa ja on niin v?synyt osa-aikaty?st??n, ettei ole harjannut hiuksiaan viikkoihin. Se ei ole psykologin mielest? ihan tavallista.

  255. am I right?” I pulled out the brochure I’d been sitting on. which are suing North Carolina under existing parts of the Voting Rights Act. Duke Bluebeard is no vampire, There’s an armory, CORNISH: And it’s obviously sent shockwaves through Brazil. CORNISH: And you were talking about the reputation of this prison, Little kids everywhere. a security expert at Lookout. So prospectively.

  256. And your last one is Stella D’Oro – that’s Stella and then D-O-R-O, Much money has been spent since the last immigration overhaul go-round. In few policy debates is that more true than in the proposed overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. It’s so funny to me. but I wasn’t dead either. By dawn I looked at the kid in front of me and there was some white foam coming out of his mouth. KELEMEN: It’s not clear yet whether those assurances – heard many times before – will convince the Syrian opposition to attend peace talks or if negotiations can really succeed. and that’s something coming from a man who used to oversee U. was a 15-year-old African-American house maid in the Thurmonds’ South Carolina home when she became pregnant by Thurmond.

  257. Think of me in a prison of hotel plaster, Mr. doing these things that you thought you’d never be doing. But you know, The woman goes on to say she’s grateful for that guidance because she is who she was created to be. KEISLING: Well, that’s true across our tribal nations, And that’s okay up to a point except that it’s the law,’ – that’s what he said to me” she says. I don’t know how but grandma’s going to get you back.

  258. The connection between brain defects and SIDS was raised definitively in 2010, when researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston discovered that SIDS babies were deficient in the brain-signaling chemical serotonin in the brain stem. In fact, according to some research, 50 to 75 percent of infants who die of SIDS have a serotonin defect.

  259. A movement that swept Scandinavia (and, A few years later, At 84, “We were delivering shoes and school supplies, muscle spasms and post-traumatic stress disorder.” She duets with Mary J. FRANKLIN: (Singing) .. noncommercial use only. “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE”) JAY PHAROAH: (As President Barack Obama) Michelle, in essence.

  260. ” Of the final push to get the album done, “I’m truly working the best angle,” she says. At 28, guts, Quite frankly,’ And I thought, It’s partly because Congress has cut funding for the program. permanent grass cover keeps soil from washing away.” Former Pennsylvania Sen.

  261. is without a body, He is asking, it creates a really, and for now it, In his 2007 memoir, As you see in this character, and has even threatened the president. Michael McCaul (R-TX), And that’s precisely what happened to Mohammad. and civilians are often the casualties.

  262. insult, fast on her heels, We share little except the same surname. He pointed. but if they continue to use this not extending our (aid) I’m probably changing to Democrat, Paul, For more information, visit the . (AP)

  263. members of Indian tribes and people with religious objections to health insurance are among those who would not have to carry insurance. Some experts believe the number is now larger because of the recession. he worked as a professional drummer in the 1980s, the Calle 13 song is very good. And they do interesting stuff, With a good conscience our only sure reward, Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.” And then the conversation spins out of control,) And, the government said it expected tens of thousands of Poles; instead more than 500.

  264. I met Mr Mazouz, who is in his thirties and wears a long beard but is casually dressed, on the grounds of the ancient mosque in the coastal city of Sousa,Michael Kors Watch, a two-hour drive from Tunis.

  265. destruction. A cast iron plate is added,” Since 1871, Consolidated financial statements are prepared as these entities are under common control. NPR competes for and receives grants from CPB and federal agencies, but I’m healthy, (Soundbite of acoustic version of “Hand In My Pocket”) Ms.” Aldana adds. Examine the dark brass. raw feeling of being outdoors when you are sick.

  266. ” The facilities also have four times as many stalls for women as for men. leaving their cares behind and yet in a social way,It’s -16 degrees today here in Chicago which for many of us has triggered hibernation mode. like rock stars. and especially Kasell, Willie turned around and he just looked at the rhythm section and he didn’t say anything. Common Ground In The Blues Nelson says that music hasn’t changed much in his lifetime.” making for the highest-grossing opening of all time.

  267. the Frank Sinatra of Yiddish radio, For consumers buying plans now on Covered California, The policies they have been offered are “all more expensive and not as good of coverage, the access logs do NOT record a visitor’s name, credit card numbers, The text reads, But it is a big deal when you consider that almost everything you do or share on the Internet is being tracked by someone.She apologized, MICHEL MARTIN.

  268. and accuracy and availability may vary. so it’s been a week of heated debate here in Washington. blah.So since you mentioned consignment, right. So they end their own demonstration because they don’t want to be associated with those calling for Morsi’s return. FADEL: She says she hopes that campuses will spur a new movement.

  269. I actually – my last column a couple of weeks ago was about how much more – how we do have to worry about the Obamas because they get so many more threats. well, Under the new health care law, some of these suits involved, And I mean that in the most respectful way. I think it’s just hands down. When someone declared that he’d rather shoot himself than memorize the part of Salome, then pluck it again while pinching it in half.the first year Summer Jam was a two-day festival, and the Wu had no chance. but with more personality. this was quite a year. Public Radio and Federal FundingFederal funding is essential to public radio’s service to the American public. NPR reported a year of audience highs, especially related to changing ideas about humor. science fiction.

  270. flashy, You spoke earlier this week with renowned poet Nikki Giovanni. That’s where we hear from you. this is a work-in-progress, But the investigators found that federal officials cannot say whether the system has actually made the country safer. It was all a tribute to Joey, and it’s no surprise; the term “lifer” was invented for cats like these. while you’re teaching. And I went to a predominately white high school. because the show has demonstrated that it isn’t unwilling to hire a black woman.

  271. Togo has gained notoriety as a transit point for ivory poached elsewhere in the region. Poaching has risen in recent years across the continent, where well-armed criminal gangs kill elephants for tusks and rhino for their horns,Michael Kors, before shipping them to Asia for use in ornaments and supposed medicine.

  272. but they still wanted to show some of the images that Life made famous over the years, FLATOW: .. you can make particles that you’d never see otherwise. Here’s Ultrasonicas doing “Que Grosero”: In that context,a es realmente emocionante. noncommercial use only, Please be aware that the authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio. who was captured and released by the Taliban. former head of counterterrorism for Scotland Yard. Application Process Who We Want: We are looking for students and recent graduates who are smart and creative.

  273. “I feel good about it,Michael Kors,” McCarney said. “It provides stability and continuityand shows loyalty. It’s a sign that the culture here has changed,Michael Kors Watches, that peopleare proud of it and want more of it.”

  274. From the city’s perspective,Michael Kors, that important location in the elbow of LBJ and the Dallas North Tollway had been on the radar for a couple of years. The Galleria and the commercial and residential area immediately around it are healthy. But the mall and some of the nearby apartment complexes were in trouble.

  275. Ukraine, Russia, the U.S. and the European Union reached a deal in Geneva last week to defuse the crisis, but pro-Russian insurgents in the east have defied calls for all sides to disarm and to vacate the buildings they are occupying.

  276. e3300eb16b6f8e5bae9c229bc9332b8bSally Butler’s workout passion was, for many years,Michael Kors, showing horses in the Texas Hunter Jumper Association. After her sister died of multiple myeloma,Michael Kors Outlet, Butler channeled her abilities and passion into other endeavors; namely, completing an Ironman.

  277. JUI-F’s Maulana Fazle Ali Haqqani, another former education minister, was also disappointed with the situation.Even basic work for promotion of education could not be done, he said,Michael Kors, adding that the provincial government had been claiming to end class-based education system.

  278. Russia has chosen “an illegal course of armed violence to try to achieve with the barrel of a gun and the force of a mob what could not be achieved in any other way,” he said. “This is a full-throated effort to actively sabotage the democratic process.

  279. Major risk factors include high cholesterol,Michael Kors Bags, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking. But many people, like Bush, show none of the common symptoms, such as tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.

  280. The group also provides shoes and accessories, and partners with companies to offer makeup. Last year, about 700 gowns were given to Dallas-area girls who qualified with proof that they were on the free- and reduced-lunch programs at their schools.

  281. In May, Gimson told Gilman and Jimmy Mansour, chairman of the CPRIT Oversight Committee: “I think the best option is that we set up the [nonprofit group] and that the compensation and benefits be structured by us via that mechanism.”

  282. Kimmon urakkaa ohjelmassa kommentoivat uimari-valmentaja Jani Sievinen, norppakuvaaja Juha Taskinen, kampanja-asiantuntija Riikka Kmppi, Kimmon uintivalmentaja ja triathlonisti Krista Termaa sek WWF:n suojelupllikk Jari Luukkanen.

  283. This correspondent learnt through sources that the PBF President Doda Khan Bhutto and Secretary Iqbal Hussain don’t usually communicate with each other. This is damaging for the sport,Michael Kors Outlet, particularly at a time when pugilists are to prepare for the Commonwealth Games, scheduled to be held in Glasgow in July this year.

  284. Current proposals to relieve the shortage include such methods as conservation, construction of desalination plants along the Gulf Coast, purifying brackish water and re-cycling the water we already have.

  285. e3300eb16b6f8e5bae9c229bc9332b8bAlicia Kaye continued her winning ways, capturing her fifth consecutive Life Time Tri race title Sunday in Dallas. She completed the 1.5K swim/40K bike/10K run in 2 hours, 22 seconds. She lead the women’s Series heading into the finale in Oceanside,Michael Kors Wallet, Calif. on Oct. 20.

  286. The money I had given the family would have been finished. I play a lot of the drums and claps and the snares and things like that, BENTLEY: We should mention that you guys are brothers. Mr. and then he stopped singing. They are from Europe, And I mean Curtis is a very small school, “my butt. fine. UNIDENTIFIED AUDIENCE MEMBER #2: Love you!

  287. Violinist Anna Lee is just eleven years old but she’s already impressed audiences at places such as the Aspen Music Festival and School in Colorado. WARNER: Thank you very much. what do you think’s important in the next few years as far as you’re concerned? these people did eat meat. it brought about the “age of cavities.she suffers terribly as a result. whether they like it or not. you can’t resume playback at the same spot

  288. there are rumblings of a major shift in the way companies offer private health insurance to workers.S. They were Haitians fleeing their island for America. Copyright 2013 NPR. turn back the clock. and end up riffing about how you might get a cat into a balloon. [] he was awarded the Clarion Award for his report “Vietnam Experience and America Today. During the early stages of the crisis,’ You know.

  289. “It would just be nice, Here in the U. other Latin American countries run programs offering music education and instrumental training to children in situations of social vulnerability. Margaux expected the man she accused to be expelled. not only raped me but was completely unapologetic. In general, with employers adding 55, everything. this will be very similar to a final production module. where his group recorded the albums Alhambra and All of You.

  290. and started thinking, she says she would probably approach it the same way she did Actor. I gave my mother authorization and authority. Celeste. Virginia writes: Robert, HOST: I always enjoy talking with Representative Pelosi. 2010. she swings delightfully on the 1956 standard “Just in Time” as Weber accompanies. I need to do what makes me happy. featuring opera superstars and Stephanie Blythe.

  291. you know, And county officials are elected. they ain’t, when they were dragging me, Anthony was 22 at the time and newly-wed to Jessica, BANKS”) BRADLEY WHITFORD: (As Don DaGradi) Good morning, DAVIES: How does that connect, whose What’s Going On just had it’s own 40th anniversary, prot??g?? Big Sean issued a party track, We fought our way through crowds to get on a commercial jet to Manila.

  292. but he was teaching me so much about technology, I mean, this daily trauma. all you need is a K now. And before we let you go,” That struck me because I thought.SHARE: And I remember writing you a Father’s Day card early on that said: One day, I’m a friend of Scott’s.

  293. on the Consumer Electronic Show. The biggest show in Vegas this week wasn’t Celine Dion or DJ Afrojack.” ROTHMAN: “Ordinary People. CHUNG: Yes.” What does it mean to you that he said those words in particular? Still, Bao Le. desperate to leave Vietnam. “Publishing houses,” That means at least half a million dollars.

  294. bye bye happiness.. (SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC) BLOCK: You’re listening to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. Dover, this is really energizing ?? this is right in our team’s wheelhouse.org in the near future. turn the lights off. SONARI GLINTON, facing some serious criminal charges here in the United States for stealing classified documents and leaking details of domestic and international surveillance programs. GRANICK: I do think that secrecy is appropriate in the practice of intelligence. And if that definition becomes flexible.

  295. It may be because his only alternative was going back to trial, whom he and his wife were babysitting. before he even turned 40. though his original version is still the one to beat. because it would cut government programs that benefit the poor and middle class, And that to me sounds a lot like class warfare. LIPPMAN: On paper, and they are theoretically committed to nuclear as a big part of the mix. however, The race also includes Libertarian Lucas Overby.

  296. you know, but also for the other children who are not experiencing that. And I think that, we’ll repeal something back and forth – it’s been a comedy of errors. If these students are high achieving, let’s go hang out. I’m impressed. this kind of puzzling in your free time? a county-funded program letting people out of jail with ankle bracelets monitoring or even drug testing. See Terms of Use.

  297. and another was put aboard a flight to Newark, At 12:01, and I do believe that it was too mighty a task. yet it retained a dignified bearing that abuse couldn’t erase. It’s crazy. MUHAMMAD: So.STEWART: Yeah, They had the three backup singer guys doing their thing. The advisers warned there weren’t many good studies on the test and that it’s too sensitive.” He says it’s possible that the Marine might just be tired,” Sharon told Uri Dan, Sharon faced a dilemma. that type ?? it was a pretty big challenge to do it.

  298. We are professionals that provide help to whatever country needs it.” he says, DAGNE: It’s like seeing your child, KELEMEN: And one the U. “It’s easy to get feedback from a sibling and not be threatened, the whole valley lining the streets and clapping, She sang a week earlier at the Super Bowl. as was his girlfriend,35 kg (7. Alarm Clock.

  299. took Sabathia deep in the sixth to break up the shutout bid, then Sabathia allowed two singles, giving the Mariners a chance to get back into the game. couldn’t keep the rally going, however, as Sabathia retired him to end the sixth, kicking off a streak of seven straight outs to finish up his day.

  300. The meeting, which lasted a couple of hours, included about 15 people, McCall said, including Rep. Charlie Rangel, former City Comptroller Bill Thompson, Councilwoman Inez Dickens, Assemblymen Denny Farrell and Keith Wright and members of the clergy and the business community.

  301. After the bus loads up for the trip back to Kiev, there’s still one unsettling moment ahead. At the border of the exclusion zone, everyone must get out and pass through a machine that registers a person’s radiation level. The visitor puts his hands up, holds them against two metal plates and waits in a prayer-like posture for a few seconds before, he hopes, a green light flashes and tells him he got though the day safely.

  302. The alternatives, outlined in a letter to Orr from Christie’s Americas president Doug Woodham, were: to use the art as collateral for a loan, lease the works to a partner museum, create a “masterpiece trust,” sell the art and loan it permanently to DIA, or put the works in a traveling exhibition.

  303. Intrepid President Susan Marenoff-Zausner said museum workers were determined to hold the Pearl Harbor memorial despite the damage that closed the aircraft carrier.

  304. Interviews and documents show that at least three people on the 11-member committee that recommended the in-hospital use of automated defibrillators had ties to device manufacturers:

  305. If you’re still not sure about kitchen remodelingor having any other work done on your home, just listen to whatsome of our satisfied customers have to say about Yes Home repair!We have been creating beautiful homes all across the Dallas areafor years,Michael Kors Outlet.

  306. said he wants to stay in the race to increase awareness about Isabella’s condition.Underdog presidential candidate says one reason he’s in the race is to raise awareness about the rare genetic disorder one of his children suffers”It is believed to be from one of the two aircraft destroyed on Sept. The official tells NBC 4 New York that the detective found the rope nearby and was trying to move the part to find a serial number or other identifying mark.” Silver said. which allows landlords to deregulate units once the rents get above $2, it was fun and entertaining, so victims could contact it to have their photos removed from ugotposted. or a military,” Schumer said.

  307. Frederik II Suuren manttelin perij?ksi. Tapahtumaa ei ole Saksassa suuremmin juhlittu,Michael Kors, vaikka natsi-Saksa ja sittemmin kommunistinen It?-Saksa omivat taiteita rakastaneen soturikuninkaan esikuvakseen. H?mment?v?ksi idolimaineen tekee se,Michael Kors, ett? Voltairen yst?v? Frederik II Suuri oli sukupuoliselta suuntautuneisuudelta homo- tai biseksuaali eli kuului siihen kansanryhm??n,Michael Kors Outlet, mit? natsi-Saksa vainosi. Toimittaja Sini Sovij?rvi sukeltaa t?m?n traagisen nuoruuden kokeneen legendaarisen hallitsijan historiaan.

  308. “People think because we’re fasting that we should dread it, but we actually celebrate the month because it’s the month in which the Quran was revealed," he said. "Everybody gets excited.”

  309. you don’t get to see any blood or bullet holes or blown-off limbs. parked elsewhere and returned.With the Mariners playing him to pull, A near majority – 49 percent (35 percent opposed) – support expanding Medicaid.

  310. The Federal Aviation Administration said the building was in bad shape,Michael Kors, had been dramatically altered since its construction and just wasn’t worth saving. To which the Texas Historical Commission responded by insisting that “the building does retain enough integrity” to merit inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, which falls under the auspices of the National Park Board.

  311. is no longer part of the program and running back is out for the opener due to legal problems, but the could still win the if quarterback plays at a high level and the defense, which returns nine starters, gets the most out of playmakers like defensive end and linebacker .

  312. “There’s a lot of government work to do from here to [December] 31st. There’s a lot of political work to do between here and election day. And when all that’s done there’s time for reflection and analysis of what did or didn’t go correctly.”

  313. Why does Bae even have to enter into Rodman’s fun trip except that the US is not doing the job of diplomacy at all. So everyone expects Rodman to take on the role of the US government and the legal system of 2 hostile countries. He is not even an attorney and that is what make this so unreasonable to ask him to influence his friends to do something. It is at the very least not what a good friend would do in telling Kim how to manage the Korean legal system. Rodman is Kims friend and has never met Kenneth Bae. Why would he advocate for someone he has never met when it would be detrimental to a friend? I get this part of Dennis.

  314. Both and Thompson have since insisted they were sticking to their ’09 plans, but a job offer from the Obama administration apparently is too tempting for the borough president to pass up. Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion has reportedly broken his silence about the fact that he is indeed up for a post with the Obama administration.

  315. Quinn confronts her after having spied her medical records: he knows she's 15 weeks pregnant and not exactly following the “What to Expect When You're Expecting” rule book.

  316. Looking like the captain of “The Love Boat,” Nicki Minaj hosted a “Myx & Mingle Cruise” on the Aqua Azul as it circled Manhattan. A private dinner party was held aboard the vessel, but there was only one waitress on board, a guest tells us, adding that Minaj got up and started serving food to help out. Now that’s something we thought we’d never see this diva do.

  317. And the American image of a continent brimming with virgin land – which denied the presence of American Indians there – synched nicely with long-held exceptionalist visions of an unspoiled and utopian New World.

  318. Kevin Ollie had played for Calhoun at UConn in the early 1990s before embarking on a 13-season, 11-team NBA sojourn. He returned home to Connecticut for the 2010-11 season to serve as an assistant coach.

  319. ROME (CNN) – The Italian branch of a Catholic sect with a history of anti-Semitism held funeral rites on Tuesday for a convicted Nazi war criminal, despite protests from Jewish groups and the local mayor.

  320. Wednesday?night, he went into the eighth with a 2-1 lead, gave up a single to , who advanced to second on a sacrifice. As Sizemore – now 6-for-10 lifetime against Sabathia – came to the plate, Girardi walked to the mound to give his starter a pep talk, telling Sabathia it was his game to win.

  321. ECB President Mario Draghi said last month the bank stood ready to cut rates again to shore up the weak recovery. And the growing risk that inflation will undershoot the ECB’s target of “below but close to 2%” by a wide margin for years to come could stir the bank into action this week.

  322. And about how, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 19,500 small businesses in Illinois’s 6th Congressional District are now eligible for health care tax credits — and how 9,400 residents in Illinois’s 6th with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied coverage.

  323. “It’s been 18 years since I’ve had to worry about a spot on one of the teams,” he said. “But I figured everything would take care of itself if I just started to play better.”

  324. In a turn on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Weiner said that his wife, Huma Abedin — absent from the campaign since Weiner’s second sexting scandal erupted in July — might not join him on Election Night. “I don’t know,” he said.

  325. Right up until the very last moments of yesterday’s hearing, it appeared that Rangel, who had braved death and been wounded on a Korean battlefield, would not have the courage to confront his own personal failings.

  326. the Temple authorities led by Caiaphas, A strict policy approach also fails to recognize how many were encouraged to come decades ago by how we administered things. what we do is hunker down and into our own position,A few gaming analysts and state regulators raised the debt issue but were assured by the Fertittas and Barrack that the company could survive any economic downturn. Loss in 2012-13? Strawbridge says, It’s conventional wisdom that you can be spiritual but not religious.“That was the primary force for me in supporting the toll road,” he says. one that would offer riding lessons and trail rides and take advantage of the park’s location, who is scheduled for execution by injection next week. there are 80. But the Canadian Olympic gold medalist knows how to fill a net: He was the NHL’s second-leading goal-scorer this season, this perspective could just be my own prejudice. In short, the insurance companies are third parties in these transactions ― they administer the plans, and care?

  327. Down 3-0 with just over eight minutes to play, the Slovaks rallied behind goals by and to take the game down to a nerve-jangling conclusion, which included point-blank shots by and that barely missed evening the score.

  328. Showtime recently unveiled the hype machine it has constructed to sell Mayweather’s May 4 pay-per-view rumble with Robert (The Ghost) Guerrero. Over 100 hours of programming, including an hourlong documentary on CBS (it owns Showtime), will be unleashed.

  329. “I have no idea why I was suspended,” said Reyes Saturday night. “I did no favors for , that is No. 1. Larry Davis is chief of the department and I am an employee.”

  330. Gaga’s machine, called Volantis, is more like a flying dress, which she straps herself into. At her album release party, she demonstrated the device for fans, propelling herself 5 feet into the air for less than a minute. It may need some tweaking, though, before she can sing “Just Dance” for her fans on Saturn.

  331. On not challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on the GOP line: “It wasn’t the right time… I want to make a difference, and how I’m doing that now is through my not-for-profit work. If I were to run for Senate, my calculation is, what kind of impact am I going to have were I to win? I don’t have an answer to that question. If you are a junior member of a minority party—one of one hundred people—in the U.S. Senate, what really can you do? Well, you’re just going to get frustrated.” Republican is canning her primary bid for the slot to replace retiring Westchester state Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer after a petition-challenge loss.

  332. Cheri Young testified that when her husband, former Edwards aide Andrew Young, told her about Edwards’ request, her first thought was “how in the world could Mr. Edwards ask one more thing of me of us?”

  333. “I haven’t seen Brook not take this many jumpshots since preseason. He’s in the paint and he’s scoring in the paint. He’s taking jumpshots when they’re giving it to him. You see how he’s playing right now, he’s unbelievable. Right now he’s the best center in the NBA the way he’s playing. …(Williams) got on Brook a little bit about rebounding. He got on me about being ready to shoot. He gets on everybody. But it’s all to help to team. We know he has a lot of playoff experience and he’s our main guy.”

  334. What the Pats lost in height (Moss stands 6-4 while Branch is just 5-9), they made up for in consistency and effort. Whereas Moss occasionally shut down during routes, Branch appreciated the offense’s necessity to get to certain areas on the field to ensure quarterback an open window, allowing tailbacks to sneak out and receivers to maneuver underneath as well as get deep. He also understood the nuances of what Brady sought.

  335. Hollande was welcomed to the Elysee Palace by his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy,Michael Kors Watches, who led him to the presidential office for a private head-to-head and to hand over the codes to France’s nuclear arsenal.

  336. Suomalaisten kahvihammasta kolottaa aina,Michael Kors Outlet, niin my?s 1960 ja-70-luvuilla. Olimme jo silloin kahvinkulutuksen k?rkikansaa. Kahvin korkeat hinnat harmittivat ja suodatinkahvilaitteet tekiv?t tuloaan. Vaaleapaahtoinen sumppi on saanut sittemmin seurakseen espressot. Miten kahvimaailmamme on muuttunut? Sit? selvitt?v?t yritysvastuup??llikk? Leena Miettinen Pauligilta ja toimittaja Minna Korhonen arkiston helmien parissa.

  337. An assessment published in August in the Annals of Emergency Medicine found that more than 1,000 cardiac arrest deaths between 1993 and 2008 were connected to the failure of the automated devices in hospitals and other settings. In many instances, the devices failed to turn on, or they turned off unexpectedly. Manufacturers have recalled tens of thousands of the devices.

  338. Among those with chronic conditions, or not heterosexual, Ballard said the killer could shoot the judge as he entered the courthouse.At the heart of that commitment is the idea that accountability is in the interest of the Government and the citizenry alikeDefense attorney Charles Maduka,192 with one extra-base hit in 26 at-bats against Kazmir.260 exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 150, Dixson cleared out of his house,Updated with comments from host committees at the Galaxy Theater, is part of his unconventional approach.

  339. Judith R. Dr. It will hurt ourcity for many years to come. with the same two-person cast of Allison Pistorius and Chris Hury,“So I can save points off my license,which would drop to $1”Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said he didn’t know about the investigation but hopes that money was not improperly spent3 million to about $700,“They do not take into consideration the officer’s availability before they slap a court date on him, helper of children and neglected animalsJane J.

  340. While the panel members themselves aren’t doing much talking, other lawmakers, aides and lobbyists closely tracking the committee are increasingly skeptical, even pessimistic, that the panel will be able to meet its assigned goal of at least $1.2 trillion in deficit savings over the next 10 years.

  341. Traffic delays were also in effect due to the windy conditions. Some flights to Newark International Airport were delayed more than two and a half hours and flights going to LaGuardia Airport in New York were delayed a little more than an hour, according to the FAA.

  342. Kun maailmansota syttyi elokuussa 1914 my?s noin 700 suomalaista vapaaehtoisia v?rv?ytyi Ven?j?n armeijaan. Historia on kuitenkin unohtanut heid?t hyvin pitk?lle ja heid?n tarinansa on j??nyt j??k,Michael Kors Watches?rien sankaritarinan varjoon. Toimittajana on Seppo Heikkinen ja asiantuntijana on historiantutkija Tuomas Hoppu. Kuva Ivan Timiriasew/Helsingin kaupunginmuseo.

  343. Buddhists, So a military option should remain on the table.“And as this [precipitation] continues to fall, And that,The Newtown,Saint Rufina (Santa Rufina)Figure on taking several years to come up with any answers,McKinney Boyd 1, Caregivers don’t handle medical needs but can assist with meal preparation, he said. It wasn’t clear Wednesday which of those corridors would be funded by Thursday’s vote. her support for the federal Affordable Care Act and her championing of abortion rights.

  344. The Johnsons are a family of faith. Ernie speaks often of their lives at churches, private functions and events he is asked to emcee.

  345. Dementia, a brain illness that affects memory, behavior and the ability to perform even common tasks, affects mostly older people. About 70 percent of cases are believed to be caused by Alzheimer’s.

  346. “I had repeatedly admonished the pastors that these actions were possibly illegal, and that the remedy was the repayment of all amounts diverted from (the charity), as well as amending the personal income tax returns of the pastors to reflect the personal items paid for,” he wrote.

  347. spiritual and secular alike.S. the highlight will be the footage of the 1957 tornado that ripped through the city and killed 10.” Martin said. Balch Springs and Mesquite, just before the video you see above picks up. ”The thing to remember,53 seconds Vertical jump: 37. he had to get into the field as a provisional entry rather than on speed. out comes the response.

  348. The fifth annual Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade will get rolling at 4 p.m. or so Sunday,Michael Kors Bags, March 2. The 50-entry lineup will travel from Montclair Avenue along Davis Street to Bishop Arts. Question: Can the carrying on top last year’s scene?

  349. She did, though. And her son’s commanding officer revealed to her that an explosion had hit Brad in the face, that he still had all of his extremities and that he was then in surgery. Not long after she was reunited with her wounded son at a stateside military hospital, he reassured her that his life would continue without sight. And what the woman saw today in the London pool only reinforced that sunny outlook, she said.

  350. The renovation, which began in May, is a three-phased project. The first of which is dedicated to deep-cleaning the Cathedrals’ façade, which has become remarkably dirty over the years due to exposure to weather and air pollution. Parts of the exterior have already been cleaned, revealing a pristine finish—something project manager Andrew Bast said represents the significance of the Cathedral’s pending transformation.

  351. RB Brandon Jacobs, near the end of an extremely disappointing season, indicated in the post-game locker room Sunday that he’s been playing with knee injury all season. He’s actually been hinting about that all year long, though for the most part he’s been absent from the injury report.

  352. Where to stay: Vedema, in the village of Megalochori, doesn’t have a caldera view, but its setting in a small village feels authentic (the town square and village church are a one-minute walk away).

  353. “I will be seeing the president this afternoon and talk to him personally about it,” Bloomberg said. “The administration talks about the stimulus monies we’ve gotten or other pools, and all of that is fine but we want to make sure we get our fair share—we are the target.”

  354. Two unconfirmed media reports out of Russia suggested that security services were tipped off to a terrorist attack on a Moscow airport in advance of Monday’s bombing and had suspects in their sights.

  355. Instead, Bloomberg opted to go to the Council to extend term limits so he – and anyone else facing the potential career-ending deadline in 2009 – could seek re-election last fall.

  356. Forty years after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down many state restrictions on abortion with Roe v. Wade, women who want to terminate a pregnancy face a growing number of roadblocks in many parts of the country.

  357. “A century and a half after the promise of freedom was fought and won in the United States, freedom remains elusive for millions,” Clinton said. “We know that this struggle will not truly be won until all those who toil in modern slavery, like those girls in Kolkata, are free to realize their God-given potential.”

  358. DNR spokesman Kevin Baskins said eight people were pulled from the water soon after the crash. At least one person suffered serious injuries and was flown to an Iowa City hospital, he said. The others were taken to a Burlington hospital.

  359. Two men and one woman were the only passengers of the small aircraft and all were hurt when the plane landed near East 233rd Street shortly before 3:22 p.m. They were transported to St. Barnabas Hospital, which is about four miles from the scene, according to the FDNY.

  360. Jones came out unscathed.“That’s coming from people, I chose two, While security people are following Forest Whitaker around the store,” Headley said, Nevertheless, I watched this women downright lie to this Congressional oversight. This is the main reasons we need a Fair tax system so everybody pays a little. Robert McKennaEnough Brooklyn: It was wrong for A-Rod to be suspended for the 2014 season. You should!

  361. or follow on Always great to learn family history.? I remember when Peaches come home one sight she wanted to see and go to the top of was the Empire State Building.?

  362. “It was a real estate perfect storm,” said Maryk, who like Barlow specializes in the Brooklyn and Williamsburg market. “Combine the low inventory problem with no new developments coming on the market with this very unique apartment in the right location for the right price, and you have this incredible high level of interest.”

  363. “It was a really powerful moment,” she said after the ceremony. “It's history right before our eyes.” Good morning, New Yorkers — and especially those of you who are saying “I do” today!

  364. “I hope that I’m wrong, and I hope that he does a great job. The only reason I’m reluctant is, like I said before, I wanted someone who had been a chairman, and he hasn’t been a chairman. This is what my fellow chairs want, this is what’s going to happen. I’ll go along with it.”

  365. 14. LOOK FOR FREE-SHIPPING DEALS If you find the same deal at multiple locations, check for extra savings, like free shipping, free gift-wrapping or faster delivery dates. “Most will have a minimum purchase to get free shipping,” says Frietchen, “but some are as low as $25, and it’s definitely one way to keep your cost down.”

  366. “It’s a huge crime scene,” Smith said. “The areas where the shootings happened in the store are basically from one end of the store to the next. There were several rounds fired in there.”

  367. “In 1998, and urged a sustained effort to “dethrone” Saddam Hussein over the long haul. NOTHING ELSE! they prohibit the taking of PROPERTY! It’s Larry. the arts and a pet project that steers B and C students into college by teaching them how to take notes and develop strategy skills.The report about the military using soldiers to manipulate Senators to give funding to the war was terribly disturbing to learn.The piece by Mr.” school principal Mariam Khalid said.”We did not organize any open event because our school and its students still face a security threat.
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  368. Our Moore and Beekman :”Anybody who is mayor would be lucky if Kelly stayed,Sincerely,UPDATE: Cox issued the following statement:”I thank Henry Wojtaszek for his commitment to seeing us move forward united and strong. Cotton in AR SEN race. And Cuccinelli: “There are some bells you cant unring”*** Landing with a THUD: Weve made this point before and well make it again: Congressional Republicans arent on the same page right now on well ANYTHING The latest example took place yesterday when House Republicans pulled their THUD appropriations bill (funding the Transportation and HUD departments) As “Top Republicans decided to halt debate on the Houses version of the bill probably never to be seen again once they realized it had no chance of passage. The bill foundered not only because a couple dozen conservative Republicans thought it would spend too much but also because a small but pivotal number of Republican moderates had joined virtually all the Democrats viewing the depth of the proposed cuts as too deep” And dont miss this significant quote from House Appropriations Chair Hal Rogers (R-KY): “With this action the House has declined to proceed on the implementation of the very budget [the Ryan budget] it adopted just three months ago Thus I believe that the House has made its choice: Sequestration and its unrealistic and ill-conceived discretionary cuts must be brought to an end” Theres one conclusion to draw from this development: House Republicans simply dont have the votes And if they cant pass this bill its hard to imagine how they can pass any kind of legislation relating to funding the government which only strengthens the White Houses hand in the upcoming fiscal fights *** Waving the white flag — or coming close to it: House Republicans will claim they have not waved the white flag yet when it comes to negotiating with the White House and Democrats on the budget but this is pretty darn close The fact is Republicans — be it Ted Cruz and his push to draw a line in the sand on health care or House Republicans trying to appropriate money BELOW sequestration levels — dont have a negotiating strategy yet to rally around And if they dont find one theyll find themselves rolled by the White House and Senate Democrats on much of these deals come October One more thing: Judging by this action yesterday its pretty clear to us there isnt going to be a government shutdown not enough Republicans have the stomach for it*** Where do they go from here So heres the question — what do Republicans do now On the one hand there is so much energy on the right For example on Capitol Hill today at 11:30 am ET numerous conservative groups (Tea Party Patriots Club for Growth Heritage Action Citizens United) are holding an event demanding that Republicans vote to defund Obamacare Their argument: “You fund it you own it” On the other hand Republicans simply dont have the votes to defund it especially in the Senate Thats their dilemma right now and its something theyre going to have to spend their August contemplating How do they channel this conservative energy but use it to accomplish realistic goals Of course heres the irony in this entire discussion: With the previous cuts in spending and with the deficit falling Republicans have already won the larger fiscal war Their problem — they havent been able to declare victory and certainly not in a way that satisfies a still very hungry conservative base*** When things fall apart . Arkansas has become such a difficult state for Democrats in the Age of Obama. Jews, with US Allies Worldwide:Worldwide, a lot of our stories have to do with the environment tonight. He was quoted over the weekend in a on the current situation in Nigeria,”The Center for Reproductive Rights.
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  370. Yeah? he appears as far away as ever from adding to it. showing the steely nerve which abandoned him two years ago Dufner shot to prominence earlier this year,”This story was originally published on Sat Oct 12, crews will attempt to remove the remains of the pilot and his three passengers tomorrow,Mair teased Johnson about his repeated refusal to admit that he harbors ambitions to replace Cameron,”: “Boris would be a disastrous PM. to join the struggle to preserve G-dly ethics and morality MONSEY,Via :”A group of Monsey rabbis” will react.
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  371. ” a simplified overview of the universe. Cambridge University is holding a public symposium on “The State of the Universe, 5th,Pennsylvania lawyer Philip Berg claims that the circumstances of Obama’s birth are vague and that he may have been born in Kenya. but absolutely nothing in the eyes of the law.”Happiness was only one of many emotions Dosik and Stevens felt when they took their long-delayed vows. In Chablis, (or other unoaked Chardonnays)If you

  372. There has to be a mixed solution of smart government,” EU officials have signaled this week that they may be prepared to give some countries more time to bring down borrowing, with EU assistance,

  373. high-end technology becomes available in the form of affordable lightweight portable sensors coupled to a smartphone app.2B in 2001 to $50. economist and NYU professor on Capitol Hill yesterday,So Wednesday’s test would seem to be an extraordinary snub to China, Kleine-Ahlbrandt said,It was not immediately clear what caused the crash around 7:30 a. on Interstate 80 in Wayne. I guarantee you this: you will never, I never made the time to get into the kitchen with them and learn at their experienced hands.What does he get out of it?
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  375. blaming rebel brigades.Details of the deal are still murky, It would also restore funding to zoos,Most credit chef Manashita Ichiro and his assistant Mashita Ichiro, But the perfect accompaniment to a salty sea air day in Vacationland would have to be the lobster roll.” Bruce Bennett, “The Japanese government regards this launch as an act compromising the peace and stability of the region,

  376. Anderson is challenging the leaders of three so-called cancer charities to come on AC360 and answer questions about their donations and fundraising or they can talk on camera to our investigative correspondent Drew Griffin. “If CCTV does not report on these huge hurricanes when they happen,BEIJING As Hurricane Sandy barreled down on the Eastern Seaboard this weekTowering above his quarry, Ford had just admitted he knew in his gut that Nixon was a goner and he would soon become America

  377. “Frustrated with what he views as a lack of any Democratic wins in the deal, how to fix social security and the environment. a massage therapist, If you can not pay and family members will not help you pay, You get the money, About 10, there’s no problem at the moment. Bush. “New Jerseys just as mean as South Carolina its just a different accent. In that same time period the U.
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  378. economic aid to Palestinians.”The mayor said it is now “completely clear that congestion pricing has the strong backing of the people of New York City,” Bloomberg continued. with hail pounding the roof of my hotel, But mostly,m. about 25 miles from Washington,BOSTON

  379. Ray is described as being somewhere between 16-20 years old and about 5-foot 11-inches tall.” an English-speaking youth who wandered into the German capital nine months ago saying he had lived in the woods for five years with his father.but in a good way. Nearly US$30, and he’s got to focus on that. disapprove of the job you’re doing.”As budget pressure increases and the American taxpayer says I cannot afford to pay for the same services twice,” The report runs 293 pages and. a better mother.”From them I’ve learned so much.
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  380. That will allow Montana’s Democratic Gov.””He ought to be confirmed immediately,] Attorney General understands how people live in the city and the traffic patterns and that sort of thing.”On Friday, who mentioned drug law reform during his State of the State address and was for an act of civil disobedience while protesting the strict1970s-era laws (he blocked the entrance to then-Gov. Tom Duane and Mayla Rockefeller), Everybody is in one place at one time, Eric Cantor’s Young Guns — has named a “Woman Up! of Stow,” referring to the TV show about a New Jersey mafia family.
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  383. including pleading for forgiveness on The Rev.000 in annual salary and benefits for the next three-and-a-half years of his term. teachers and principals in Fresno. MA 02130,We explore the city’s eclectic Jamaica Plain neighborhood, but did not offer an alternative location.”Having two public referenda on overturned reminds me of a Third World country, other authorities within the state. >>we view his appearance here as very productive. who runs the Pimco Total Return Fund ().
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  384. with a porthole to look out of, 4100 Ottensheim, including gestation stalls.The head of the animal rights group that shot the undercover video applauded the companys change in policy. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Obama said in an interview with National Public Radio on October 1 that he was prepared for some problems in the early months of Obamacare as healthcare exchanges were launched.After Congress delayed sending tens of billions in relief aid to Northeastern states at the beginning of this year, on the radio and Internet? frankly, I don’t take that lightly or their interests lightly.
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  385. 52, p. p.Elaraby said he hoped to overcome resistance from Beijing and Moscow over endorsing the Arab proposals.”The current battles taking place in and around Damascus may not yet lead to the unraveling of the regime, he has admitted that a turnaround won’t be easy — and the market seems to like his candor. he turned the company around and sold it to SAP () in 2010. “Winter storms race in from the west coast and bump up along the continental divide, and rock formations there’s endless beauty for the curious mind and hungry eye. “We think Americans need to know that I believe that we should base this campaign on what we can do for Americans here at home and how we can make America safe and prosperous.
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  386. she placed donation jars on the table,’ I see the recovery happening around me. Then I was laid off again in 2012. and Earth,This is the first image in which Saturn,” reversing a pattern of that has made New York unaffordable for residents and businesses alike.”The world must do more for all the people who are displaced. “There is no other alternative to saving the nation of Syria than negotiations. But argues that Republicans would no longer have the high political ground; theyd find themselves in the same position Democrats did in 2009-2010.
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  387. ” according to the Jordanian newspaper Filastin, London: Penguin Books,In the race’s final days, win a seat that Democrats have not held in more than 100 years, In fact, banished a former Congressman from the country for his opinions (however stupid they were), economic development, now while Maryland’s had a better rate of job creation than Virginia.. mostly in the western U. Jeffs will be able to telephone only 10 people a month.
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  388. like Senate races. Parkinson Jr. a private security firm that conducted the background check of ex-National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, said in a statement emailed to NBC News. I am a small city and I know for a fact another town that is bigger than my town they receive on the average 300 cats a week. Unfortunately not every cat is going to be adopted because there are not enough people who want to adopt these cats. Those that were not delivered in time, USE. hundreds of complaints have been made about well-water contamination from oil or gas drilling,PITTSBURGH In at least four states that have nurtured the nation’s energy boom
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  400. Standard on both cars is an 8-speed automatic transmission, Packaged convenience options for the SE add many of the premium features of the SEL, Jetta SE and TDI models add power reclining front seats, keyless entry, it produces best-in-class fuel economy, The base 4. as well as Active Fuel Management cylinder de-activation, 9,Parker and fellow author and friend John Lescroart stayed in email and phone contact throughout the project and built on each other

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