A Tempting World: SecurityPoint Media

For my next A Tempting World assignment, I have been stationed at SecurityPoint Media in Tampa, Florida.  I am looking forward to learning about this unique business of passenger security checkpoint media and had the pleasure of meeting the entire office staff and CEO, Joe Ambrefe, on my first day of work.

During my meeting with Joe, he informed me how his business began.  On the back of a napkin in 2001, he jotted down his idea of how to make a more streamlined, organized way to get through airport security while advertising to hard-to-reach consumers.  Though it took a bit of convincing for his family and friends, Joe stayed focused, came to the conclusion that he really had something and moved forward to turn an idea into a business.  It took about four years to plan the business strategy and obtain several patents.  The end goal of launching The SecureTray System in airports came to fruition in 2008 and currently operates in 41 airports across the nation.

The longer Joe and I spoke, the more I realized how much I could relate to him.  As an athlete, I had to overcome obstacles, persevere and focus on my passion.  Even on my first day of work, I became inspired by the energy and excitement of the staff and am happy to be a part of this growing company.

Throughout my assignment, I will be working on various spreadsheets and updating sales sheets for potential advertisers.  From previous experience, I feel comfortable in my ability to collect and import data using Excel and know that I will be able to produce high-quality reports for the team. I have also been tasked with thinking of ways to improve the format and design of the securetrays.

Stay tuned for more about Ben’s experience at SecurityPoint Media!