A Tempting World

Gone are the days when temporary employment was only for covering vacations and absences. Today, temporary employees are an integral part of the workforce – and an integral part of any successful business strategy.

As a result, this new world of temping attracts great professionals and leading companies alike. Job seekers turn to temporary work for flexibility, access to opportunities with top businesses, competitive pay and more. For companies, temporary work is the best way to enhance efficiency, spur productivity and gain the freedom to pursue new projects.

Over the next month, one of our U.S. Olympic candidates, Ben Barger– will have the chance to work a variety of exciting positions with some of the best employers in the world. Along the way, he’ll gain new skills, demonstrate the value he, and athletes like him, bring to the workforce and make a big impact on the companies he works for.

We invite you to get to know Ben and great companies that are thriving in A Tempting World.

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