A Tempting World: Introduction to Laser Spine Institute

Like many Olympic athletes, I grew up competing every day for almost all of my life.  Over time, the aches and pains I got from performing at such a high level has taken a toll on my body and makes me think twice about the long term consequence of being so competitive.  Luckily, I’ve not had any major career-ending injuries and today through my introduction to the Laser Spine Institute (LSI), I am realizing how imperative it is for individuals who have had major injuries that high quality care is available.

To say I learned a lot on my first day at LSI is quite an understatement.  I received a crash course on the spine and learned a great amount about this amazing company.  Since 2005, the LSI has gone through explosive growth, having performed more than 26,000 surgeries. I had no idea of the size of the operation, nor the stories behind their philosophy and culture. What’s even more surprising is how it’s an outpatient center, meaning it’s not a hospital.  It lets them specialize solely on spine surgery and LSI is proudly the leader in endoscopic spine surgery. I was impressed to find out that the recovery time is significantly reduced from that of conventional surgery, while the satisfaction is greatly increased.  LSI has expanded to over 500 employees and continues to grow daily.
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A Tempting World: Day 4 at SecurityPoint Media

On the last day, I finished my marketing project that compiled new data for the airports around the USA. They want to use these sales sheets in future presentations to clients.  I added another 30 airports to the list and provided a few new data fields so the team could better sell their products. I also merged it all to a master Excel spreadsheet so that in the future the data can be modified without having to do each one individually! I learned a lot about annual passenger numbers and the size and scope of every airport.  It became all too apparent that no two airports are identical.

To finish up the week, I went out for a late lunch with President & CEO Joseph Ambrefe to do a final debriefing. When I met him on the first day he really wanted to hear my view of my experience with his company. It says volumes about the CEO when they take time out of their busy schedule to meet with their employees. I talked about risks I saw in the organization, points of excitement and other areas of development, and how he is managing his fast growing team. We went back and forth with much discussion on what is the best way to sell the media for future growth. I not only learned a lot but I also felt like I contributed to the conversation by bringing a different perspective to the table.
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A Tempting World: Day 3 at SecurityPoint Media

The Operations department is known as the “gearbox” of the company and calls for flawless execution and timing to deliver outstanding process improvements with the 3 part-tray and cart system. I met Michelle Fuchs, Senior Manager, Airport Properties and Elena Nizhnik, Airport Properties Associate at Tampa International Airport first thing in the morning to see the process firsthand.

After a short debriefing around operations and learning about all the moving parts, we chatted a bit about the company’s relationship with Adecco.  SecurityPoint Media relies on Adecco for their staffing needs, especially when they are deploying the SecureTray System to a new airport or exchanging SecureTrays. It’s integral to their operating plan to manage the fluctuation of the number of employees they need to have on deck.
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A Tempting World: Day 2 at SecurityPoint Media

There is nothing like going to work when fresh ideas and inspiring game plans are at the top of each employee’s “to-do” list.  A motivated team is crucial to success and I can tell that each person who works at SecurityPoint Media is ready and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

I began my day with a meeting with Michele Brooks, Sales Director of SecurityPoint Media, to discuss how she handles her role in driving sales at the company. Sales are obviously a vital part of the business and the approach to sales at SecurityPoint is a fascinating blend of entrepreneurial ideas to penetrate the advertising world. 
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A Tempting World: SecurityPoint Media

For my next A Tempting World assignment, I have been stationed at SecurityPoint Media in Tampa, Florida.  I am looking forward to learning about this unique business of passenger security checkpoint media and had the pleasure of meeting the entire office staff and CEO, Joe Ambrefe, on my first day of work.

During my meeting with Joe, he informed me how his business began.  On the back of a napkin in 2001, he jotted down his idea of how to make a more streamlined, organized way to get through airport security while advertising to hard-to-reach consumers.  Though it took a bit of convincing for his family and friends, Joe stayed focused, came to the conclusion that he really had something and moved forward to turn an idea into a business.  It took about four years to plan the business strategy and obtain several patents.  The end goal of launching The SecureTray System in airports came to fruition in 2008 and currently operates in 41 airports across the nation.
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A Tempting World: Day 6 at Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey Distillery

My final day at Four Roses Bourbon was one to remember. The Bourbon Festival is one of the main draws for tourists coming to visit Kentucky.  During this event, Four Roses Bourbon has the opportunity to share with fellow bourbon and whiskey consumers their brand and highlight their resurgence to the American market.  This makes the spirit business rely heavily on the marketing and sales arms to put the product in as many eyes and hands as possible.

The event included a black-tie gala with a 3 course meal for roughly 1300 people and free tastings for all the major brands of bourbon. I rolled up my tux sleeves and put Four Roses Bourbon stickers on people as part of the festivities and then worked at the bar serving roughly 300 people in about 90 minutes.  I fielded questions about the Four Roses Bourbon brand as I poured and grabbed ice, capitalizing on my week of intensive training on the brand.
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