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In April, Adecco launched the Adecco Experience program across 50 countries as part of the Way to Work program. Four candidates from each country were selected to work as interns with some of the most exciting companies in the world. Once the internships wrap up in August, one of the 54 participants will be chosen to intern as ‘CEO of Adecco Group’ for an entire month, and will work directly with Adecco Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire in Zurich, Switzerland.

After a rigorous application and interview process, Adecco Staffing US selected three college students and one recent graduate to participate in internships with some premier clients, including Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc., BMW of Manhattan, Inc., ANN INC. (the parent company of Ann Taylor and LOFT), and one of the largest financial services organizations in the country.

Now it’s time to introduce you to the talent! Do you think they have what it takes to run a Fortune Global 500 company with 31,000 employees in 60 countries around the world?

Name: Mike Siemer
Internship: Engineering Intern – Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
Education: Ohio State University
Twitter account: @MichaelSiemer1

What do you hope to gain from your internship with Honda?

Mike: I hope to understand the finer details of how Honda manufactures their vehicles. I’ve heard about all kinds of engineering marvels and gadgets that are used in their manufacturing plant, and I hope by learning about the various parts of the plant I will be able to decide what type of engineering career I’m looking for.

Why do you have what it takes to be Adecco Group’s CEO for a month?

Mike: I’m very personable and I will really get to know the people who make up the team I am leading. Individuals are what make a team successful, and if I take care of them, they will take care of me. I also encourage creativity and enthusiasm, because those are two important factors of being a great leader.

Name: Adharsh Kumar
Internship: MarketingCoordinator – ANN INC.
Education: New York University
Twitter account: @adkumar15

What do you hope to gain from your internship with ANN INC.?

Adharsh: I hope this experience will allow me to see various departments within the company, such as marketing, merchandising and design. Many fashion houses prefer to hire candidates who have had past experience in these departments or are pursuing relevant technical degrees at fashion schools. As a business major, it’s difficult to compete without such knowledge and experience. Therefore, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how each department functions independently as well as how they seamlessly interact to create an amazing brand and product.

Why do you have what it takes to be Adecco Group’s CEO for a month?

Adharsh: I cannot say that in the span of 20 years I have accumulated all the skills and knowledge necessary to be a CEO. There’s still so much to learn and experience! However, what I do have is the drive to learn about things I am passionate about, and I think this character trait will allow me to be successful if chosen.

Name: Elise Perazzini
Internship: ServiceCoordinator – BMW of Manhattan, Inc.
Education: Bucknell University
Twitter account:@eliseperazzini

What do you hope to gain from your internship with BMW?

Elise: I hope to learn about the luxury industry during my time with BMW.  I look forward to working with a myriad of departments to really solidify my understanding of all aspects of the industry.  I am excited to work with the sales, marketing, service and finance departments and learn about BMW’s mission.

Why do you have what it takes to be Adecco Group’s CEO for a month?

Elise: I am willing to learn, flexible, a leader, and detail oriented.  I bring an unmatched enthusiasm and energy to any workplace or classroom, and I love being challenged!

Name: Jordan Simpson
Internship: ESM Business Process Analyst – a leading financial services organization
Education: Clemson University
Twitter account: @TJordanSimpson

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

Jordan: I hope this internship will give me a better understanding of corporate culture and more than a few tricks of the trade. I am most looking forward to furthering my knowledge of the systems used in the financial services industry.

Why do you have what it takes to be Adecco Group’s CEO for a month?

Jordan: I have not just leadership experience, but experience being a leader during periods of change, and that is necessary to keep any organization, regardless of size, relevant and dynamic.  In addition, I am a student of culture, which allows me to see “big picture” issues and make decisions that will work for any group.

“With the United States facing a youth unemployment rate of 13.2 percent, it is so important that we take the step towards providing these future workers with guidance and opportunities that will help them increase their employability,” said Rich Thompson, chief human resource officer with Adecco Group North America. “We applaud our clients in understanding the importance of internships and partnering with us for the Adecco Experience program.”

Way to Work is a global initiative providing young people with professional guidance through internships and career advice during the job search process. Learn more about how the Adecco Experience and Way to Work programs can benefit the millennial generation on the Adecco blog!

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