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With the average unemployment rate plateauing around 7.6% Detroit and Los Angeles soar well above that average. It’s time we stand up to unemployment around the world. Join us in spreading the word by participating in Way to Work and our newest initiative Around the World in 80 Jobs.

United States Way to Work Experiences

“America’s young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the opportunity to learn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job. It’s important for their future, and for America’s. … America’s youth can’t wait for Congress to act. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment.”

— President Barack Obama

When the Adecco Way to Work Street Day events began at 10am EST on April 30th in both New York and Detroit, then later in  Los Angeles, the rest of the world was already feeling the ripple affect that the Adecco Global Way to Work initiative had already started. It was like a wave of positivity, camaraderie and partnership enveloped continents’ from across all hemispheres all for one cause– to assist in the problem of youth unemployment, a serious issue in this country and around the world.

It’s a good feeling to know that an issue like youth unemployment can be curbed with the help of influencers, not just in our country but around the globe.   

Detroit, Michigan : Unemployment rate 9.9%

It’s no surprise that Detroit was chosen among many of the nation’s top cities to participate in a city-wide Street Day initiative. For years, the city and its residents have been struggling to stay afloat amongst an economic depression that has grasped the once thriving metropolitan city. In fact, a recent survey of Detroit residents, conducted by Adecco, shows that nearly 4 in 10 (38%) of Detroit residents ages 18-34 are currently unemployed. With a venue like Wayne State University as our staging area, the Adecco Team touched hundreds of participants of all ages.

Seniors from Hamtramck High School in Detroit, Michigan stop by for career prep sessions
We were all very lucky to have the time to speak to some of Detroit’s professionals look to update their resumes and job searches
Adecco Detroit Team takes to the streets wearing flag backpacks to talk to the students of Wayne State University during finals week!

The buzz around campus was evident when students finishing their finals flooded into the McGregor conference center excited to glean real-world job search experience and knowledge from the 6 stations set up at all Way to Work events.

        • Writing a Winning Resume – Employers look through hundreds of resumes a day. Learn how to write one that stands out from the rest!
        • Six Steps to a Great Cover Letter – A strong cover letter can get your resume picked up, and get you picked up for an interview.
        • Acing the InterviewLearn how to answer tough questions, market yourself and turn a conversation into an offer.
        • Job Hunting in the Digital Age – Find out about great online resources and learn how to put them to work for your job search.
        • Building Your Online BrandYour online presence is making an impression on employers. Make sure it’s a positive one.
        • Networking that Works – Who you know can be just as important as what you know. Get the strategies you need to build your network.
Best of all, all of our Way To Work career workshops were completely free!

The highlight of the Detroit event was that a few hiring managers and career coaches from the Henry Ford University stopped by to volunteer their time for their city and its youth to how mock interviews throughout the day. Local news station celebrity Roop Raj, from Fox 2 News stopped by and interviewed the Detroit local Adecco Staffing Director Nancy Siegal. “Detroit is a great city, we have motivated people that want to lead fulfilling lives- and they need the skills to participate in those jobs” stated Ms. Siegel to Roop Raj. Later that morning on My Fox Detroit News morning show Mr. Raj shared a few statistics from the Adecco survey that most people probably didn’t’ know

We also received press throughout the day for the event.

Detroit needs this, our youth needs this, I need this – was the sentiment of the participants at the Detroit Way to Work Street Day careerathon. “I didn’t realize how out of date my job search has been until now, thank you” stated an anonymous participant we spoke with between sessions.

Los Angeles, California: Unemployment rate 9.0%

Los Angeles, the city of angels, was also chosen as one of our larger careerathon events. With an unemployment rate of 9.0% we couldn’t ignore that we have a duty to the residents of our nation to bring an awareness that job searching and presenting yourself to future employers is rapidly changing. In a survey conducted by Adecco in the Los Angeles DMA region, residents of LA stress the need for job training and higher education learning as key components the state should focus on to improve the current employment situation in the city.

Here is what the 500+ targeted adults 18 years of age and older had to say about the current state of employment in their city:

  • Nearly one-third (29 percent) of respondents aged 18-34 said that the state should incentivize business to hire and train local job candidates.
  • One-quarter  (25 percent) of respondents aged 18-34 said the state should offer free job training to help improve employment in LA; 16 percent of this group felt the state should partner with local colleges, universities and trade schools to provide free or subsidized higher education and learning.
  • A majority (65 percent) of respondents (18-34) say there simply aren’t enough available jobs in LA
  • More specifically, the majority of this group (57 percent) cited the lack of entry level jobs available as being a challenge when it comes to finding employment
  • Lack of technical/skilled jobs was also a concern amongst this group – with nearly one-third (32 percent) stating this as a challenge

Despite the challenges the city has been seeing over the past few decades the Adecco L.A. Way to Work careerathon was full of energy and excitement! Aside from featuring the 6 job search related stations, the event enjoyed tons of coverage from local news and radio outlets.

Mara Klug, Regional Vice President at Adecco helped contextualize the importance of this event by saying “ Youth unemployment rate is high and we often find that there are a lot of opportunities to learn important skills that relate to landing your next opportunity.” She goes on to say that “This is why the Adecco Global Way to Work initiative is so unique, it provides us the opportunity to serve our community and help develop essential skills.”

Mara and the rest of the Adecco team (seen in the image below) enjoyed connecting with millennials and job seekers of all ages through out the day and had particular success with the event station dedicated to mock interviews.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in our Keshot photobooth, giving them a professional headshot for any of their professional online portfolios.
Los Angeles’ unemployed are pessimistic about their future but most remain loyal to their city
Most unemployed are pessimistic about the future – only 37 percent of non-working LA residents feel confident that they will find a job in the next six to 12 months

Each attendee had the opportunity to schedule an interview time and have a one-on-one conversation with a recruiter or an area hiring manager currently looking for regional talent. “Interviewing is a hard skill to developer, you need practice and sometimes guidance, we are lucky to have had the unique opportunity to conduct these mock interviews” said a colleague at the event.

New York, New York: Unemployment rate 8.5%

The New York City Way to Work Careerathon event was a great success. The event included three sessions that focused on resume building, interview skills, and managing your digital footprint. After each event students were able to sign up for a one on one session with our recruiters who could review their resumes or practice mock interviews with them.

We were overwhelmed to hear how many of the students weren’t leveraging social media; in one session only 3 people used LinkedIn and 5 used Twitter. Social networking seems to be the biggest pain point for the students. Though they grew up with it, many of them say they have never been coached in how to leverage it when looking for a job.

The NYC team felt that the event went off without a hitch; the students were engaged in conversations with our subject matter experts, the rooms were filled, and on top of everything we’ve already heard back from one of the students. This student had an interview the next day and she got the job! She told us she felt much more confident about her skills and how to present herself – it doesn’t get much better than that.

We hope that the strategies you learned will help you move forward in your job search and your career.
Being able to stop the phone calls and emails for one day and feel like you are helping your community is very inspiring.

With the average unemployment rate plateauing around 7.6% Detroit, Los Angeles and New York City soar well above that average. It’s time we stand up to unemployment around the world. Join us in spreading the word by participating in Way to Work and our newest initiative Around the World in 80 Jobs.

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