Adecco’s CEO on Recruiting Generation Z

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For years now, employers have been touting engaged workplace cultures, flexible schedules, transparent salaries and solid corporate social responsibility initiatives in their efforts to attract Millennial talent. Recent research shows that these tactics – while successful for Millennials – may fall short with the up-and-coming Generation Z.

According to the recent 2015 Way To Work survey by Adecco Staffing USA, Millennials and Generation Z have different aspirations and concerns for their futures. Understanding these distinctions and applying them to recruitment strategies will be critical as employers look to fill their talent pipelines with the younger generation.

Retention will be perhaps the biggest obstacle for employers, as the survey found that 83 percent of today’s college students believe three years or less is the appropriate amount of time to spend in their first job. What’s more, 27 percent of students believe it’s appropriate to stay at your first job for only a year or less.

Want more insights from the survey? Head over to and read an article by Bob Crouch, CEO of Adecco Group North America. Bob’s analysis helps business leaders better understand the emerging Gen. Z and translate the survey data into real-world recruitment and retention strategies.

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