The #AdeccoExperience: Words of Wisdom and Takeaways From Once-in-a-lifetime Summer Internships

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The 2014 #AdeccoExperience interns tell all

This year’s winners of the Adecco Way to Work internship program received the amazing opportunity to intern at exciting companies all around the world! I had the honor and privilege to interview the two talented New York City winners:

Adharsh Kumar, Marketing Intern with ANN INC.

Elise Perazzini, Service Coordinator Intern with BMW of Manhattan.

They shared their own #AdeccoExperience as well as their take on millennials in the workforce and what it takes to find the right job!

1. What is one word you would use to describe your Adecco Experience and why?

AK: Revelatory. I have truly figured out what I would like to be doing once I am out of college. Throughout my time, I was given the opportunity to meet and shadow various departments, my favorite being production. I got to see various processes such as fabric checks, costing, sample vs. product fittings with ANN models, cross functional team meetings for the upcoming season, and correspondences between HQ and sourcing factories. Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying to figure out what career path and direction I want to take, and this experience solidified my interest and gave me real insight.

“Unforgettable” would be the word used to describe my #AdeccoExperience…not to be confused with the “Un4gettable Test Drive Event” that I was able to work on in my time at BMW!  It has been an absolutely unforgettable experience from the skills that I have learned, the people I have met, and the knowledge of the industry that I have gained.

2. As a millennial, how would you describe the work ethic of our generation?

AK: It’s hard to generalize the work ethic of a whole generation, but – from my own experience and those of my peers – I would describe it as illusionary. Yes, we got the job done. Yes, it’s on time. Yes, it’s quality work. However throughout the process of completing the assignment, we are susceptible to procrastination and lack the ability to concentrate over extended periods of time. It’s not something many of us will admit or even agree with, but it is closest to the truth. Fortunately, most of us are aware and try to take steps to mitigate it.

EP: Unfortunately, I am not convinced of my generations’ strong work ethic as a whole, but I have to believe that our ambition is one for the ages.  Being wary of the younger generation is not a novel idea, and most generations at a young age were faced with similar doubts at the time.

3. How does working in NYC compare/differ from other cities?

AK: From my experience, working in NYC is comparatively fast-paced. Not only in the work you have to do, but also the whole culture behind it. From the time you wake up to the time you clock out for the day, everything just flies by. Not to mention, everyone is driven, motivated, and (hopefully) passionate about what they are doing. There’s also a strict adherence to time, as most people’s schedules are packed day to day with various meetings and appointments. It truly is engaging and gives you a sense of responsibility which is great! Can’t see myself working anywhere else in the foreseeable future!

EP: As I have not worked in other cities, it’s hard to compare/differentiate.  However, I can see why young and old alike are drawn to NYC’s wonder.  The excitement and hustle and bustle of Manhattan are unmatched by other cities of its size.  You’ll never be bored in NYC, that’s for sure!

4. What advice would you give to millennials who are either searching for or entering their first job experience?

AK: For those searching for a job, don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your industry of interest! You’re still young, so play the student card and ask them about what they do, other relevant questions, and even meet up with them if possible. Every professional has been in your shoes at one point or another, and are more than willing to help out. Also, apply to anything and everything – seriously. You never know what kind of opportunity will land in your lap. Shout out to WickedSmart for connecting me with the Adecco Way to Work program!

If you’re entering your first job, don’t be afraid to ask questions as well! Again, you’re young and are still learning the ropes. If something doesn’t make sense or you’re just curious – ask.

EP: My advice to millennials searching for a job would be to make as many connections as you can.  Go out there and meet people!  Do not be afraid to ask questions, and talk to people in the industry you are interested in.  For millennials entering their first job experience, my advice would be to work hard.  Fairly self explanatory, but hard workers are rewarded and it pays off.  Developing a strong work ethic when you’re young is so important because you carry that with you for the rest of your life.

5. What did you enjoy most about your summer internship?

AK: Meeting and being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do, and really make the effort to help you out. It makes work so much more interesting and enjoyable.

EP: As someone with a thirst for knowledge, I loved learning about the auto industry.  It was always something that I was interested in, but never had the opportunity to learn.  I enjoyed learning about the intricacies of a corporate dealership like BMW of Manhattan and the various roles that need to be fulfilled to make the client’s experience a reflection of modern luxury.

Looking back: A word from last year’s intern,Taylor Rhoades

It’s the one-year anniversary of my Adecco Way to Work internship experience and looking back, it still feels surreal! My summer internship kicked off in Toronto, Canada and over the next 30 days, I had the experience of a lifetime traveling to nine different cities/countries: NYC, Paris, Spain, London, Switzerland, Italy, Chicago, and Kentucky.

While each day brought new adventures, my favorite were interacting with amazing people along the way and meeting the down-to-earth Adecco Group CEO, Patrick De Maeseneire! I was also able to meet incredible Adecco associates from a variety of departments such as Legal, Marketing, and Finance, and gained a holistic view of how Adecco and its branches operate. I received great hands-on experience from the teams, from creating posts for social media to drafting job descriptions for new positions. While in Italy, I was able to see the beauty of Adecco’s hard work by meeting the clients that Adecco has placed at the Bari airport, GE Oil and Gas, and HP. This was my favorite part of the trip, being able to interact with such unique individuals, hearing their stories and learning the various ways they are connected with Adecco. I realized that it is not only the dedicated work that differentiates Adecco from other recruiting companies, but also the people that truly make the Adecco difference!

Taylor Rhoades
2013 Adecco Experience intern
Taylor Rhoades is a graduate from Babson College and is the Sourcing Coordinator for Denim at Ann Inc.. She currently resides in New York City and is passionate about travelling, meeting new people, and entrepreneurship.

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