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During the past year, we’ve seen near real-time images from Pluto, watched an autonomous robot on Mars, used voice commands for our smart phones, taken photos with drones, and, remarkably, managed most of this via wireless connections on mobile devices and tablets.

One of the common denominators of all this cool technology is engineering. Whether you are interested in mechanical engineering or Internet technology, you can keep track of new developments via a wide range of online news and information resources.

Staying in the Loop 

Among the best sources for relatively non-technical information on engineering trends are Engineering.com, Popular Science and CES, the Consumer Electronics Show.

  • A recent report on Engineering.com, for example, discusses how Hewlett Packard and National Instruments are collaborating on ways to help Internet of Things (IoT) engineers mine “big data.”
  • Popular Science recently featured a story about how Joe Chen, former product manager at Oculus, is helping triathletes use virtual reality to train for the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio.
  • Moreover, buzz from the annual CES show in Las Vegas seems to resonate throughout the year. The show’s website provides a nice roundup of innovative new technology in the news. A link to this article in Wired, for instance, features “Our Favorite Gadgets From This Year’s Show.”
  • If you are a software engineer, check out this list of leading blogs on the News Blaze site. Some other informative blogs can be found on Engineering.comBlogmetrics and Twitter.
  • For academic research, there are numerous journals, ranging from the Journal of Engineering and Technology Research to the International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • For connecting with leading influencers in the engineering field, visit one of the industry association websites or try a LinkedIn search.

Thought Leadership in the Field

Among the many industry leaders worth following are:

Another great source for insights into opportunities in Engineering is the Adecco website. .” It features case studies that focus on engineering & IT staffing services. You can also find a wealth of information right here on our blog.

Some of our relevant recent blog posts include:

Jobs in Engineering 

When it comes to jobs, our staffing services encompass the broad engineering ecosystem. Some of the top jobs we see include:

  • Quality & Test Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Manufacturing & Process Engineer

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