Are Women Still Underpaid in the Workforce?

According to Forbes, the median salary of a woman is only 81% of that of a man. It seems crazy that after all women have gone through, this pay gap persists. Expectations could be the reason for the persistent gap: Forbes stated that on average in 2012, women expected to make $7,056 less than their male counterparts.  Could it be that if women increased their expectations and asked for the same salaries of men, that they might receive them?

A contradicting study indicates that there may be one exception: unmarried women without children who live in major cities are actually making more than men. According to TIME, “young women in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego making 17%, 12% and 15% more than their male peers, respectively.” Also, late last year, “the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that for the first time, women made up the majority of the workforce in highly paid managerial positions.”

TIME credits the increase in young women’s salaries to an increase in education (for every two men that graduate college, there are three women graduates – the opposite of what we had seen in the 70s ). The point is not to stay single and unmarried, but statistics have shown that highly educated women often get married and have children at a later age; so the women in their 20’s who make the most tend to be those who have not started a family.

What do you see in your day to day life – do feel that women are still earning less than men?