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About Abby Alger

Abby Alger is a Marketing Specialist at Adecco Group North America. With coffee in hand, she delivers social media recruiting tactics, industry news and trends to job seekers and clients each day. Outside of the office, Abby can be found making homemade donuts in a Darth Vader apron.

Empowering Millennials: The Age of the Intern

Girl at deskBorn 1980-2000, millennials (also known as Generation Y) are by far the most technologically savvy, mobile and free-spirited generation thus far. With a college diploma in one hand and an iPhone in the other, they’re ready to dive headfirst into the workforce. However, eagerness and education aren’t enough to compete these days, and this generation faces an uncomfortable unemployment rate of 12-14.5 percent.

While graduating from college is supposed to be a huge weight off of your shoulders, many grads are faced with even more stress and financial troubles than they were in college. Not to mention the fact that most days are spent applying for jobs and hearing nothing back.

In our recent Way to Work survey, we learned that seven in ten (69 percent) Americans aged 18-24 believe it’s harder to find a job now compared to previous generations, but in reality it’s not taking them very long to land one.
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