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Angel Bovee


Angel Bovee knows what it is like to be an elite athlete and put it all on the line for a dream! After a successful career as a television producer, Angel quit her job to pursue her passion to represent the U.S. on the world’s largest stage. She became a three-time U.S. boxing champion that represented Team USA in two World Championships. After gaining her master’s degree in 2011, she joined Adecco as Specialist for the USOC’s Athlete Career and Education Program. The demands of juggling a work schedule and a full-time training regimen to chase an Olympic dream can be daunting, and the Athlete Career and Education Program helps Olympic and Paralympic athletes gain career experience and a paycheck while pursuing their dreams of gold.

Countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games

In 100 Days… Athletes from countries around the world will meet in Rio. These talented men and women represent the best each country has to offer. The Olympic Games is an opportunity to unite the world and extend the arm of diplomacy. […]

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Life in the Fast Lane!

Olympic and Paralympic athletes are incredibly busy people-often working and training full-time to make their podium dreams come true!  To help with their work-life balance, Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls in over 34 countries can receive career planning and job placement assistance from […]

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Celebrate Olympic Day on June 23rd!

On June 23rd, 1894 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formally established and with it, the creation of the modern Olympics movement. The IOC was established by Pierre de Coubertin in Paris, and the first modern Olympics were held 2 years later in […]

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USOC Athlete Career Program: Diversity of Thought

Adecco recruits and retains a dynamic workforce — where people are recognized for their abilities and career goals.  We’ve partnered with the USOC for the Athlete Career Program — a program which helps aspiring Olympic and Paralympic athletes find work that allows […]

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