Team USA Athlete Interview: James Williams

Meet Olympian James Williams, a member of the 2012 US Fencing Team also a member of the Team USA Career Program.  This program is a unique partnership between Adecco and the United States Olympic Committee, placing U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hopefuls in part-time jobs that are flexible around their athletic demands.   James, the youngest member of the 2008 US Olympic Fencing Team, is competing at his second Olympic Games here in London.  He also works as a Client Relations Intern for TD Ameritrade in midtown Manhattan.

James is competing in the upcoming men’s fencing team event–wish him luck! GO USA!!!

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Team USA Women’s Field Hockey

Did you know that many members of the US Field Hockey team are participants of the Team USA Career Program and work for various sponsor companies? These field hockey players were placed by Adecco and working at companies like GE, TD Ameritrade, and Hilton Worldwide.  They are gaining amazing career experience while still being able to train full-time to fulfill a lifelong dream.

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Why Hire an Olympic Athlete?

Swifter, Higher, Stronger.   (Citus, Altus, Fortius) That is the Olympic Motto and something world-class athletes strive for everyday.

So why are top companies and top athletes a great fit?  Companies hire Team USA Career Program participants because top performing athletes have a unique skill set including out-of-the-box problem solving skills,  excellent time management and the determination to give 100% of themselves to be the best at what they do—on the field or on the job.

Their quest to be the best can inspire their co-workers everyday . . . and the energy and drive they bring to the workplace, which is not something you will find on a resume!

The Olympic Oath

On Friday, athletes in the Team USA Career Program took the Olympic Oath, a symbolic gesture of sportsmanship. Recited at the Opening Ceremony on behalf of all athletes, the athletes pledge to uphold the Olympic Spirit of competition and fair play.

Paying the Bills

As a retired athlete, I know how hard it is to train full-time for a dream and still pay the bills.  Not to mention having to make the sometimes difficult transition out of sport to the working world. It’s a common misconception that all athletes have big-name sponsors! Check out what some of the athletes in the Team USA Career Program have to say about it:

Preparing for the Opening Ceremonies

Here are the first of several videos we’ll be sending your way to share what’s happening with Team USA at the 2012 Olympic Games in London! Angel Bovee is our Athlete Liaison and will be interviewing several athletes from Team USA who are also members of the Athlete Career Program that Adecco runs in partnership with the U.S. Olympic Committee.

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