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4 Ways Staffing Companies Help With Seasonal Hiring Needs

This is part one of our “Seasonal Hiring” blog series. Part two discusses the importance of recruiting during the third quarter to outperform your competition in the fourth quarter. Accounting firms often need extra help during tax season. Most retailers need more staff during the holidays, […]

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Beat the Millennial Bad Rap

So here’s the common rap on millennials – they have exaggerated self-worth, they’re allergic to hard work but overly ambitious, and many have established a permanent pad in their parents’ basement. Many would argue that this rap is a bad one – […]

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One Hiring Tool You’ll Never Use Again

Word on the street is that there’s an algorithm that can detect whether a candidate is likely to succeed as a help desk employee. The idea is simple—using voice pattern recognition, the algorithm can predict whether an interviewee will succeed in commanding your telephone […]

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Part I: What Millennials Can Learn from Baby Boomers

A recent Huffington Post article carried this provocative headline: “Millennials Work Better.” The article went on to make the case for why millennials have a range of strengths that make them well-suited for the workplace. It also served up a refreshing break […]

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Why You May Be Losing the War for Generation Z Talent

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about Millennials, born between 1980 and mid-1990s. Companies, recruiters and hiring managers have spent the last decade learning how to attract and retain Millennial talent. But, there’s now a whole new generation of youngsters graduating high […]

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One-on-one with Paralympian Melanie Schwartz

Melanie Schwartz is a Paralympic alpine skier with podium dreams. As a congenital leg amputee, Melanie skis on one leg and uses two outriggers, similar to poles with ski tips on the bottom. Melanie began racing in 2007 and quickly progressed to […]

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Stability v. Passion For the Next Generation of Workers

As Generation Z (those born after 1995) begins to enter into the workforce, studies are starting to show that there are substantial differences in our nation’s two up-and-coming workforce groups – Millennials and their younger counter parts, Gen Z. Data from Adecco’s recent […]

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Cycling for Comfort

What does comfort mean to you? If you ask ten people that question, chances are you are going to get ten different answers. If you ask any military child who has been the recipient of a comfort quilt that question, they would […]

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