​7 Tips For Staying Positive During The Holiday Rush

iStock_000023912871LargeIn recent weeks, we’ve offered plenty of advice for finding work during the holidays…but a lot of our candidates want to know what to do once they’ve landed that gig. The question, “What can I do to stay sane during a high-tension, busy holiday season?” is a common one this time of year.

No matter your place of business — whether you’re working in retail, warehousing and logistics, customer service, food and bev or even in a regular office — the final weeks of the year can present a challenge for your happiness and stress levels.

Here’s a look at seven strategies that may help you take the edge off and stay positive throughout your busiest work days this season:
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Top Accounting & Finance Conferences


The world of accounting and finance is transitory: the value of the dollar is constantly shifting and global finance is constantly subject to the whims of international relations.

So why rest on the laurels of your previous education? Learn to change with the times by attending a conference or two in the coming new year. 2015 is already packed with continuing-education opportunities around the globe. Which will you take advantage of for furthering your accounting and finance knowledge?

Here’s some of our best bets for the year ahead.
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Information Technology: The Top 6 Conferences of 2015

IT-workerWith 2015 just around the corner, IT pros need to be looking forward to the newest technology and trends.

Of course, one of the best ways to get a crash course on what’s new, while also expanding your network, knowledge and skills, is to immerse yourself in one of the many reputable conferences held each year. Here’s a list of the hot conferences that can take your IT skills and thinking to the next level in 2015.
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College Students: Line Up Your Summer Job Over Holiday Break

two-female-college-students-smilingFor college students, there’s no place like home for the holidays. And there could well be no better time to line up your next summer job.

Think about it. The extended winter break offered by most colleges and universities provides an ideal opportunity to find a job that would be a great fit six months from now.

For starters, you’re getting a huge jump on the competition. You also won’t have to hunt for a job in the thick of your spring semester when you likely have major projects and upcoming finals. And starting the summer job hunt now increases the chances that you will have more options, allowing you to pick the right job for you.

Here are some smart strategies to make it happen.
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5 Tips for More Efficient Meetings

men-and-women-in-a-meetingA recent study by technology company Atlassian found that employees spend 31 hours every month in unproductive meetings. We’ve all been there: the meeting that doesn’t seem necessary, the conversation that rambles severely off-course…sometimes de-railing your entire day. Here are five tips to set meetings that are more effective and worthwhile.

1. Ask yourself if it’s necessary (really, though).

Chances are you’ve probably organized a meeting at one point that you didn’t need to set up. In the midst of a decision or need for creative input, gathering multiple minds together is a common way to take next steps. To cut back on meetings that never needed to happen in the first place, challenge yourself to take next steps without setting up a meeting. Instead, reach out to one or two people directly (actually walk over to their desk) and see what they think about the issue. If that doesn’t work, step away from the issue at hand and allow yourself some time to creatively brainstorm without the context of a meeting. Write down some ideas. Finally, ask yourself if the problem cannot be solved without calling a meeting. If the answer is yes, set up the meeting – but only invite those who must be in attendance for the best possible outcome.
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Top 10 Marketing Conferences in 2015

group-of-employees-at-a-table2015 is almost here, and that means it’s time to start planning your conference schedule for the coming year. There are some real stand-out marketing conferences coming up in 2015, and they can be a great way to improve your knowledge and understanding of various marketing strategies and topics, as well as network with people from your industry and others. Below are ten of the top marketing conferences coming up this year. Book early to take advantage of early bird discounts!
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