Top retention strategies for IT employees in-demand

webinar_acing_interview“As key employees are more comfortable with the economy, they are beginning to jump ship for better opportunities.”

Those words by Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. in a recent article about the current job market, should give all managers pause.

An improving and changing economy is creating increasing demand for skilled workers, particularly in the IT space. Several surveys have found that a majority of workers are looking for a new job these days, and you can bet that many of your best employees are considering their options.

So what steps can you take to retain the best and brightest on your team. Here are some tactics that work:
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January 2014 BLS report shows 113,000 new jobs added, unemployment rate of 6.6%


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the January 2014 unemployment report with an overall gain of 113,000 jobs and a relatively unchanged unemployment rate of 6.6%.

With this data being the first indication as to how 2014 kicked off, many experts were looking towards the report for some sign as to how the economy was performing—the fourth quarter of 2013 showed robust growth, but eventually ended weaker than expected. In light of this, many were curious to see if employment numbers would spike back up, or continue the pattern seen at the end of last year.

Unfortunately, the report was not as strong as many hoped for, with a lukewarm gain of 142,000 new private sector jobs. Revisions for November and December showed an additional 34,000 jobs added to the economy, producing a slight silver lining.
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Announcing Adecco Engineering & Technical’s Future Engineers Scholarship for promising engineering students

ET_scholarship_403x403STEM skills gap

There is a growing skills gap in the United States, especially when it comes to professionals with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) backgrounds. In fact, it’s expected that by 2018 there will be at least 2.4 million job vacancies in STEM fields.

STEM education

One solution to solve the STEM skills gap is to nurture students who show promise in STEM, and support their further education. Adecco Engineering and Technical is encouraging engineering students, in particular, by once again offering it’s Future Engineers Scholarship worth $2,500.

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Will healthcare reform change the way you hire?

Top 5 things your human resources department wants you to knowWhen it comes to healthcare reform, for many employers the magic number is 50.

Employers with 50 or more full-time workers are classified by the government as a “large employer” and will be required to provide healthcare coverage that meets government standards to employees. However, if you’re an employer near or over that threshold you were granted a reprieve by the U.S. Department of Treasury – complying with the requirement was delayed one year from Jan. 1, 2014 to Jan. 1, 2015.

Regardless of when the law will take effect, the looming regulations are shining the spotlight on independent contractors, and the role they play in businesses and organizations. Because independent contractors do not qualify as employees, some businesses are considering various steps to increase use of their services, or redefine current employee’s status to avoid the requirements of a large employer.

A Wall Street Journal article, A Health Scare for Small Businesses, provides a good overview of the challenges and concerns that are motivating some employers to consider increasing their use of independent contractors or taking other steps to ensure they comply with the requirements.

Yet businesses need to walk a fine line when it comes to how they define and classify employees. Experts and analysts have been weighing in with advice for businesses that could be affected by the new rules. For instance, a June 2013 article posted by the Associated General Contractors of America warned that employers should use “extreme caution” before attempting to manipulate its number of employees by reclassifying them as independent contractors.
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The five hottest marketing jobs

ADO_fb_403x403_hotjobsThe digital age – the Internet, social media and mobile technology – has spawned a revolution in the field of marketing. Organizations are looking to connect with their customers, stakeholders and supporters in new and different ways – and they aim to do it in the most strategic and cost-efficient manner as possible. The result has been plenty of new opportunities for job seekers. Here are five of the hottest marketing jobs for 2014 and beyond.

Content marketing specialist 

Content marketing is all the rage these days, and it requires Web-savvy content creators to drive the engine. Content specialists write articles, create graphics and polls aimed at engaging an audience, and, ultimately, change or enhance consumer behavior. Content marketing is focused on sharing useful information rather than making a hard advertising sell. Content specialists require solid writing, blogging and social media skills, as well as a working knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).
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Build an online portfolio and showcase your work

h_webinars_lgThe graphic & web design fields are highly competitive. To attract clients and garner interest in your work, a portfolio is a must-have. Not only can you use it to showcase your talent and tell the world you are for hire, it also acts as a point of contact and a place where prospective clients or employers can learn more about you.

Whether you are freelancing or seeking employment in a design agency does not matter. As this AIGA article mentions, your portfolio needs to reflect who you are, include your best work and be engaging for viewers.

What Should Appear On Your Portfolio

Portfolio websites come in all shapes and sizes but most of them have the following basic information:

  • A gallery page to showcase your work and show potential employers what you are capable of.
  • Information about yourself such as your name, the city and country you live in, and any other information you believe might play in your favor like your hobbies and other interests.
  • Your current work status and the types of projects you are looking for – whether you are seeking full-time employment, a part-time job, or freelance projects.
  • Valid contact information is also necessary – be it a phone number, a contact form, or a simple email address.
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