A Tempting World: Day 3 at Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey Distillery

My first task of the day was to prepare the tasting for the German buyers at the distillery. The buyers received a fantastic demonstration of the 3 types of Four Roses Bourbon and were able to have a sample at every manufacturing step to really understand the process that goes in to making each bottle of bourbon. We also compared the brand with competitors and the taste of Four Roses Bourbon shined.  In my opinion, Four Roses Bourbon has a smoother taste and I really believe it has a lot to do with the constant care and quality control that they use in their manufacturing.

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A Tempting World: Day 2 at Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey Distillery

Ben with Camp Runamok team members

It was “all hands on deck” at Four Roses Bourbon on my second day of work.  No job is too big or small and I started my day packing pens in boxes for 350 gift bags, a task that needs to be completed by Friday! Luckily my speed and agility from my athletic prowess helped me pack and stuff at highly efficient and complimented speeds.

After stuffing about 50 bags, the team and I got the gazebo ready for the two large groups of bartenders who are part of Camp Runamok. These selected bartenders are the best in the United States and are here all week in Kentucky as well.  Al Young, who authored the Four Roses Bourbon historical narrative in hardcover, gave an inaugural speech, giving a historic overview of the Four Roses Bourbon brand in the USA.

Next, I spoke about my experiences of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and how I’ve traveled to many places around the world that excitedly carried the Four Roses Bourbon brand.  Capitalizing on my skills from years of public speaking about the Olympics helped me stay at ease in the new environment today.  I fielded many questions about the Olympics and found that I related to many of the bartenders due to our unique professions!  We closed the introductions with an enthusiastic “USA, USA, USA!” chant  and it was evident that we were happy to be in the heartland of Kentucky together!

The next part of the agenda for the day included a step by step tasting of each type of Bourbon that Four Roses Bourbon sells in the USA ( I think they enjoyed this part) and a tour of the facility.   I noticed jaws dropping as we learned the elaborate and refined manufacturing process for bourbon.

To give you a brief overview of the process,
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A Tempting World: Day 1 at Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey Distillery

My name is Ben Barger and I have been given the opportunity to work at a variety of exciting positions with some of the best employers in the world over the next few weeks as a part of A Tempting World.

I will be documenting my experiences with a blog series entitled “A Tempting World” and I am excited to share with you how my experiences as a U.S. Olympian retired from sport are helping me as I transition to the world of work.

My first assignment is at Four Roses Bourbon Whiskey Distillery in Kentucky where I will spend the week as an Event and Marketing Specialist.

The first day was action-packed with the grand opening of the Visitors Center, where dignitaries and city officials introduced the opening of the facility as a key attraction to the local area. Four Roses Bourbon lined the stage with confetti cannons and shot them in the air as the ribbon was officially cut to open the gorgeous Spanish-architecture-inspired-design Visitors Center.  What an exciting day in Kentucky.
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