About Cedric Brown

Cedric graduated from Northwood University in May 2011 with honors, earning his bachelors of business administration (B.B.A.) in marketing and management. Cedric Brown is a marketing communications artist who works with small businesses and non-profit organizations by telling stories of hope for the people and organizations that make the city of Detroit great.

How Can Recent Grads Benefit From Volunteering?

Great Grads need great jobs

Congratulations, Class of 2013! Your homework’s been turned in. Your finals are all completed. You’re all finished cleaning out your room, and you’re packed up for a permanent summer break. It’s official: you’re done with college.

And yet, there is still one homework assignment you haven’t quite figured out yet: finding a job after college. Everyone has to do it. After all, isn’t this what you’ve spent the last 4 years of your life for?
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