About Claire Topalian

Claire Topalian is a writer, non-profit Communications professional, and advocate for diversity in business. She currently leads Communications and the Startup Women initiative at UP Global, an international non-profit that builds startup communities through educational programs and events. You can follow her on Twitter @clairetopalian.

Why a Diversity Initiative in 2015 Will Strengthen Your Hiring Process & Culture

Happy employeeA 2013 Harvard Business Review post points out that “companies replete with both inherent and acquired diversity, we find, out-innovate and outperform the competition.”

This understanding that diversity and inclusion are actually essential to building a strong company – and scaffolding good business overall – is still a fairly new idea in the business world. Gradually, more companies are adopting this belief and some are even committing to focused diversity efforts that take on an internal and external role for the company. Companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks or Johnson & Johnson have public statements about diversity but more and more, you’ll see companies beginning to adopt actionable programs and goals that go beyond an “ethos.”
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How to Maximize Your Job Search in 2015

Recruitment or Employment Issues Chalk DrawingEnding one year and staring another without job prospects can be draining and discouraging, but with data suggesting that 2015 will offer a stronger market for job seekers, those looking for a new job should approach the New Year with a fresh perspective, re-boot their search and stay open minded about prospects. Here are a few ways that job seekers can make the most of the New Year:
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New Year’s Resolutions for Companies that are Hiring

man-hiring-another-manThe average employee requires at least three months to get fully adjusted to a new job. To make the hiring, training, and acclimation process as efficient and valuable as possible, companies that are hiring should challenge themselves with a few New Year’s “hiring” resolutions in an overall effort to save resources and time in 2015.
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Hot Jobs of 2015

ipad handWith the year coming to a close and what appears to be a consistently low unemployment rate, job seekers have reason to be a bit more optimistic about getting a good job in 2015. Certain industries are expected to outperform others, and specific jobs will be in much higher demand. Here are a few fields you can expect to see an increase in hiring in the New Year. 
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Tips for Earning a Promotion or Raise in 2015

CalendarAs 2014 winds down, many individuals will begin to approach their careers with a fresh perspective. Goal-setting for the New Year is one way to set a game plan and create a manageable timeline for your “career resolutions.” Below are a few tips that will help you work towards your resolution – whether that’s a new, exciting role or a financial promotion – in 2015.
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How Company Culture Can Attract & Retain Your Best Talent

Warehouse Workers SmilingCEOs like Tony Hseih of Zappos or Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines understand that a strong culture is key to building the best possible team. Part of building a strong culture comes from understanding how companies are moving in new directions in terms of how they work on a daily basis, and as always, it involves learning from your employees and understanding their needs and attitudes. There are a few major areas to focus on when building a company culture:

If you’re in a leadership role, touch base with your strongest employees often.

For companies that are smaller or are beginning to scale, it is especially critical to keep your most loyal and talented team members engaged. Show them that you value their input when it comes to important decisions around strategy, hiring, and other areas – and be sure to schedule coffee meetings our brief syncs that prove you’re invested in them personally and professionally. Losing engagement from key team members often results in the loss of more than one employee.
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