About Claire Topalian

Claire Topalian is a writer, non-profit Communications professional, and advocate for diversity in business. She currently leads Communications and the Startup Women initiative at UP Global, an international non-profit that builds startup communities through educational programs and events. You can follow her on Twitter @clairetopalian.

How to Approach Your First 90 Days at a New Job

African-American-Man-Volunteering-for-CharityFinally – you’ve landed a great job, you can’t wait to get started, and it feels as though the long search and effort in finding the job has come to an end. You can relax. However, quite the opposite is true: now the real work begins, and the first 90 days couldn’t be more critical in defining your career.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you approach the difficult but opportunistic first three months at your new job:

1) Ask Questions

As you can imagine, you’ll be facing new territory at any new job, no matter what your experience or background is. Every new job involves a fresh culture, new people and a new way of doing things. You’ll need to ask timely questions when you find yourself faced with uncertainty. The more difficult aspect of this approach is to know when to ask questions and when it’s okay to take some extra time to learn on your own. When in doubt, it is best to speak up and ask – your new manager(s) will be adjusting to your presence as much as you are, and it’s best to make yourself known rather than keep to yourself in the beginning of a new job. When you first begin, you may feel like a fish out of water, unable to contribute a great deal. Consider questions one of the ways that you can contribute and develop a presence within the company. However, never ask questions simply to ask questions – be sure to develop the angle of any question or clarification that you seek out.
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5 Things New Hires Should Stop Doing in 2015

female-new-hireMany who walk into their first job or first step in a new career make common mistakes that can set back their career path and diminish their reputation in the workplace. Here are five subtle things that you can stop doing this year to be more successful at work.
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Why a Diversity Initiative in 2015 Will Strengthen Your Hiring Process & Culture

Happy employeeA 2013 Harvard Business Review post points out that “companies replete with both inherent and acquired diversity, we find, out-innovate and outperform the competition.”

This understanding that diversity and inclusion are actually essential to building a strong company – and scaffolding good business overall – is still a fairly new idea in the business world. Gradually, more companies are adopting this belief and some are even committing to focused diversity efforts that take on an internal and external role for the company. Companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks or Johnson & Johnson have public statements about diversity but more and more, you’ll see companies beginning to adopt actionable programs and goals that go beyond an “ethos.”
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How to Maximize Your Job Search in 2015

Recruitment or Employment Issues Chalk DrawingEnding one year and staring another without job prospects can be draining and discouraging, but with data suggesting that 2015 will offer a stronger market for job seekers, those looking for a new job should approach the New Year with a fresh perspective, re-boot their search and stay open minded about prospects. Here are a few ways that job seekers can make the most of the New Year:
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New Year’s Resolutions for Companies that are Hiring

man-hiring-another-manThe average employee requires at least three months to get fully adjusted to a new job. To make the hiring, training, and acclimation process as efficient and valuable as possible, companies that are hiring should challenge themselves with a few New Year’s “hiring” resolutions in an overall effort to save resources and time in 2015.
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Hot Jobs of 2015

ipad handWith the year coming to a close and what appears to be a consistently low unemployment rate, job seekers have reason to be a bit more optimistic about getting a good job in 2015. Certain industries are expected to outperform others, and specific jobs will be in much higher demand. Here are a few fields you can expect to see an increase in hiring in the New Year. 
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