About Doug Cloutier

Doug is the Regional Operations Manager for the Adecco Engineering & Technical division. He's been at Adecco since 2001, and in the staffing industry since 1995. In his current role, he focuses on operational efficiencies, 1099/Independent Contractor qualification, and Training & Development and Compliance. Doug is also an avid Michigan and Detroit sports fan, soccer player, and father of two.

Integration vs. Orientation: How to Make New Hires Successful

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. – Benjamin Franklin.

This quote greets visitors to the training center at our corporate offices. I am spending the week with a group of new hires in our quarterly Technical Recruiter training class. I am always struck by this quote and how true it is when it comes to the idea of preparing new hires for the task of being a successful, contributing member of the company. The idea of Integration v Orientation.

I was involved with re-vamping the orientation process for new hires about a year ago for Adecco Engineering & Technical. We looked at how new hires were being brought on, what the feedback was on that process, and how we could improve the it so that orientation was more welcoming, efficient and effective.
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Employee Recognition

How do you recognize your team?  Your employees?  Your Co-Workers?  Your family?

Recognition in the workplace is a constantly discussed topic.  There are countless books, articles, seminars and “so-called” experts on the topic.  Companies spend money on trying to determine what is the best, most effective, most affordable way to recognize hard work and effort in the workplace.

In today’s economy, it is difficult for companies to rely on monetary reward and recognition.  However, most experts agree, that money is not the answer.  Developing a culture of recognition, and the ability for all levels to recognize and be recognized is the leading driver in building a successful culture.
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