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Ed is the Chief Marketing Officer of Adecco Group North America. He's been with Adecco Group in various executive roles since 1994. He's a native New Yorker living in Jacksonville and loves the Mets, Jets, Knicks, Rangers and Rutgers. You can follow his misery at twitter.com/edblust .

4 Clear Signs a Work Relationship Is In Big Trouble

office-relationship-badRecently, I had the displeasure of having to end a long-term relationship with an agency partner. If you know me, you know that I’m extremely loyal to people, brands and companies that do great work, give it 100% and have a positive, passionate outlook. I hate changing agencies because I hate losing all the institutional knowledge they’ve gained about our business. I hate the RFP and evaluation process. I hate the risk factor – a new agency may not work out and you’ve wasted precious time and money. And I hate feeling disloyal myself. I’ve been on the agency side and I know what if feels like to be fired by a good client. People lose their jobs. Promotions are jeopardized. Relationships you’ve had for years can be damaged, even lost.

As I was making the decision to move to a new agency, I started thinking that an agency relationship is no different than other work relationships. If you’re not careful, a very strong work relationship can turn sour. Sometimes it happens so slowly, you don’t even see it coming. But you should never let a strong relationship slip away.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the topic of loving relationships being in the air, here are 4 clear signs you are in a work relationship that is in trouble. Ignore them and a break-up is inevitable.
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Nine Pieces of Career Advice to Live By

job tipsI’ve recently been invited to speak to students about the “real world” and give them advice on how to succeed after college.

As I’m preparing my little talk I’ve been thinking back on my career and why I’ve enjoyed success and disappointments along the way – and what I’ve learned from both. So here’s a sneak peak at my presentation – I hope it gives you a good idea or two in your journey!


1. Be a positive force!

This is probably the one thing that has served me the best over the 28 years since I graduated. People want to hire people (especially college grads) that bring positivity and a can-do mentality to the workplace. Nobody likes a whiner – at least nobody that’s successful. Be a force for good. Be enthusiastic about your work, even if you think it’s beneath you. You don’t have to be outgoing if that’s not your nature. You don’t have to light up a room with your personality. But you should always come from a good mental place no matter what gets thrown at you. If you try to always be a positive force, you will always be valued by your boss and your team.

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Five Job Interview Skills Your Competition Doesn’t Have

5 tips for a successful interviewOur marketing team is in the middle of an organizational redesign. We are moving from a mostly traditional structure (organized by skill sets) to a demand generation and revenue marketing team aligned with our sales and recruitment funnel. Because of this, we’ve needed to hire additional modern marketers who are content creators, understand analytics and are fully digitally fluent.

So, I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing over the past several weeks and I have to say, overall I am not impressed.  While we’ve hired some really great people, we’ve left a lot more candidates out of consideration because they just don’t know how to interview. So here’s a few tips on what interview skills you need to brush up on to have a better chance of interviewing successfully with me (and I’m sure a bunch of other people too):

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Winner of the Social Media Career Tips Comment Contest

Believe it or not, it has been 30 days since our social media tips comment contest started! We’d like to send a big thank you out to everyone who submitted a suggestion and offer our congratulations to Christi Karvasek!

Christi, you’ve just won yourself a $25 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card–enjoy! Someone from our team will follow up with you to coordinate the delivery.

Check out Christi’s innovative idea below and for more ideas on how to get social with your career read (or reread!) the original post.

Christi’s how-to for making an online introduction:
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5 Ways To Start Getting Social With Your Career

It’s surprising to me how many people have embraced social networks for personal use, but don’t really use social to enhance their careers or find a new job. Everyone can benefit from using social media, no matter what you do for a living. And having a Linkedin profile, while extremely important, is not enough.

A survey by Jobvite found that 89% of companies use social media to recruit employees. The survey also found that organizations’ recruiting departments are using multiple social networks to engage potential new hires, with LinkedIn leading in usage (89%), followed by Facebook (55%) and Twitter (47%). Forty percent of companies surveyed use all three top networks–LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter–as part of their recruitment process. So if you want to be seen by recruiters and employers (current and future), and be perceived as an expert and influencer in your industry or craft, you must start taking social seriously.

Here are 5 ways you can use social networks to enhance your career and reputation, and improve your job search strategy:
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