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Hilary Jarman is a full-time marketer who loves great messaging. When she's not busy building out communication campaigns, you can find her obsessing over clever branding strategies and marketing tools. She currently lives in Florida with her husband and in her spare time you can find her exploring thrift stores and volunteering with the International Quidditch Association.

Metropolitan Minimum Wage Increases Continue

spaceneedleAt the end of last year, we wrote a blog post about California raising its minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour, and discussed the pros and cons of raising minimum wage.

This month, Seattle passed a bill that increases the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, the highest in the country at almost double the national minimum wage.

The interesting difference between Seattle raising its minimum wage, as opposed to when California raised its minimum wage is that this law is only relevant to those working directly within the city limits. This means that there will be almost a five-dollar difference in pay between neighboring cities.

The impact of this situation is unknown, but people are paying attention. Some of the results economists are watching for include:
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Is It Time to Update Your Workforce Readiness Program?

iStock_000014864068XLargeIt is very popular in today’s society to talk about the younger generations’ negative personality traits. I, as a member of these younger generations, always assumed this was just an unfair but not unusual tendency of older generations to complain about “what the world is coming to.”

However, this belief that younger people are lacking certain skills has spread beyond the casual conversation and has become a talking point in the workplace.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employers around the country believe that the workforce is ill-prepared to meet today’s business challenges. A majority of hiring managers interviewed said that those just entering the workforce are missing both the soft and hard skills necessary to succeed.

With the Baby Boomer generation slowly retiring out of the workplace, and no qualified replacements joining the workforce, employers must now take steps to build up and retain their employees to prevent major talent gaps.
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Workforce Watch List: Career Goals

This is part three of a three part blog series which presents data from a recent Adecco survey. In part one, we discuss office habits and in part two we explore vacation habits. Check them out for some great workforce insights!

Despite all the turmoil facing the workforce in the past couple years, American career goals have remained consistent. According to a recent Workers Insight Survey conducted by Adecco, the top two career goals are increasing pay (53 percent of respondents) and maintaining a better work-life balance (46 percent of respondents).

Additionally, 26 percent of respondents said their goal was to get promoted and 15 percent of respondents said they want to improve their relationship with their boss.
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Multi-generational Employee Motivation

The modern workforce now includes employees spanning four distinct generations. This may not seem significant, but the differences between these generations go beyond age—each has its own knowledge, strengths and weaknesses. Managers must know how to work with each to maintain a successful business.

Managing employees across various generations is difficult, but if you understand a little bit about each generation you will understand what motivates each to maximize their output and leads to a fulfilling opportunity for everyone.



As members of the World War II generation, Traditionalists are conventional, frugal and they command respect. Although most are now retired, they are still a part of the modern workforce. As a manager, you should reinforce their need for structure by formally acknowledging their successes and help younger employees follow the written chain of command when interacting with them. A little bit of officially recognized feedback will go a long way with these employees.
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