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Which is the Best Way to Hire: Algorithms or Intuition?

We have talked, in the past, about automation and technology and the opportunities and challenges that it holds for the workplace and for employees. There is no doubt that technology is having a dramatic impact on how we work and the decisions that we make. One of the big contributors to these decisions is data. […] Read Article “Which is the Best Way to Hire: Algorithms or Intuition?”

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Job Satisfaction: Do you love work or hate work?

The data around this topic is murky—some surveys determined that the majority of Americans love their jobs, while other surveys determined that the majority hate their jobs—but the main point is this: Lots of people either love or hate work, while some fall in between. What about you? Love work, hate work or fall somewhere […] Read Article “Job Satisfaction: Do you love work or hate work?”

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What to Do After the Interview

You’ve read countless articles about how to prep for an interview, and how to make it go smoothly, but how much do you know about that rough time before you get that email or call? The job search process can be long and grueling at times, and Best-in-Class companies are 17% more likely to ensure […] Read Article “What to Do After the Interview”

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3 Benefits of a Referral Program

Think of the considerable time it takes for your HR team and an external recruiter to find the perfect fit. And now think about the money it costs your company to post on job boards, promote on social media and other expenses they must make in order to get the word out about open positions within your […] Read Article “3 Benefits of a Referral Program”

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Simple ways to build a positive company culture

We recently surveyed over 500 people to find out who loves their job and, more importantly, why. It seems that there’s a unique relationship between love and work. So how do you guarantee employees love their jobs? Well, it can start with a positive company culture. From bring your dog to work day, to a fully stocked […] Read Article “Simple ways to build a positive company culture”

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Five Benefits of an Internship Program

In the U.S., the unemployment rate for young workers is about twice as high as the national rate. OK, so that’s not great. But let’s reverse that trend. How? Internships are a great place to start. This year, we’re trying to put more than 5,000 young people to work in internships around the world. By […] Read Article “Five Benefits of an Internship Program”

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You can find us (and career tips) at Adecco Street Day!

We’re taking on the youth unemployment epidemic. New graduates and students go in search of their first work experience, only to be confronted with rejection based on their lack of said experience. It’s become a meme worthy paradox. In an effort to raise awareness and combat youth unemployment, we will be hosting Adecco Street Day events around the […] Read Article “You can find us (and career tips) at Adecco Street Day!”

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6 Soft Skills to Improve

Well that was awkward… That common catchphrase is usually good for a laugh, but it’s not so funny when muttered in the workplace. The inability to effectively interact with others is one of the most obvious examples of the increasing lack of employee “soft skills” that are essential to landing – and keeping – a good job. In […] Read Article “6 Soft Skills to Improve”

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How to Overcome Bad Impressions

A study by Hay Group found that 83 percent of companies in the U.S., China and India faced increasing competition to attract and retain candidates who possess strong soft skills. Hay Group Global Managing Director, Leadership and Talent, Ruth Malloy said the study results reveal an “awkward generation joining companies across the globe” many of whom have […] Read Article “How to Overcome Bad Impressions”

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4 Ways to Turn a Seasonal Pink Slip into an Opportunity

If you’re a seasonal worker, you may be in search of your next gig now that the holidays are over. But worry not- you just spent an entire quarter building your resume and sharpening your skills! Now is the time to scrutinize your resume, evaluate your social media profiles, embark on the job hunt and […] Read Article “4 Ways to Turn a Seasonal Pink Slip into an Opportunity”