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Jacques Bouchard is the SEO Manager for Adecco USA's Digital Marketing team. When not optimizing websites, he can be found whipping up some culinary magic, snapping photos on a nature trail, aquascaping his fish tanks, or somewhere else off the beaten path.

Using Memes and Macros In Your Viral Marketing Strategy

Went viral before it was mainstream - hipster meme about creating a viral marketing strategyIn the past few years, I’ve seen Internet marketers divide themselves into two distinct camps:  those who embrace memes and consider them a powerful marketing tool, and those who dismiss them as an off-brand waste of time. The battle lines have been drawn in blogs, forums, and by the water cooler, and there are compelling arguments for both cases.

But here’s the thing: The term “meme” has been in use for almost 40 years, encompasses a vast variety of cultural phenomenon, and is an absolute cornerstone of modern marketing.

If you’ve ever seen an Energizer Bunny commercial, been privy to a “Kodak Moment”, or watched as Gatorade was poured over a coach’s head and felt just the slightest twinge of professional jealousy, then you’ve already bought into the power of memes in marketing.

What Is A Meme?

This is a question that’s been asked many, manymany times, but I’ve yet to see a source that succinctly encapsulates the richness of the medium. In its simplest form, a meme could be thought of as the manifestation of a social phenomenon — one that spreads and evolves as it progresses throughout its lifespan. In its purest form, the term “meme” is broad enough to be applied to nearly anything (think Greek architectural styles still used today).  But for the sake of this article, let’s boil it down to five relevant categories:
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Workforce Watch List: Increasing Employee Productivity

Happy employeeWhen morale is high, employees feel healthier, more alert, and more sociable. In this collective state of mind, employee productivity can increase by as much as 22%.

Additionally, these employees show increased creativity, a heightened sense of ownership in their work, and “good vibrations” that spread to other coworkers and nurture a more competitive and active workplace.

High morale can also help combat worker disengagement – which is an increasingly relevant workplace phenomenon that is costing U.S. companies more than $450 billion annually.  High morale also a key factor in keeping your best talent with the company, and in avoiding the high costs of employee turnover.
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