10 Resume Tips: Creating a Machine-Readable Resume

search-field-in-web-browserTimes have changed. Job applicants face an interesting challenge: creating a digital resume that is readable not only by humans, but by the machines that process it.

When you submit an online job application, a tool called a resume parser extracts information from your resume, transferring it to the correct section of your profile. When a recruiter is looking for candidates who match a job description, they may rely on searching and matching software. If your resume wasn’t parsed correctly, you may be overlooked even though you’re a match for the open position.

What can you do to make sure your resume is understood correctly? Sovren, a global provider of resume parsing and searching and matching software, shared their secrets. We’ve summarized some of their resume tips for electronic resumes below.
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How to Keep Employees Happy: Combat Attrition

job tipsDo you feel passionate about your work and committed to your company? 70% of Americans would be likely to respond “no” to this question.

According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workforce report:

  • 18% are actively disengaged: dissatisfied, unmotivated workers with attitudes that can be contagious to coworkers
  • 52% are disengaged: doing the bare minimum required to keep their job, but without any real connection to their work
  • 30% are engaged: proactive, productive employees who feel personally connected to the company

Low Employee Engagement Increases Attrition

Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. more than $450 billion each year. Unhappy employees are more likely to leave the organization. Adecco’s 2012 Graduation Survey revealed that 91% of recent graduates would leave a job they didn’t like within a year. Turnover is expensive: on average, replacing just one employee costs 20% of their annual salary.

Attrition occurs when employees who leave aren’t replaced. Ironically, this often results in more turnover, as remaining employees become frustrated trying to “do more with less.” If your company has an employee engagement problem, or if you’re a disengaged employee, you probably already know it.

So how do you solve the problem and avoid attrition? Start by getting inspired by these five companies, who have developed creative employee engagement strategies to keep employees happy and minimize turnover.

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Understanding the New Facebook Posting Options

New Facebook posting options: Why should you use “Share & Track Clicks” and “Buffer”?

New Facebook Posting Options


Have you noticed the new Facebook posting options “Share and Track Clicks” and “Buffer” alongside your normal “Post” button?

The new options allow you to post to Facebook using your HootSuite account or Buffer account directly from the Facebook native platform. Facebook often tests certain features in a limited market. In my personal experience, I can see both options on the Facebook desktop site (but not the mobile site or app), when posting from my News Feed (but not my Timeline), and using Google Chrome.

So, what exactly do Buffer and HootSuite do – and what are the benefits of clicking these buttons to post; rather than the traditional “Post” button? 
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Traveling Abroad for Work: 10 Things No One Tells You

Traveling abroad

Traveling abroad for work can be a bit intimidating; forcing you to step outside your normal comfort zone. In the first six months of 2013, I made six trips to Adecco Group headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland; passing through five different airports on my journey there. By the end of June, I had spent nine weeks total overseas.

Before my first trip, I tried to prepare by reviewing tips about Swiss culture and international business travel. Looking back, I realize that while I found a few useful articles, most of the content I came across seemed recycled and cliché.

Are you traveling abroad soon for work? Below are 10 things I really learned during my time spent overseas.
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Avoiding Career Suicide: 7 Tips to Stop Interrupting

In today’s fast-paced society, speed often trumps courtesy. Patience seems to be a virtue of a previous generation, replaced by efficiency. We’ve become accustomed to countless interruptions each day: expecting (and even welcoming) impromptu visits, text messages, social media alerts, or the click of an incoming call during a conversation.
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Be Productive with Keyboard Shortcuts for iPhone and Android

Lately, I find that I use my smartphone more often than my laptop. Writing work emails, ordering products online, and texting family members. I became frustrated by constantly retyping the same words and login information. “Auto-correct” or “predictive text” never seemed to correctly finish my thoughts. I prefer not to use abbreviated text languages when I use my phone. It is far more personal and professional to use full sentences and correct grammar. 
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