Working with Recruiters Made Easy

Become a recruiter's go to person, respond quickly, be prepared, have an updated resume

While recruiters don’t play favorites in the typical sense, there are some candidates they enjoy working with more than others. These candidates become their “go-to” candidates and are often placed again immediately after their first assignment ends. So, what do these “star” candidates do differently.

We’ve taken some advice from our best recruiters to make your job search and the submission process easy. Below are some key points for working with recruiters that are easy to adopt in your own job search.
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Consider These Tips Before Considering Multiple Recruiting Agencies

Recently, I received a call from a distraught friend, who had just received an angry phone call from a recruiter. The recruiter had recently submitted my friend for a job through his staffing agency. The hiring manager responded that my friend was already in consideration through a competing agency. The recruiter was upset with my friend for not mentioning that he had already been submitted for the job. My friend, on the other hand, had no idea that he had already been submitted; or that two agencies would be working on the same job.
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Are You Addicted to your Smartphone? Time for a Detox.

Do you remember life before smartphones?

A time when you weren’t constantly connected through email, text messaging or social media? When you went on vacation or left the office at 5PM, and didn’t do any work until you returned?
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10 Tips to Create an Effective Resume and Get Noticed

As a former Technical Recruiter, the most common question I was asked was, “Can you look at my resume?” which was always followed by a series of apologies. It was an easy request; considering that in an average day, I deconstructed and revamped countless resumes. Unless a resume was truly in need of help, I could normally format it in less than 15 minutes [see the sample format at the bottom of this post if you’re feeling a bit lost with your own resume].
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Why You’re Getting Nowhere In Your Attempt to Change Careers – and 5 Tips to Make Progress

If you are looking to make a complete career change, applying for jobs online and waiting for a response is rarely going to work.


In most cases, when a recruiter is evaluating an applicant for a position, they are comparing their prior education and work experience to the requirements of a job requisition. If they match, they will be considered a good fit. If they don’t, the recruiter moves on to the next resume.

Even if the job is entry level, if you have several years of experience in another field, the recruiter may not consider you a fit. They may think you applied to the wrong job; that you would require a much higher salary than an entry level candidate; or that you would be bored in an entry level role.

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7 Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier: Productivity, Travel and Notes

Continuing the theme of my last post, where I shared with you 7 Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier: Commute, Inspiration, Social, News and Job Search, I wanted to share some additional free apps that have made my life easier. These apps focus on productivity, travel and notes.

Do you have any favorite apps? Share your thoughts in the comments!


The 30/30 Time Management app allows you to set up tasks and assign a time frame to spend on each task. Tasks appear in a color coded list. When you start the first task, you start the timer, which can be paused at any time. When the time is up for a task, the alarm sounds to alert you to move on to the next task.

Availability:  iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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