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Jason Provost is a Marketing Manager for Adecco Staffing USA's Attraction & Lead Generation team. Aside from his professional work with Adecco, Jason plays bass guitar, loves to cook and is a diehard Boston sports fan. Follow his insights on the Adecco USA blog!

Webinar Wrap-Up: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce in a Customer Service Environment

employee-growth-metricsManaging the differences between the generations in the workplace has proven to be difficult for many business leaders. Generational challenges and dissimilar working styles are ever-present and can cause a disconnect between employers and employees. When you add the headaches associated with a customer service environment to these generational differences, serious operational issues can arise and impact your bottom line. Adecco’s recent webinar, “Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce in a Customer Service Environment,” helps leaders and managers mitigate these issues. In the webinar, topics include a detailed look at the generations in the workforce, leveraging generational strengths, best practices for addressing generational challenges, management tips and advice for helping the younger generations provide excellent service.

Panelists for the webinar include Bruce Tulgan (Author, Founder & CEO of RainmakerThinking), Wendy Slayton (Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Adecco Group North America), Kristen Leverone (Senior Vice President & Global Talent Development Practice Leader for Lee Hecht Harrison) and Lauren Griffin (Senior Vice President of Adecco Staffing, USA). Individuals who attended the webinar earned Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) credit, which counts toward the certification and recertification process for HR professionals.

If you are interested in viewing the “Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce in a Customer Service Environment” webinar, click here. For those wishing to receive HRCI credit, we will be granting accreditation through October 10, 2014 for those who watch the webinar in its entirety. Please note: In order to receive credit, you MUST complete the form that appears and provide valid information. Your HRCI credit information will be sent within a week of viewing.

If you wish to view only the slides presented in the webinar and are not interested in receiving HRCI credit, click here.
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STEM Skills Gap: Now is the Time to Act


The demand for professionals with STEM backgrounds – meaning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – is steadily rising. Currently, there are 1.4 vacant STEM jobs for every qualified STEM job-seeker. If this rate persists, by 2018 there will be a projected 1.7 million STEM jobs without qualified applicants to fill them.

Filling this skills gap presents an education challenge for the American job market. A recent article cites that “In 2013, there were 5.7 million total postings in STEM fields. Of those, 76%, or 4.4 million, require at least a bachelor’s degree, and 41%, or 2.3 million, are entry-level jobs requiring less than 2 years of experience.” To that point, only 28% of undergraduate students presently partake in STEM courses in college – even with an abundance of available jobs on the rise in these areas.

Yet, the STEM gap doesn’t begin in college; the fact remains that by the time job-seekers are in college or post-college, it’s too late to develop the necessary background to support open STEM job functions. As such, another route must be taken to fill the growing STEM gap – and it must begin early in the academic journey. To truly impact the STEM gap, students and educators alike must begin looking at earlier education for the foundation of a solid STEM background.

So, we have a solution. But does the majority of the American public know that this serious issue even exists? Does the public know that American children’s proficiencies in math and science are shrinking? And that only 18% percent of all college engineering majors are female?

If the answer to these questions is no, then how do we get the American public on board with early STEM education? The short answer is to educate our public on the STEM skills gap issue and what the crisis means for our future.
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May BLS Report: 217,000 Jobs Added, Jobless Rate Unchanged

201302-wpe-post-headerSource: May 2014 BLS report

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its May 2014 unemployment report, which showed an overall gain of 217,000 jobs and the unemployment rate holding at 6.3% after last month’s drop of 0.4%. This data confirms a rebound of economic conditions from the winter slowdown.

With these gains, employment has now exceeded its pre-recession levels. Between January 2008 and February 2010, 8.7 million jobs were lost. But in just over four years, employment has slowly risen by 8.8 million.

Revisions to prior months showed that March remained at 203,000 jobs added and April subtracted 6,000 jobs from last month’s report bringing it down to a still impressive 282,000 jobs added. Gains for total nonfarm payroll employment has averaged 197,000 new jobs per month over the last 12 months.
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April’s Job Creation Widespread Across Industries


Source: BLS jobs report

The United States generated 288,000 jobs in April, making it the 50th straight month of positive job creation. These figures surpassed many of the expert predictions, as most anticipated 190,000 to 210,000 would be added. The unemployment rate fell 0.4 percent to 6.3 percent — the lowest it has been since 2008 — but was offset by a significant drop in the labor participation rate.

In March, job growth had revealed a milestone in the U.S. economy. Private sector jobs had recouped 8.9 million jobs since February 2010. This exceeded the employment figures of December 2007, which were the pre-recession peak levels. In April, the private sector contributed 273,000 new jobs, while government employment rose by 15,000.

Employment gains were widespread across sectors and were led by professional and business services, retail, food services and construction. Here are some key sector highlights from the BLS “The Employment Situation – April 2014” report.
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April BLS Report: 288,000 Jobs Added, Drop In Unemployment


Source: BLS

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its April 2014 unemployment report, which showed an overall gain of 288,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropping a sizable 0.4%, bringing the total figure down to 6.3%. This data shows a strong rebound in economic conditions from the winter slowdown. In addition, revisions to prior months showed that February added 222,000 jobs (up from 197,000), and February grew 203,000 jobs (from 192,000). With these revisions, gains in employment for those two months were actually 36,000 higher than previously reported, and job growth has averaged 190,000 new jobs per month over the last 12 months.
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Today is Adecco Way to Work Street Day! Visit Your Local Branch!

ADO_403x403_w2w_2We here at Adecco are very excited that today, April 30th, is Adecco Way to Work ™ Street Day! In 50 countries around the world, and in over 352 Adecco branches nationwide, we will be hosting open houses from 10AM to 3PM, offering training on writing better cover letters, improving interview skills and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Most importantly, this event is free and open to the general public!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for hands-on career help! Click here to find the branch nearest you. We encourage you to visit!

Additionally, we will be holding our official “Careerathon” at Palomar College in San Diego, California. Career professionals will be on hand to offer free, one-on-one job hunting and career advice to the students and general public of the city of San Diego. We’re very excited that Joyce Russell, Executive Vice President & President of Adecco Staffing, and members of the Adecco leadership team will be on hand to personally meet with participants. Oh, and we’ve also heard rumors of there being free waffles served! But you’ll have to come to Palomar College to find out.

We’ll be covering the event throughout the day on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Vine using the hashtag #WaytoWork. Make sure to follow and share our updates!

Announcing the Adecco Experience

In order the help you kick-start your career, we’re also announcing our Adecco Experience Program. At Adecco, we  believe that the right to work is universal and that young people must be better equipped with the right hard and soft skills that today’s businesses and hiring managers are demanding. And an internship is a great way to gain those skills.

So beginning today, April 30th  — as part of Way to Work – we are launching a contest called “Adecco Experience” across all 50 countries. This contest — geared toward high school/college students and graduates — will reward four applicants from each country with truly dynamic internship opportunities. The winners of this contest will be given top-notch internships, working for a month with Adecco’s clients and partners. Each winner will have a job in their respective country and no traveling will be required. On top of that, Adecco will provide the winners with competitive internship pay. It will be enriching and valuable for future career development, and a great way to experience the first taste of the exciting world of work.

But that’s not all! One lucky winner will be selected for the CEO for one month internship, and will work in direct contact and under direct supervision of Adecco Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire.

But this isn’t just a simple “check this box to enter” contest…

On the Way to Work “Adecco Experience” website we will be asking applicants to complete an online profile and prepare a short video of themselves. The deadline to apply is May 31st. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed, and the U.S. winners will be revealed to the public on June 20th.

So make sure to head over to the Way to Work “Adecco Experience” website to get the full details, contest rules and to begin your application!