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While she’s settling down in the Sunshine State, Meredith is a Carolina girl by birth. She earned her Master’s from the College of Charleston, but NC State will always be #1 in her heart. In the world of Adecco Group marketing, she helps brands grow their online communities. Outside of the office, Meredith is an avid traveler and wannabe yogi.

The State of STEM in America

Engineers-week-4Creating the next great technology innovations is crucial to the advancement of our society and the American economy.  Unfortunately, the American workforce is crippled by a lack of experts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), which is what we call the STEM skills gap. Since this week is National Engineers Week, we’re doing a three-part blog series on STEM-related topics. In part one, we examined the fastest-growing STEM jobs for 2015. In part two (this post), we look at the state of STEM in education and the workforce. In part three, we’ll explore a program that helps inspire middle schoolers to become interested in STEM disciplines through exposure to actual STEM professionals. 

According to a 2014 report by the General Accounting Office (GAO), nearly all of the nation’s job growth between 2004 and 2012 occurred in STEM fields.  The number of non-STEM jobs remained about the same during that time span. And while the percentage of students earning degrees in STEM fields has increased over the past decade, America still lacks the trained workforce to meet the growing job market. Looking at measures of academic performance on a global scale, the United States lags far behind other countries.
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Webinar Wrap Up: Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

Watch the Webinar recording: 

In this candidate-driven job market, job seekers are approaching their job search the way they would a substantial purchase of a consumer product. This includes:

  • Doing extensive research on a potential employer’s reputation
  • Studying up on the company’s brand and researching what the work experience might be like
  • Turning to their own personal social network for connections to their target company

This presents several challenges – and opportunities – for recruiters and hiring managers, as smart job-seekers are circumventing the “front door” and the traditional resume-submittal-and-job-application process. Job seekers are more educated and aware than ever before. Many candidates want to work for great companies, rather than accept the first job offer that comes their way. What’s more – sometimes the best candidates are not even actively looking for work, but are already employed. This wont stop them from interacting with potential employers online and making assessments about their employment opportunities.
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The Professional & Business Services Sector Leads December’s Job Growth

October US Jobs Report

Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “The Employment Situation – December 2014″ 

Employment gains were highest in professional and business services, construction, food services and drinking places, healthcare and manufacturing. Here are some key sector highlights from the BLS “The Employment Situation – December 2014” report:

Professional and Business Services

This industry reported 52,000 added jobs to the economy (19.5 million total workforce), for a total of 732,000 year-over-year growth. The employment services subsector continued its upward trend with 16,200 new jobs (3.7 million total workforce), with 14,700 jobs coming from the temporary help services subsector (2.9 million total workforce). Administrative and support services added 34,400 jobs (8.5 million total workforce). Computer Systems and design services added 9,000 new jobs.
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Job Market Update: Metro & Regional Area Highlights


Regional and State Overview:

Looking to the BLS’ latest “Regional and State Employment and Unemployment” report, both regional and state unemployment rates saw little change in the United States during the month of November. 41 states and the District of Columbia had unemployment rate decreases from October, three states had increases, and six states had no change. Forty-three states and the District of Columbia had unemployment rate decreases from this time last year, four states had increases, and three states had no change.
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Job Market Update: 2.8 Million New Jobs Created in 2014


Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “The Employment Situation – December 2014″

The year finished strong in terms of job growth, as December brought 252,000 new jobs to the U.S. economy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its December 2014 unemployment report, and the greatest job gains occurred in professional and business services, construction, food services and drinking places, healthcare and manufacturing. In 2014, job growth averaged 246,000 per month, which is a remarkable improvement over the average monthly gain of 194,000 jobs in 2013. Since December of last year, a total of 2.95 million jobs have been added to the U.S. economy.

In other good news, the unemployment rate declined to 5.6 percent, after remaining at 5.8 percent in the previous two months. This is the lowest rate we’ve seen since September, 2008.
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November Metro/Regional Report: Employment Increasing Across the Nation

BLS-regional-metro-data-on-BLS-employment-reportThe national BLS “The Employment Situation report – November 2014” showed an impressive surge in employment, adding 321,000 new jobs to the economy – 100,000+ more jobs than the previous month. This upswing has economists hopeful that growth will continue as we round out the year.

Looking to the BLS’s latest “Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment report – October 2014”, we see that unemployment rates have been steadily declining throughout 2014. Compared to this time last year, US unemployment rates are lower in 354 of the 372 metropolitan areas. The national unemployment rate is also 1.2 percentage points lower than it was October 2013, coming in at 5.8 points. Overall, unemployment changes have been positive, with forty-two states and the District of Columbia showing unemployment rate decreases over the past 12 months. 
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