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Rachelle Chapman


Rachelle as a recruiter in February 2005 and now serves as the Senior Manger for Specialty Recruitment Programs and is the Military Liaison for Adecco. A proud military spouse herself, Rachelle liaises with Adecco branches and military installations around the country, serving as Adecco’s national representative to the military. She also manages the Athlete Career Program in partnership with the United States Olympic Committee and the Mature Worker Program.

Celebrate Freedom!

Around Independence Day of 1943, my grandmother, Dorothy, was working as a real life “Rosie the Riveter.”  Grandma Dorothy recalled this chapter of her life fondly. While proud of her contribution to our troops overseas, she took equal pride in her contribution to […]

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Connecting US Reservists & Their Families To Jobs

Finding a good job is challenging these days, and it can be especially difficult for a civilian soldier in the Army Reserves.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate for reservists and veterans is several points higher than the national […]

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Postcards to Patriots

I. Love. Sparklers. Growing up, the boys in our neighborhood scampered for the louder, prouder Independence Day fireworks…the Black Cats and Roman Candles that would send squirrels running.  Sparklers, to them, were just too safe and low key. But sparklers, for my […]

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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

On a cold December night in 2003, a close friend (and Naval Reservist) persuaded me to attend a social at a military base. Never having been to a military base, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. The idea […]

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New Moms: To work or not to work?

To be or not to be…a working mom? Every professional woman entering the novelty of motherhood is faced with the decision whether or not they will return to work after their bundle of joy is born. For some women the decision is […]

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