Connecting US Reservists & Their Families To Jobs

LTG Talley pic

Left to right:
Lieutenant General Jeffrey W. Talley
Rachelle Chapman, Sr. Manager, Recruitment and Military Liaison for Adecco
Erin M. Thiede, Director Employer, Partnership Office
Angel Faggins, Manager Employer, Partnership Office

Finding a good job is challenging these days, and it can be especially difficult for a civilian soldier in the Army Reserves.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate for reservists and veterans is several points higher than the national average.  For junior enlisted reservists, it’s twice the national average.  So when Adecco was asked to help our nation’s reservists find jobs, we jumped at the chance.

In early 2009, we publicly committed to recruit and hire Army reservists through the Employer Partnership Office (EPO) in a ceremony at the Capitol in Denver, Colorado.  Over the past five years we have worked with our EPO partners all across the country to connect reservists and their families from all military branches with our clients.  The only state without an active EPO presence was Hawaii – until now.
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Postcards to Patriots

I. Love. Sparklers.

Growing up, the boys in our neighborhood scampered for the louder, prouder Independence Day fireworks…the Black Cats and Roman Candles that would send squirrels running.  Sparklers, to them, were just too safe and low key.

But sparklers, for my sister and me, were where the real Independence Day joy would be found.  We’re talking about twenty to thirty-six inches of pyrotechnic glory, burning up to four magical minutes at literally three thousand degrees in the palm of your little barbecue-coated hand!

Too safe?  They’re banned in four states, boys.

The thrill of my annual Independence Day sparkler ritual never fades.  For our deployed service members, however, little holiday rituals are among the first good things to stop.  That’s why I was excited when my colleague Janet Christensen jump-started a movement to send Valentine cards to the troops deployed from nearby Ellsworth Air Force Base.  By the end, her community – schools, churches, businesses, everybody – put over a thousand little notes in the hands of local Airmen deployed overseas. 
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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

On a cold December night in 2003, a close friend (and Naval Reservist) persuaded me to attend a social at a military base. Never having been to a military base, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. The idea of dating a military man did not interest me at all. It wasn’t that the military was an entirely foreign concept — My father had served in the Army during Vietnam, and my grandfathers had served in the Navy and Marine Corps during World War II, which I am wonderfully proud of. Little did I know that night I would meet my future husband and become a military spouse.
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New Moms: To work or not to work?

Me with Katherine

To be or not to be…a working mom? Every professional woman entering the novelty of motherhood is faced with the decision whether or not they will return to work after their bundle of joy is born. For some women the decision is a profound crossroads, and others do not have a choice at all. They must work.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was not sure how I was going to feel about returning to work after my maternity leave was over. Some friends told me I would be running out the door with my briefcase in hand, eager to get to work and have adult conversation. Other friends insisted I would never want to return to work after my daughter arrived.
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