Win4Youth: Ragnar Relay

This post is being written from Madison, Wisconsin, as Adecco E&T and GS have partnered to take on the Ragnar Relay.  Ragnar is an overnight relay race that tests a team to the fullest and our squad is attempting to run from Madison to Chicago (200 miles) in under 30 hours. All of the miles accrued during this race will go toward our Win4Youth efforts.

The event was initiated by Marc Sweger, Branch Manager of E&T’s Indianapolis office, who will be joined by 6 additional Adecco employees: Heather Barthel, Milwaukee; Krista Uhlenhake, Milwaukee; Jenni Chelenyak, Detroit; Nichole Mittelstaedt, Milwaukee; Jeneta Idrizi, Detroit; Matt Shoulta, Cincinnati.
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Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace

As the responsibilities of the day hijack our schedules and strategy defers to reactivity, interpersonal relationships and common courtesy are often neglected faster than Mark Sanchez after his first pick-6.
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Bridging the Gap Between the Younger and Older Workforce

For every Wall Street protester, there is a young professional studying the Wall Street Journal.  For every $400 SnapBack hat purchased someone is buying an interview suit and leather portfolio.  For every tweet posted, there is a LinkedIn page updated.

As a significant percentage of the workforce begins to retire, there is an insatiable need to fill this gap with competent professionals.  The stakeholders responsible for hiring and filling the gap, (Late Boomers and Gen X) are looking to capitalize on youth and technical savvy without sacrificing the values, ethics, depth, loyalty and dependability of past generations.

What is the best forum to bridge this gap and maximize the talents of both cultures?