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Meet the CEO for One Month Candidates

We were looking high and low for North America’s CEO for One Month Candidates. Thousands of people applied and hundreds made it through our initial screening. People from all across the United Stated sent in essays, resumes and videos. We loved the responses! Our applicants are so talented, but we could only choose six.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Adecco’s CEO for One Month Candidates. Follow Adecco Group North America on Facebook & Twitter to find out who will be NUMBER ONE!

The Motivated Maverick


Ageliki is otherwise known as Angel. An Easton, Maryland native, Angel graduated in 2015 with a degree in Economics from the American College of Greece. Her impressive internships in the private and public sectors highlight her drive to succeed. As the CEO for One Month, she hopes to learn how to motivate, successfully network, cultivate relationships and balance life & work.

Angel currently resides in Miami, Florida serving as a member of AmeriCorps. Throw some support her way on Twitter @Ageliki_Key! #AgelikiforCEO


The Comeback Kid

Amanda shares her hometown of sunny Jacksonville, Florida with Adecco headquarters. Impressively, she recently graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Admittedly, her tenure at school started off a bit rough, but in the end she persevered with help from friends, professors and her basketball teammates. As a result, Amanda is happy to say, “Smith is a place that both attracts and breeds strong women and I am a better person from having spent 4 years there.”

Currently, Amanda is pursuing a master’s degree in sports management. To cheer Amanda on to victory, make sure to tag @Zakoske on Twitter! #AmandaforCEO


The Decision Maker

A 2016 Carthage College graduate from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Carl appreciates strong leadership. Not only was he the President of his fraternity, he was also involved in ten leadership programs and societies. As Carl puts it, “One of my mentors once told me “You can either be the leader that everyone likes or the leader that everyone respects”. I come back to this quote whenever I need to make a big decision. It reminds me that the popular answer may not always be the right answer.

Carl hopes to put his degree in Graphic Design and Public Relations to work after the CEO for One Month experience. Cheer on this future leader @CarlSaenger on Twitter! #CarlforCEO


The All-American Athlete

As an All-American Scholar student athlete, Courtney earned a gold medal at the 2013 NCAA Rowing Championship and won the 2011 NCAA Sportsmanship of the Year Award while attending Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This hard-working Sarasota native says her mother is a huge force in her life. “For someone who is a single mom, has three engaging adult children, owns her own business, and works fourteen hours a day, I’m astonished how she manages to keep her head attached to her body. She champions every move I have ever made and continue to make. She is my biggest fan, the most candid person in my life, and someone who I can always count on.”

Be one of Courtney’s CEO supporters by tagging her @lanechange14! #CourtneyforCEO


The Philanthropist

Originally from Little Rock, Josh graduated from the University of Arkansas. His degree is International Business with concentrations in Marketing and Spanish. His passion lies in marketing and business strategy, which has manifested itself in Bread for the Unfed. The organization is a non-profit he co-founded to help feed those in need. Josh’s parents raised him to believe that he can do anything that he puts his mind to. But not without hard work. His favorite quote is “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” -Chris Grosser

You think Josh is going to earn his opportunity at CEO for One Month? Show him your support by tweeting at @jmully77! #JoshforCEO


The International Brand

As Canada’s representative for Adecco’s CEO for One Month, Michael has travelled the furthest. Born in Kenya, raised in Thailand, he currently attends the University of British Columbia in Vancouver where he is studying Marketing. He works well alone, but thrives in a team environment. Michael understands the importance of branding yourself and being your biggest champion. As he states, “Being able to have an extensive network will get your further than a lot of things these days, and further to that, being able to essentially ‘brand’ yourself will help shape other peoples perspective of you – so just be yourself! “

Do you think Michael has what it takes to be Adecco’s CEO for One Month? Root for @MrAduma on Twitter! #MichaelforCEO

To keep track of the action during CEO for One Month Boot Camp, follow Adecco on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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