Employee Recognition

How do you recognize your team?  Your employees?  Your Co-Workers?  Your family?

Recognition in the workplace is a constantly discussed topic.  There are countless books, articles, seminars and “so-called” experts on the topic.  Companies spend money on trying to determine what is the best, most effective, most affordable way to recognize hard work and effort in the workplace.

In today’s economy, it is difficult for companies to rely on monetary reward and recognition.  However, most experts agree, that money is not the answer.  Developing a culture of recognition, and the ability for all levels to recognize and be recognized is the leading driver in building a successful culture.
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Diversity team attends U.S. disability matters conference

Lois Cooper and William Rolack here! We head up the CSR & Inclusion team, part of the Diversity group at Adecco. Our role is to continue to grow diversity and inclusion in Adecco’s workforce and workplace, with our colleagues and associates, and with our clients in the marketplace.

One of the initiatives that we support is helping employees with disabilities in the workplace as well as assisting clients in welcoming those employees. Last month, Adecco Group was a co-host of the inaugural Disability Matters EU Conference in Paris where we learned about the challenges and opportunities of hiring individuals with disabilities on a global level.  Check out some of the pictures from the event here:

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