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Choose the best staffing solution for your businessIt’s no secret that the number of engineering and technical jobs in the United States – and around the world – are on the rise. Companies big and small are on the lookout for trained professionals in various tech fields.

Provided you have the right set of skills and certifications, you may be able to land that dream position. But, of course, this may be easier said than done. Below are some of the most in demand technical skills, soft skills, and certifications employers are seeking.

Technology Skills In High Demand

While the most in-demand technical skills are currently in electronic, mechanical, civil, or software engineering industries, employers in other fields are looking for workers with the right training.

For example, some of the specialized skills that are most in demand for software engineers are the following:

  • Good understanding of various programming languages like C, C++, Java, Javascript, and .Net.
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of internet technologies such as CSS, XML, SMTP, and HTML.
  • Experience with database applications such as Oracle, SQL, MS Access, and Lotus Notes.
  • Great understanding of algebra, geometry, arithmetics, and calculus.
  • Good experience working with different operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, and Unix

Other fields may require technical skills such as advanced physics, chemistry, biology, and others.

Online Certification, Tests and Solutions

The most popular websites for online training and certifications are Brainbench, ExpertRating, eSkill, and CriteriaCorp.

Many companies use these online services as part of their pre-screening process to assess your knowledge and skills related to the position your seeking to fill. It would be wise to become more familiar with the tests related to the position you’re interested in. Being prepared will go a long way.

Soft Skills and Character Traits

You may hold a degree in your field and you may have all the necessary certifications, but employers also look at your soft skills – often called non-technical skills. They are just as important as technical ones.

According to, some of the must-have skills are:

  • Pattern recognition: you should be able to see underlying ideas and concepts, and look under the surface to get the meaning of things.
  • Street smarts: you need to learn who the important players are in your industry and figure out what issues matter most to them.
  • Leadership and credibility: don’t be afraid to be bold, show character, and stand by your decisions, but be open minded and genuine in your approach as it will only benefit you and the company you work for – or rather, seek employment from.
  • Be resilient: make sure to emphasize solutions rather than issues, obstacles and hurdles.

Employers also need to know you are composed and motivated, that you deal well with stress, work well with others and as part of a team, and that you have a deep understanding of the engineering industry in general. Furthermore, personality traits such as optimism, integrity and common sense are highly valued by employers not only in the United States, but across the globe as well.

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