Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Into Science

Given their superstar status, it’s easy forget that major celebrities often have unique and fascinating personal lives outside of the high-profile roles and accomplishments they’re most frequently known for. It’s the things we never hear about, however, that tend to be most interesting. Did you know, for example, that plenty of celebs have lived secret … Continue reading “Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Into Science”

In Perfect Sync: Exploring Synchronized Swimming

Mariya Korovela and Anita Alvarez will be the only two females to represent the U.S. in Synchronized Swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Mariya represented Team USA at the London Olympic Games and hopes to better her performance with her new duet partner Anita Alverez in Rio. Recently we had the opportunity to chat … Continue reading “In Perfect Sync: Exploring Synchronized Swimming”

Lessons from Stephen Colbert’s #FirstSevenJobs

Let’s be honest, you never remember anything like you remember a first. The first time you ride a bike. The first time you fall in love. The first time your infant takes a step. All of our firsts are breathtaking, messy and glorious. Your first job is no exception. That may be why #FirstSevenJobs has … Continue reading “Lessons from Stephen Colbert’s #FirstSevenJobs”

Sailing through stereotypes

While women like Helena Scutt are making inroads in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers (STEM), they still have a long way to go to share equal representation with their male counterparts in these industries. U.S. Olympian and Athlete Career and Education (ACE) Program participant Helena Scutt believes women and girls should never give up … Continue reading “Sailing through stereotypes”

Setting sail for Rio de Janeiro!

Briana Provancha along with her partner Annie Haeger will sail for Team USA in the Women’s 470 event at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  The 470 has been an International Sailing Federation International Class since 1976. Briana captured her first title at the ISAF Youth World Champion in 2007.  Standing on the podium that night in … Continue reading “Setting sail for Rio de Janeiro!”

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About the Medical Field Today

Change is the only constant when it comes to medical advancements. Medical professionals are always looking for ways to implement the latest technologies in medicine in the quest to save lives. Among the leading medical innovations are game-changing treatments for malaria, parasites and diabetes, as well as “nanobots” for delivering treatment inside the body. Youyou Tu: … Continue reading “(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About the Medical Field Today”

DNC/RNC Recap: The Most Important Job Interview of All Time

We are collectively in the midst of the most important (and most drawn-out) job interview of all time. The President of the United States will soon retire from office, and it’s up to the American people to hire his replacement. Last week, the Democratic National Convention wrapped up in Philadelphia, and the Republican National Convention … Continue reading “DNC/RNC Recap: The Most Important Job Interview of All Time”

4 Ways to Cope with that Annoying Coworker

This week, at the Republican National Convention, Ted Cruz took the stage and declined to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican Nominee for President. “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” he added in response to questions about his lack of endorsement. Attendees at the … Continue reading “4 Ways to Cope with that Annoying Coworker”

Star Trek Resumes: The Job Hunt and Beyond

With the apparent destruction of the USS Enterprise in the newly released film Star Trek Beyond, the crew will have no choice but to seek employment elsewhere. At Adecco, we know how difficult finding a new job can be and if you need real help making yourself stand out among other candidates, check out our … Continue reading “Star Trek Resumes: The Job Hunt and Beyond”

8 Lessons Team USA Can Teach Your Team

Soon, Americans will tune into 28 sports in the Rio Summer Olympics and 23 in the Paralympic Games as Team USA takes the world by storm.   No matter the competition, individual or team, each athlete has a team of supporters. Teamwork is essential to an athlete’s quest for gold. With the Olympic Games,  just … Continue reading “8 Lessons Team USA Can Teach Your Team”