From Cold Cuts to Corporate: How Interning Transformed My Self-Perspective

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There I was, 20 years old, working minimum wage, going to school, and constantly wondering where my life was heading. Probably sounds like a cliché—because, well, it sort of is—but nonetheless it’s a reality for many of my fellow Millennials, and it’s about time someone laid our worries to rest.

You can improve your life. I know this because I did, and it didn’t take a self-help book or lucky lotto ticket, just a little ambition and a lot of trial and error.

It all began the day I realized the life of a sub shop employee was not for me, even at this point in my life. So I explored new opportunities, sent my resume to Adecco Group NA, secured an interview, and with a little preparation, landed a paid internship.

So how did a change in jobs result in a new, redefined version of me? Easy, because with an internship comes a great chance to narrow down what your passion truly is, while simultaneously submerging you in an environment that promotes success—something any young adult with no career path can benefit from.

Converting Self-Doubt to Self-Improvement

The first day as an intern I felt more lost than ever before. I was an advertising major interning in Adecco Group NA’s marketing department for the summer, but my ability to make a sub in under a minute didn’t really translate to corporate success.

In fact, I wasn’t even sure if advertising was my passion (especially since I was a psychology major six months before) but I went with it—and I couldn’t be happier.

My Unique Experience

A large aspect of Adecco’s help in finding my career path was partially due to the fact that I was exposed to so many different hands-on experiences. Here’s what I mean:

Weekly Schedule:

  • Day 1- Develop filming techniques.
  • Day 2- Learn video editing software.
  • Day 3- Receive crash course in copywriting and content development.
  • Day 4- Acquire tips in event coordinating.
  • Day 5- Combine newly developed skills to take on rewarding projects.

Being subjected to an array of marketing positions was only a portion of what made my time at Adecco Group NA so unique. On top of the influx of hands-on learning I was receiving, I was also being given the opportunity to see the inner workings of multiple brands under the Adecco Group umbrella.

I was learning brand after brand as I was doing small projects for different marketing teams, and with that, I began finding aspects of the job that really inspired me.

Then two weeks into the position a new surprise was presented to me that would solidify my experience as “unique,” as I was told I would be helping in our company’s weeklong international contest, CEO for One Month.

For five days I ran around Jacksonville doing all sorts of tasks to help ensure the event ran smoothly. From filming contestants completing an obstacle course to assisting in preparing the auditorium for the announcement of the contest winner, I did it—and loved it.

But like all things, the contest ended (very well, in case you were wondering) and I was back at the office, except this time with a newly found confidence in my future and myself.

I felt invigorated and it was funny to think a few short weeks ago the idea of life after college gave me so much anxiety. Which leads me to my final point.

You Can Transform, Too 

That’s right, I didn’t just write this to give myself a slap on the back, but because I hope I reach another young, lost job seeker trying to make the transition into professional life.

So if that’s you, here’s what you do:

  1. Find your strengths and a field that utilizes them.
  2. Network and apply to businesses offering internships in that field.
  3. Stay hungry for success in everything you do.
  4. Continue to seize opportunities, and see your life come together.

It’s that simple. OK, there is a lot of hard work involved, but you get the point. Stop waiting for an epiphany to show you your potential and go transform your life today!

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