Gen Y can’t I get a job? [infographic]


More than 1.5 million Americans will turn their tassels and flip their caps at college graduation ceremonies this year. After they step across the stage and collect their diplomas, many will be looking to take the next step in their lives – starting a career.

According to our recent survey of 500 hiring managers across the country, the majority of hiring managers (66 percent) do not believe new college graduates are prepared for the workforce, and 58 percent don’t plan on hiring entry-level college graduates this year.

The Adecco infographic below explores why today’s grads have a hard time finding jobs and what they can do to overcome some of  mainstream media’s harshest millennial myths and criticisms.

Gen Y can’t I get a job?

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There are a lot of great opportunities out there, and Adecco can help you start your career:


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