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Which is the Best Way to Hire: Algorithms or Intuition?

We have talked, in the past, about automation and technology and the opportunities and challenges that it holds for the workplace and for employees. There is no doubt that technology is having a dramatic impact on how we work and the decisions that we make. One of the big contributors to these decisions is data. […] Read Article “Which is the Best Way to Hire: Algorithms or Intuition?”

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The Potential of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a trendy term these days; however, it is not necessarily new. Consider, for instance, your local meteorologist who makes predictions for future weather patterns. What are those predictions based on? Data. That same premise applies in a wide range of other industries, including staffing. In our industry, predictive analytics is evolving fast, […] Read Article “The Potential of Predictive Analytics”

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How Technology is Disrupting Recruiting

Technology is disrupting traditional recruiting practices. For example, the paper resumé is no longer the preferred method for a candidate to inform an employer of their skills. Candidates now create virtual brands via social media and personal websites, thus shifting recruiting to a primarily digital practice. There is an unprecedented demand for highly skilled employees, […] Read Article “How Technology is Disrupting Recruiting”

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How to Handle An Underperforming Employee

Dealing with under-performers in the workplace can be a frustrating and sensitive matter for managers and for other employees. Under-performers are often very capable of turning things around, but understanding the problem from all angles is key in determining the best possible route for success. Here are a few important tactics and approaches to keep […] Read Article “How to Handle An Underperforming Employee”

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Will “Buy American, Hire American” Increase U.S. Manufacturing Jobs?

This week marks the beginning of Trump’s “Made in America” campaign, which aims to promote goods made in America by Americans. Following an executive order back in April of 2017, the week refocuses Americans on the Administration’s agenda and reinforces the importance of adding jobs to the labor market. Putting ‘America First’ in this manner is a […] Read Article “Will “Buy American, Hire American” Increase U.S. Manufacturing Jobs?”

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Why do 34% of companies say no to succession planning?

Wow. More than a third of companies do NOT use succession plans. You’re surprised, right? At least a little bit? Because, admittedly, we were. And even though we thought we knew the reasons for this shift, we were bound and determined to confirm our suspicions. So we did. And what we found was interesting—something you […] Read Article “Why do 34% of companies say no to succession planning?”

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New tech trends for interviewing job candidates

For most of us, even with the aid of the digital era, the idea of a job search conjures up thoughts of stress, tedious (and often fruitless) gestures of interest, and an aggravating amount of time spent waiting to receive a response that may never come. In many ways, the traditional hiring process is an […] Read Article “New tech trends for interviewing job candidates”

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Why the U.S. Desperately Needs More Vocational Training & Apprenticeships

Last Thursday, during “Workforce Development Week“, President Trump signed an executive order to significantly increase the number of U.S. apprenticeships from the current 500,000 by doubling the amount the government spends on apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeship programs are most successful when they’re designed by employers around their own needs. For that reason, employers will play a […] Read Article “Why the U.S. Desperately Needs More Vocational Training & Apprenticeships”

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3 Benefits of a Referral Program

Think of the considerable time it takes for your HR team and an external recruiter to find the perfect fit. And now think about the money it costs your company to post on job boards, promote on social media and other expenses they must make in order to get the word out about open positions within your […] Read Article “3 Benefits of a Referral Program”

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Hiring Mistakes: The Cost of a Bad Hire

When it comes to costly workplace mistakes, few carry as hefty a price tag as making a wrong hire. It’s estimated that some companies could lose up to $50,000 by making a single bad hire. According to a recent Entrepreneur article, half of hiring and HR managers estimate that bad hires have cost their companies, “thousands […] Read Article “Hiring Mistakes: The Cost of a Bad Hire”