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ipad handWith the year coming to a close and what appears to be a consistently low unemployment rate, job seekers have reason to be a bit more optimistic about getting a good job in 2015. Certain industries are expected to outperform others, and specific jobs will be in much higher demand. Here are a few fields you can expect to see an increase in hiring in the New Year. 


Marketing executives are showing a steady increase in job postings, according to a recent article from AOL. This increase could point to a similar demand for other marketing analytics roles as well. There is an especially high demand for mobile marketing professionals, with the vast array of mobile devices that exist today and their increasing prevalence in our everyday use. Further, as marketing automation becomes increasingly mainstream, so does the demand for professionals who know how to make the most of that technology. Large corporations are showing a high need in the areas of content marketing, social media marketing and web analytics.


In technology, Software developers will continue to stay in demand as tech positions continue to be added to most industries within the job market at large. Engineers with expertise in applications and systems software in particular will find plenty of companies seeking out these types of roles. For the foreseeable future, job seekers should expect technology jobs to be prevalent and crop up in most types of companies and industries. Tech jobs will continue to remain a sustainable source of employment, marking a major job market trend for 2015 and beyond. Other jobs within technology include networking specialists, who will be relied on heavily to map and organize digital information storage and capabilities for larger companies in particular. With an abundance of data and digital content, it’s likely that more jobs around the organization of information will continue to surface in different ways depending on the needs of companies. Network systems and data communications roles will become a fresh priority for many companies in the coming years, and this area is considered to be one of the fastest-growing demands in the job market.


The broad health industry continues to see a rise in demands for assistant roles like Physician’s Assistants and other administrative roles as well. Given high demands for health care services that are more basic and less specialized, this demand should continue to rise as more patients seek out general health care. In other segments of the medical industry, roles like physical therapists and physical therapist aides and medical scientists are showing an increased demand for the coming year. Another major trend that will impact the job market is the aging of baby boomers. This inevitable trend will lead to a demand for elderly care, personal care aides, home health aides and associated health services. On the other end of the spectrum, households with two working parents and the added emphasis on professional development for many millennials will undoubtedly lead to a greater demand for child care services.

Skilled Labor

In labor industries, 2015 predictive data suggests a growing demand for a wide variety of “helper” services, which includes brick masons, tile and marble setters, and other related services. Related demands call for insulation workers, electricians and mechanics. Despite strong trends indicating that job opportunities lie within technology-related fields, job seekers will find growing demand in healthcare, services, and labor industries as an overall trend as well. Moreover, most industries that are facing a growing demand for employers are seeking assistants and entry level support roles, particularly in healthcare and labor. Job seekers hoping to start out in a new field may consider an industry with high demand even if their background differs, as there may be opportunity in different support roles that could open up future career opportunities. Overall, analysts agree that 2015 job prospects will outpace this past year’s trends, which should encourage job seekers in their goals for the New Year.

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Claire Topalian is a writer, non-profit Communications professional, and advocate for diversity in business. She currently leads Communications and the Startup Women initiative at UP Global, an international non-profit that builds startup communities through educational programs and events. You can follow her on Twitter @clairetopalian.

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